05 November 2012

Thank God for Barack Obama

That's right - thank God for Barack Hussein Obama.

23 million Americans continue to struggle to find a job. While almost 12% of Caucasians, 15% of Hispanics, and 17% of Blacks cannot find work (U3 numbers), Obama continues to claim we're "in a recovery."

While almost 50 million Americans are now on food stamps, welfare spending is up 34% over the last 4 years, and GDP growth is at a snail's crawl; Obama wants us to go "forward".

Obama pushed through Stimulus II (and voted YES to Stimulus I and every other Big Government Spending Scheme that came across his docket) and we borrowed almost $1 trillion dollars to pay for "shovel ready jobs." What do we have to show for it? Nothing. All of the Stimulus funds went into the coffers of his Big Labor cronies and went to fuel the exploding Entitlement Community.

Obama is hollowing out our military; while keeping his DOJ and DOD minions in check so that they don't do some thing "rash" by calling the Fort Hood shooter a "terrorist." Even though he screamed "Alla u Akhbar" as he gunned down his fellow soldiers. He lied about Benghazi; there are more US Marines in Paris than in Libya - even now. Department of State spent $100,000 to "green up" the US Embassy in Vienna. Why didn't they spend some money to have a squad of Marines in Benghazi to protect our Ambassador and fellow Americans? He lied about getting us out of Afghanistan and continues to lie about almost every aspect of his pathetic administration.

Obama pushed through ObamaCare: The single biggest Civil Rights violation in the last 40 years. It fundamentally transforms the Individual Citizens' relationship with the government in drastic and unconstitutional ways. It was passed on pack of lies: You can keep your insurance company, you can keep your doctor, your quality of care will be the same, your premiums won't go up -- all bald-faced lies. There are 16,000 IRS agents poised to enforce this government Leviathan under penalty of fine or imprisonment. When someone you know and love falls ill and needs the life saving drugs or surgeries to keep them going, you can feel comfortable knowing that you must petition before a board of 15 unelected officials who will decide if your loved-one gets the care he/she needs.

Our allies are scared to death of this guy, while our enemies are emboldened.

As you can see I took a sabbatical from blogging over the last 10 months because ~ in all honesty ~ I didn't feel like writing this blog did anything to keep Obama from getting elected.

I decided in January of this year to get more involved in the Ground game and began going door to door in my community, sending out personal email blasts and sending money to specific candidates that are truly conservative.

So I mean it, thank God for Barack Obama. He went so hard, so fast and so extreme to the Left that he forgot what his Frankfurt School - Critial Theory - Fox Piven mentors taught him about gradualism. As Milton Friedman said,"You cannot turn the heat up quickly on the frog that's in the pot: it must be turned up ever so slightly or it will just jump out. If you turn it up slowly, the frog will die and never know what hit it."

That's how the left in this county view you folks - as frogs, as your ethnic identity, as your gender, as what you do with your genitalia, as how much money you earn. It's all division and class.

So as I write this it is 04-Nov-2012 and tomorrow is election day. One of the most important in my lifetime.

Please spread the word, visit your friends and neighbors and get them to the polls. We are not slaves of the State; we are sovereign individual citizens and we deserve better than Barack Hussein Obama and his big-spending Queen Mooshell.


ps. And here's a Big FUCK YOU to that ass-hat AstroGlide-Gadfly ""buzzkillington" who flamed out my blog back in October of 2008 whining about how wonderful his Messiah was. He's been noticeably absent from my blog the last 4 years ever since his Messiah was Immaculated to the American Throne. Where are you at now ass-hat? Were you able to find a job after you graduated from UIC? Are you happy that your agitation for this "historic" Leftist Rube has almost toppled this country from within? I have nothing but contempt for you and all I can say is "See? I told you so."


God bless you all and here's hoping Romney / Ryan will win tomorrow. Please pray hard that they can pull it off; that there are still enough of us Americans who can think, rationalize and use our experience to choose leaders and not dictators.


Anonymous said...

Well Rue-y, I am one leftist who missed your conservative rants. I am sure ColdType did also.

You write about the alleged Socialist Obama's military shortcomings. I have a couple of questions for you.

What about his continued use of drones? Think a Socialist would be allow that?

Think a Socialist would allow "the Bay" to remain open in Cuba?

Think a Socialist would allow the spying of American citizens for "alleged" terrorist links?

Think a Socialist would execute Osama?

Think a Socialist would still be in Afganistan?

I could go on and on with other leftist shortfalls of the Obama administration involving healthcare or financial bailouts, but why bother.

Hope after today you continue your writings and you consider returning Coldtype as a link.

Be safe.


P.S. Vote Green Party!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are in a serious recession heading to a depression worse than that of the 1930s.Look at the real facts around you and not the spoon fed BS stats from uncle.

When you neighbors run out of dog and cat food what are you going to do???