05 November 2012

Someone's counting on us

Not just our children, parents and grandparents but .... Photobucket

Thank God for Barack Obama

That's right - thank God for Barack Hussein Obama.

23 million Americans continue to struggle to find a job. While almost 12% of Caucasians, 15% of Hispanics, and 17% of Blacks cannot find work (U3 numbers), Obama continues to claim we're "in a recovery."

While almost 50 million Americans are now on food stamps, welfare spending is up 34% over the last 4 years, and GDP growth is at a snail's crawl; Obama wants us to go "forward".

Obama pushed through Stimulus II (and voted YES to Stimulus I and every other Big Government Spending Scheme that came across his docket) and we borrowed almost $1 trillion dollars to pay for "shovel ready jobs." What do we have to show for it? Nothing. All of the Stimulus funds went into the coffers of his Big Labor cronies and went to fuel the exploding Entitlement Community.

Obama is hollowing out our military; while keeping his DOJ and DOD minions in check so that they don't do some thing "rash" by calling the Fort Hood shooter a "terrorist." Even though he screamed "Alla u Akhbar" as he gunned down his fellow soldiers. He lied about Benghazi; there are more US Marines in Paris than in Libya - even now. Department of State spent $100,000 to "green up" the US Embassy in Vienna. Why didn't they spend some money to have a squad of Marines in Benghazi to protect our Ambassador and fellow Americans? He lied about getting us out of Afghanistan and continues to lie about almost every aspect of his pathetic administration.

Obama pushed through ObamaCare: The single biggest Civil Rights violation in the last 40 years. It fundamentally transforms the Individual Citizens' relationship with the government in drastic and unconstitutional ways. It was passed on pack of lies: You can keep your insurance company, you can keep your doctor, your quality of care will be the same, your premiums won't go up -- all bald-faced lies. There are 16,000 IRS agents poised to enforce this government Leviathan under penalty of fine or imprisonment. When someone you know and love falls ill and needs the life saving drugs or surgeries to keep them going, you can feel comfortable knowing that you must petition before a board of 15 unelected officials who will decide if your loved-one gets the care he/she needs.

Our allies are scared to death of this guy, while our enemies are emboldened.

As you can see I took a sabbatical from blogging over the last 10 months because ~ in all honesty ~ I didn't feel like writing this blog did anything to keep Obama from getting elected.

I decided in January of this year to get more involved in the Ground game and began going door to door in my community, sending out personal email blasts and sending money to specific candidates that are truly conservative.

So I mean it, thank God for Barack Obama. He went so hard, so fast and so extreme to the Left that he forgot what his Frankfurt School - Critial Theory - Fox Piven mentors taught him about gradualism. As Milton Friedman said,"You cannot turn the heat up quickly on the frog that's in the pot: it must be turned up ever so slightly or it will just jump out. If you turn it up slowly, the frog will die and never know what hit it."

That's how the left in this county view you folks - as frogs, as your ethnic identity, as your gender, as what you do with your genitalia, as how much money you earn. It's all division and class.

So as I write this it is 04-Nov-2012 and tomorrow is election day. One of the most important in my lifetime.

Please spread the word, visit your friends and neighbors and get them to the polls. We are not slaves of the State; we are sovereign individual citizens and we deserve better than Barack Hussein Obama and his big-spending Queen Mooshell.


ps. And here's a Big FUCK YOU to that ass-hat AstroGlide-Gadfly ""buzzkillington" who flamed out my blog back in October of 2008 whining about how wonderful his Messiah was. He's been noticeably absent from my blog the last 4 years ever since his Messiah was Immaculated to the American Throne. Where are you at now ass-hat? Were you able to find a job after you graduated from UIC? Are you happy that your agitation for this "historic" Leftist Rube has almost toppled this country from within? I have nothing but contempt for you and all I can say is "See? I told you so."


