03 April 2012

Chicago Justice Denied

I added a new member to my blogroll: Chicago Justice Denied.

Here's what they're all about (from their website):

Chicago Justice Denied is a website devoted to revealing corruption within the city’s criminal justice system. This corruption has resulted in the release of convicted offenders who were in fact guilty of heinous crimes, particularly the Anthony Porter case.
Porter was sentenced to death for the murder of a couple in 1982. After the Innocence Project at Northwestern University became involved, Porter was exonerated and set free. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that Anthony Porter did in fact commit the murders.
By addressing this and other cases based upon the public record, investigation, and input from first responders, Chicago Justice Denied reveals a shocking complicity between activists and the media that has undermined legitimate convictions, ruined the careers of investigators and placed members of the public in grave danger.

Sentencing of Porter will be this Thursday at 26th & California, and promises to be a humdinger with all kinds of Chicago "community organizers" venting breathlessly about "justice". Already I'm told that quite a few retired police, journalists and others will be there to support Porter getting sent back to prison for the rest of his life.

Check out CJD's website .... they're doing the work of Sisyphus, and need the support of people who honor the rule of law, and cherish a civil society.


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