03 January 2012

Rick Santorum for President

I am supporting Rick Santorum for the GOP nomination; though I still really like Michele Bachmann. I was a big fan of his when he was a senator from Pennsylvania.

I hesitate to endorse anyone at this point with the field wide open, but I think Santorum is the best and most authentic conservative that is running right now.

The Left is going to start pulling out all the weapons from their Bag of Dirty Tricks and start smearing him, Palin and Romney, so just get ready for the shit storm.

We are on the path of collapse, thanks in large part to Team Obama. Obama, the worst president in US history, is crushing us under massive tax and spending plans, killing jobs via Cap & Trade and a smothering flurry of EPA regulations.

Remember that what Obama inherited was $161 billion deficit (it's now almost 100% of our GDP), and a 4.6% unemployment rate. ObamaCare - which will effectively place the Government's cost schemes over the life and quality of the individual citizen, is the biggest Civil Rights issue that we've faced in the last 40 years.

Give Rick a hard look and decide for yourselves whether he's the best there is, and if he is worthy of your vote.

In 2012 we have to decide whether we want to be a Socialist clone of the EU, or a unique, constitutional republic that honors the individual while restraining the State's authority. As Mark Levin aptly put it, I'd vote for an orange juice can right now instead of Obama.