God bless you all and here's hoping Romney / Ryan will win tomorrow. Please pray hard that they can pull it off; that there are still enough of us Americans who can think, rationalize and use our experience to choose leaders and not dictators.

27 July 2012

John Kass, Dilettante

A friend of mine, who happens to be very liberal, was discussing the dismal state of affairs in Illinois. He knows I'm conservative and asked me what I thought of Tribune columnist John Kass. "Fickle," was my reply. He laughed. "You know," he said."I'm convinced that Kass is simply a shill put in place at the Tribune in order to pretend that its still a conservative paper." The more I thought about it the more it congealed into a clear picture. Could one of my liberal friends actually be right for a change? And sadly - the answer is yes.

Kass The Dabbler

Kass comes off as "the lone voice in the wilderness" at the Tribune. Greek by heritage and a lover of good homecooked meal, he seems like Mr. Every Man. And maybe he is because many admire and love Mr. Kass for his down-to-earth writing, humorous quips, and ability to give amusing names to despicable figures like Rod "Dead Meat" Blogojevich, Rep. "How you doin'?" Deleo, deriding Obama's Hope and Change absurdity as "Smoking the Hopium" and the ubiquitous Pay-to-Play quid pro quo politics within the "Illinois Combine." You don't get a column on page A2 at the Tribune four days a week if you're not a solid talent, and a skilled writer with a large base of followers. John Kass is good at that. It is his political and ideological under-pinnings that bother me. He's a dabbler, a conservative Dilettante. One week he's good, defending Sarah Palin (though I still can't figure out why he thinks she's a goof)

(June 2011) Excited reporters rummaged desperately through more than 24,000 emails of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the hopes of finding her saying something stupid. So frantic were the New York Times and Washington Post that they went so far as to solicit readers to help them dig up the dirt on the conservative Palin.

It was what it was a liberal media witch hunt. About the only thing they forgot to do was shriek, "Burn her! Burn her!"

Though I'm a conservative, the charismatic and optimistic Palin isn't exactly my cup of tea. I preferred the charismatically challenged and much more pessimistic Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who's no longer running for president because his wife said so.

Isn't it time we just abandon the pretense of objectivity in news-gathering when Palin is involved? The public surely picks up on the snarky tone in the coverage, that coiled seething media rage against Palin. But for what, exactly? Her fertility? Her femininity? Her pro-life views? Her ability to shoot and pray?

And I've also seen seasoned journalists get as wiggly as puppies when President Barack Obama comes around. Their faces glow. Some even leave wet spots on the carpet.

So I can't imagine major news organizations asking readers to help their reporters dig up political dirt on Obama from his days as a Chicago politician. Yes, I know it's not fashionable to say so, but Obama is a Chicago politician. All you've got to do is see his chief of staff, Billy Daley, crouching in the Oval Office like some gargoyle. But you wouldn't know it from the national media.

The next week he's bad - sitting down to discuss the NATO protests with Police-Hater-extraordinaire Andy Thayer:

"It's absurd," said Andy Thayer, NATO protest organizer. "I don't even think absurd is the right word."

He attended Northwestern University, and he's now an office manager in a Chicago law firm that handles Chicago police brutality cases. As the face and voice of the Occupy crowd in Chicago, he's the one you'll see interviewed most often.

We sat together Thursday along the Chicago River, near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Wabash Avenue and Wacker Drive. If you saw us there, you might have thought we were some kind of political odd couple.

While we don't agree on politics, we do agree on the right of the American people to have their say.

As Chicago prepares for this weekend's NATO summit, and the protests that are part of the package, we talked of great men who spoke their minds long ago. Americans name lagers after them, and honor them on July 4, grilling meat and drinking beer in their names, lighting fireworks and waving flags.

And the nation tries to remember what it was they did exactly.

