16 March 2012

The lowdown on Cook County judges

Here we are again, election time in the state of Illinois.

When it comes to judges in Cook County I could offer you the time-honored tradition of just voting NO to every last one of them, but out of fairness there are a few that should stay on the bench. They represent the 5% that operate out of knowledge, integrity and take the side of the law, not the criminal.

Most however are idiots who deride law enforcement. Many are political hacks with connections to the Magic Kingdom, or Madiganistan. Remember Cynthia Brim? I'm told that the "issues" with Judge Cynthia Brim were known about for many months and yet nothing was done to pull her from the bench. The Illinois courts have little oversight, no restraint and no accountability. There are many "Brims" sitting on the courts, and the only way to get them out is to get informed and vote NO to these despicable cretins.

You will remember that back in January of 2012 John Kass wrote a piece about Dan Degnan, according to Kass "the son of Tim Degnan, Daley's political hammer". ("It's easy to judge why this inexperienced lawyer will get on the bench" January 20, 2012)

Read the article and it tells you everything you need to know about what really goes on in the court system in Illinois.


So without further adieu, let's look at the worst of the worst: Judge Mary Jane Theis. While she gets a "highly qualified" rating from the Illinois Bar, and an endorsement by the Tribune, don't believe the hype. What Theis doesn't want you to know is that she is a political flunky, and a divisive faction on the Illinois Supreme court. She lied about her background, she is imperious, condescending and has a superficial understanding of the law, courtroom procedures and decorum.

She cast the deciding vote in allowing Rahm Emanuel to remain on the mayoral ballot when his residency was called into question. What she never disclosed is that she has a relationship with Emanuel. She lives across the street from Rahm Emanuel, and her son either worked, or is working, for his campaign. She should have recused herself but she saw an opportunity to feather her own nest and put herself in a position to benefit should Rahm win the election. And - Voila! Here we are. Yet, Theis complained that Justice Burke should have recused herself from the Emmanuel decision because Burke's husband, the alderman , was supporting Chico. How ironic that it was Burke and Freeman who actually analyzed the issue in that case and wrote an opinion that put the majority opinion to shame. While these two justices agreed with the majority, they actually wrote an opinion that displayed some legal accumen. My connections on the courts tell me that Justices Burke and Freeman don't get along with Theis and secretly hope she gets knocked out by Pucinski.

She was appointed by Fitzgerald a year ago and is nothing more than a shill for the Demcocrat party. In fact, Progress Illinois says,"The Cook County Democratic Party also backs Theis and in her campaign commercials Theis dubs herself, “The Democrat for Supreme Court.”

From the ProgressIllinois website: "Emanuel called Theis the “Swing vote” on the court. That’s a questionable quip, since Theis was part of the court’s unanimous decision last year that found Emanuel to be a Chicago resident and, therefore, eligible to run for mayor." You'll also be shocked to learn that Theis has raised $1.1 million so far, compared to Pucinski's paltry $30,000. Hmmmmm ... I wonder where Theis got all those donations? Surely from hard-working "Middle Class" grandmothers in Canaryville, and not from Emanual's hand-picked Union Donation Squad. Even the left-leaning Illinois Committee for Honest Government says that Theis is "too beholden to politicans." She uses the endorsements of special interest groups in her advertisements. One example is Planned Parenthood. Citing this organization as a supporter of her candidacy sends the message that she might rule favorably in a case that is likely to appear before the Supreme Court where there are pro-choice and right to life issues. In my opinion, this is utterly inappropriate.

Vote NO for Mary Jane Theis.

(While we're on the topic of the Illinois Supreme Court, it is in shambles. It is in shambles primarily because of Theis and her shenanigans. Justice Evans has been trying to pull the group together and clean up the mess but Theis is standing in everyone's way. Theis aside, my sources tell me that many of the other justices don't
even show up for work, they're ignorant of the law, they have no limits, they are like kids wearing crowns on their heads, have a penchant for temper tantrums, petulant, abusive and disrespectful. The two good ones on the court are Burke and Freeman.)

Another one of the worst is Lorna E. Propes. She is running to keep her seat on the 7th Judicial Court. Here is Propes in a photo with her bestie Lisa Madigan.

Ms. Propes garnered the Second Worse spot on my informal survey. Her shortcomings: I'm told that she is ignorant of the law, ignorant of procedures, frequently makes mistakes in the courtroom and then blames the attorneys, and is imperious and condescending. Of course, like the good little political hack that she is, she's intent on using her own prejudices to enforce the law. Check out this interview in which she brags how she's going to rule in favor of Gay Marriage, Hate Crimes and civil unions. I'm told that Propes has no business adjudicating cases because she's utterly incompetent.

The honor of the Third Worse Judge in Cook County belongs to Judge Laura Cha-yu Liu. I blogged about her back in December. She is running unopposed for the 8th Sub-circuit.

She was allegedly diagnosed with cancer and has been on medical leave for quite a while. That, however, doesn't stop her from coming down to the courts, and yucking it up with some of her pals. She's not bed-ridden, is still on the public payroll. Other judges on her circuit are upset because they are carrying her case load. For all appearances she looks fine and capable of doing her job but she's more interested in milking her situation and not doing what she was appointed to do.

How does she continue to get away with this? She is none other than the wife of Michael J. Kasper - Michael Madigan's "favorite attorney". Kasper also represented Emanuel during his residency challenge. According to the website for Kasper's law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson, Mr. Kasper has represented "Congressional Representatives Rahm Emanuel, Daniel Lipinski, Bill Foster, Phil Hare, William O. Lipinski, Bobby Rush and Jan Schakowsky." That's quite a resume, and not surprising that his wife gets special favors, and a judgeship to boot. It's also no wonder how she got appointed to a seat with no opponent.

