02 December 2013

Crooked City

I've written about the Death Penalty and, no matter the horrors visited upon the victims by some murderous thug, there is always a phalanx of self-righteous people who publicly oppose putting the convicted murderer to death. Moonbats like Mike Farrell, Lily Tomlin and Chicago "writer" Mary Mitchell regularly cry for "justice" for these convicted killers but, I always wonder if they would ever consider the fact that killing the killers would bring some authentic justice for the victims and their families.

No, they probably wouldn't even consider it.

Marty Preib wrote a letter to Mary Mitchell which I'm reproducing here with his permission.

Ms. Mitchell,

I am a writer and Chicago Police Officer currently working on a book about several murders in 1982. I have also followed closely the Howard Morgan case, sitting through much of both trials.

I have read many articles from journalists about controversial cases, but I do not think I have read any as depraved and morally banckrupt as your column today. Your overwhelming bias should banish you from serious journalism.

The reason Howard Morgan was found guilty was that there was overwhelming evidence that he pulled a gun on the officers and fired at them 17 times from a short distance for no reason. Naturally, you don't mention in your tripe that three of the officers were wounded a result of Morgan's firing at them, one saved from a probablly fatal wound to his chest by his vest. Nor do you mention the changing statements of Morgan and his wife throughout his case, the complete and total breakdown of his case during the trial, leaving his attorneys with no argument whatsoever to posit in Morgan's defense. You don't mention the fact that at one point the defense claimed that Morgan never even fired his gun, a claim devoid of reality given the immense amount of forensic evidence.

Then there are the connections you make from this case to Jon Burge and the shooting in Florida. There is nothing even remotely similar in these cases. Nothing. That you would tie them together reveals nothing about the Morgan case save your own despicable bias and racism.

The tide is turning in Chicago. The wrongful conviction movement is collapsing. Journalists, attorneys, cops, and civilians are seeing clearly the abuses of the justice system that have taken place in Chicago, particularly in the Anthony Porter case, where wrongful conviction zealots knowing freed a cold blooded killer for their own profit and celebrity. The most striking feature of this collapse will be the total negligence of the journalists in Chicago. You will be among the worst of them.

If you are seriously interested in rooting our corruption and racism in Chicago, you would do well to start by looking in the mirror.

See you at the sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Martin Preib

Moprah gots herself bitch-slapped! LOL ... Marty wrote the book "The Wagon and other stories" back in 2010 and recently published some works on his blog (Crooked City (See blogroll on the right for the link too). Marty's been working on the Anthony Porter case for years and has done much to roll back the "wrongful conviction" movement. As a matter of fact, he has two videos posted to his Youtube space which show definitively that gang-bangers in 002 and 003 were coached to claim "police brutality" as a ploy to get their charges dismissed or to hit a pay day. That is exactly what Anthony Porter did and it worked. Check out Marty's page, and buy his book. I understand he plans to publish a new book sometime within the next few months. I'll have a review of it, and more info in the coming months. Stay tuned, and a big thanks to Marty for fighting for REAL justice.

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