25 March 2013

The Daily Kaos

 photo breit_no_we_dont_zpsf1b72bbe.jpg Apparently I, and my compatriots, were all wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Who's to blame that we lost the election? An uninformed electorate? A complicit media? A slick and savvy Left Wing spin machine that is working on overdrive? The mainstreaming of Marxist theory vis-a-vis Fox-Piven? Yes. Yes. And Yes. All of the above. Where do we go from here? Well it can get much worse, and it probably will. Consider the following:

The New Greece

* The Greek government just announced that it will seize the bank accounts of its citizens. Deposits above 100,000 euros in both banks, which are not guaranteed under EU law, will be frozen and used to resolve Laiki's debts and recapitalize Bank of Cyprus, the island's biggest, through a deposit/equity conversion. The raid on uninsured Laiki depositors is expected to raise 4.2 billion euros, Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijssebloem said. Greece debt is aroun 140% of it's GDP. We have just crested the 100% of our GDP mark, with trillions more spending to come thanks to Harry Reid's new budget. (the first in 4 years, by the way!). And the mayhem won't end there in the EU, The Telegraph is reporting that the EU Chief is claiming that other country's banks and assets will be seized at some point in the future. Isn't Totalitarian just a hip smacking great idea! Team Obama is actively trying to find ways to seize your 401K plans. How will they do it? Here's a snippet of far left labor activist Teresa Ghilarducci discussing how the government plans on confiscating your pension plan. Never heard of Teresa Ghilarducci? Well these are the types of people that Obama and his Far Left cronies surround themselves with. This is why ELECTIONS have CONSEQUENCES!

The Fed

* The Federal Reserve continues to print money (ie. QE3) which is why the stock market has been going UP as of late. It will eventually increase M1 and M3 to the point that inflation starts to rise. Then you will also see a rise in the cost of financing our US Debt. Right now we spend about 4 billion per day to pay the interest on our Federal Debt. If inflation goes up another 3% you could see that cost rise to 15 billion per day.


* ObamaCare is poised to be implemented and the government has already cranked out 30,000 pages of new regulations. Your medical costs are about to get pretty expensive. Contrary to what this administration said in order to pass the bill, you WILL have lesser care, less options, fewer doctors to choose from, and high premiums. Hey Thanks for Lying to Us, Barry!

EPA Stormtroopers

The EPA, created as the erstwhile defender of all that is clean and good, has evolved in to nothing more than the enforcement arm of the Ultra Left conservation movement. The EPA is responsible for shutting down coal plants and, basically, deindustrializing this nation. You see the Left sees YOU, the citizen consumer, as an obstacle. If it weren't for YOU we'd have birds and baby rabbits frolicking through the woods leaving the perfect carbon footprint in the fresh fallen snow. If you go back 2 years and look at your electricity bills and compare them, you will see a sharp rise. In fact, ALL your household costs are about to go through the roof. And remember: This is all PLANNED by our president.

What can you do

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you do nothing about it, it will continue unabated. You need to get involved. Plug in to what's going on by visiting conservative news sites. Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin, CNS News and Breitbart News are all very good at keeping the info fresh and SITREPs up to date. And PLEASE support the Tea Party. They're on Facebook as well. The problem is that we have two parties in the nation: There is the destructive (dems) and the stupid (republicans). Unfortunately I belong to the Stupid party. RINOS like Karl Rove, McCain and Graham are too busy maintaining the Establishment instead of fighting against this Creeping Tyranny. The Chaos is coming - if you love this country, understand its history and culture, and want a better future - the time is now to stand up and get involved. As Yoda would say, "Wallflowers do not be. Warriors to fight you must."


Anonymous said...

Listen, when we get a true Socialist in he White House things will be better. Until then enjoy the guy who loves the rich, just lie you GOP'ers.


Rue St. Michel said...

Sure, and all those "true" socialists running the EU are doing such a bang-up job!

God help us if the Progressives get complete control of us: we're done.