A great piece of investigative work that relates to Cook County judges and their collective ineptness can be found at Judicial Hellholes. It highlights some of the more egregious cases that our idiotic judges have decided in the last 12 months. It you have time it is worth the read. You'll learn some fun facts; like how a man named Dominic Choate made $3.9 million in a lawsuit against a railroad because the man's "jack ass" style trick cost him his leg.

Vote NO to these judges:
* Judge Mary Jane Theis
* Judge Gubin
* Judge Lorna Propes
* Judge Laura Cha-yu Liu
* Judge Scott Neville
* Judge Gubin
* Judge Ericka Reddick (Sam Amirante case)
* Judge Gillespie
* Judge Wheatley
* Judge Steven Connelly
* Judge Lyons
* Judge David Bender
* Judge George Skully
* Judge O'hara
* Judge Collins-Dole

Vote YES for the following judges:

* Judge Nick Ford
* Judge Kay Marie Hanlon
* Judge Patrick J. Sherlock
* Judge Pucinski (against Theis)
* Judge Pamela Leeming
* Judge Domenica A. Stephenson
* Judge Joy Cunningham.

Illinois is in the mess that it is in because of an apathetic voting base. Illinois voters continue to just punch the names that are followed by the "D" ... that's how we continue to get people like George Ryan, Mike Madigan, Rod Blagovich, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama.

Illinois deserves better! Spread the word and get out there and vote.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I called my local PD station and the FOP asking for something like this a couple years back and got nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nice job patriot! I'll print this up and spread the word in Wildwood to the non hacks.


Anonymous said...

What about the political hack of a judge that used the crooked democratic cook county to help his lady friend get promoted to a commamd in the 014th district/CPD He also used judgeship to keep his lady friend in command of the 014th just Recently when she was supposed to be transferred to another command to utilize all the knowledge and crime fighting skills she has gained throughout her career working in office positions/nowhere the streets or the troops. Dont know his name but he needs to be outed called out and recognized for running the 014th

Anonymous said...

Don't forget jim ryan in branch 46. Dumped from 48. Mentioned as horrible with the racist judge scolded in paper last week. Soon to be in cival court to reward lazy roaches with settlements

West Suburban Cop said...

Judge Leeming? She has worked our misdemeanor call a few times... totally not impressed. Plus she is slow as mollasses!

Anonymous said...

To 1:50 AM. That would be Judge Vince Gaughn. The judge that threw out the admission in the Brown's Chicken case - 8 dead but was overruled on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Good call on "YES" for Hanlon. Definitely one of the better (and more qualified) judges in Cook County!

Anonymous said...

Im voting no to all Cook County jusdges because they are all connected to the machine.

Anonymous said...

Definately "NO" on GUBIN, she is terrible, makes up the law as she goes along.

Anonymous said...

Judge shapiro....9th circuit. Stand up guy. Was a fed proseutor.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I'm not voting for ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with a [D] [Democrat] in front of their name, no matter how 'good' they are, they're still the ENEMY.

Anonymous said...

Judge James G. Riley SUPREME COURT!

Anonymous said...

This is about OUR PENSIONS. The single most important vote we can cast to preserve the future of our pensions is in the Illinois Supreme Court race.

Last year, the big law firms downtown signed on to a legal memorandum saying the General Assembly can legally CUT OUR PENSIONS (Google “Sidley Austin memo”). It gives the green light to Emanuel and Madigan to balance the budget on the backs of cops, firemen, school teachers and the like… These same law firms and their clients have contributed over $$$ ONE MILLION BUCKS to THEIS. You’ve seen the slick TV ads, right? With the smirking Justice Theis? She is Emanuel’s next door neighbor and he calls her his SWING VOTE on the Supreme Court.

Do you trust Theis to stand up to the folks that funded her campaign and protect our interests? NO WAY.


I’m voting for Aurie Pucinski (Punch#102).

--Beat Cop/Night School Law Student

Anonymous said...

I have meet Aurelia in public probably 800 times in the last 30 years. She has always been kind and respectable, a very intelligent woman that is accesible, and I don't even know her! She has my vote!

MDuggan72 said...

Aurie Pucinski is a class act with a track record of looking out for us. She has my vote and I hope that all of you join me in support of this fine candidate.

Anonymous said...

Agree big time re: Skully. That guy cost me thousands of dollars simpl because he refused to follow the letter of the law and repeatedly ruled in favor of my deadbeat tenants. The case only whent my way when one of said tenants was picked up on robbery charges and Skully finally realized the people he was giving the benefit of the doubt were in fact scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Illinois is in the mess that it is in because of an apathetic voting base. Illinois voters continue to just punch the names that are followed by the "D" ... that's how we continue to get people like George Ryan, Mike Madigan, Rod Blagovich, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama.

Illinois deserves better! Spread the word and get out there and vote.


Agreed, but George Ryan was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Our union (FOP) has sold us out... Mike Shields is worthless, he won based on the trust of the members that he would have our backs, but he has been eerily quite with all the things happening to our department and now he allows the endorsement of RAHMS people... he will never get my vote again

DevillDogg said...

Rue for President.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was in restroom at the old GRECOS on 95th strret in evergreen and i thought more judicial decisions were handed down in there then 26th and california,just ask the late judge Maloney, irish cocksucker personified,

Anonymous said...

Another judge thats a political asskisser is Judge Cheryl Cesario from the probate division this bitch thinks she can make the laws up as she goes along. She's one who needs to go thank god her seat is up next year. Do not vote this vile infection of the legal cesspool back into office