Here's what they didn't do. They didn't ask the government for license to stand in so-called protest zones.

or this back-hand to the face of Michele Bachmann:

Is President Barack Obama on the verge of being attacked by a bunny wabbit? Absolutely. All the signs suggest that Obama is in immediate danger of a rabbit attack. It would ruin what's left of his presidency. And it would horrify Democrats by ushering in, say, a President Bachmann.

It might happen while he's on that ridiculous vacation of his. Obama is chilling at some exclusive multimillion-dollar estate on Martha's Vineyard, even as thousands more Americans hit the unemployment lines, and as Republicans like Michele Bachmann make wild-eyed, crazed claims about bringing back $2 per gallon gas.

Or this diss to Bachmann and Santorum from December 2011:

Michele Bachmann had her troubles with American history, and Rick Santorum seems ready to punch anyone who won't let him attack Iran tomorrow morning.

Or this Passive-Aggressive Obama endorsement from January of this year:

As the Republican presidential candidates and their mouthpieces prattle on the TV from sunny South Carolina, I look up from the screen and out the window and sigh, a conservative heretic at rest, staring at all that cold Midwestern snow.

There's a yellowed sketch tacked to the wall of my work space, a cowboy Ronald Reagan smiling in eternal optimism. And on a bookshelf is a dusty, dog-eared copy of Russell Kirk's "The Conservative Mind."

Surrounded as I am by such dry artifacts of forgotten times, I sometimes wonder why I keep them. It could be self-mockery, or something like the way an amputee decides to keep the unused boot in the closet, out of sight, but near.

And still, I can't ditch this feeling that I might be boiled in oil for the heresy I'm about to spout:

President Barack Obama will win re-election in 2012.

The reason he'll win?

He knows who he is. And the Republican politicians don't know who they are. They've forgotten what they're about, or perhaps like some isolated tribe, they've lost the language necessary to explain it to themselves.

In the same article he says:

There are, of course, legitimate conservative critiques of the creative destruction so favored by Wall Street. Capitalism creates freedom, but it also destroys. It breaks families, associations; it leads to what some call radical individualism in the extreme, and unrestrained appetites and overindulgence.

The late Kirk or William F. Buckley could have made such arguments, but can the current crop of so-called conservatives?

I just don't think Kass is a committed conservative. He claims to have a "dog-eared copy" of Kirk's book but did he ever read it? Maybe his grandfather dog-eared the corners, or maybe Kass used it to prop open a window and it dog-eared itself. Who knows. What he does is wrap himself in the cloak of Kirk, Goldwater and Reagan but he dabbles in it. He's a "Cafeteria Conservative".

The Midwest Academy and the Tribune

J-schoolers are indoctrinated in the machinations of Marxism, but because Chicago is a fetid One-Party swamp of "pay to play" Democrats, the newspapers figure it is in their fiscal best interest to play along. Don't get me wrong - they'll put up some "special investigation" once in a great while to show that they're "intrepid" reporters but let's be honest. We haven't been able to put "intrepid" in front of a reporter's name since Jimmy Olsen at the Daily Planet. Tribune reporter Kate Thayer (related to Chicago Cop-Watch, Anti-War radicals Andy and Spencer Thayer perchance?) tied herself into a pretzel in order to slam Newt Gingrich and to claim that Saul Alinsky was not really a "radical" but simply "a community organizer". She also claims that Ayers and Alinsky couldn't have any ties since Alinsky died in 1972. Nancy Thorner does a great job breaking down Thayer's ridiculous contentions here. The Midwest Academy, founded by Heather Booth in 1973, claims to have trained 30,000 people. How many of those 30K ended up working at the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times or Chicago Defender? Well the Tribune is smart enough to not say. (Here's a great breakdown on what the MA is all about.) Frankly, when the Tribune endorsed Obama for president, they lost me. I'd been a subscriber to them since the early '90s but in February of 2011 I called them and canceled my subscription. Surprisingly (or not so) I continue to receive daily deliveries to this day. I wonder how much money the federal government contributes to rags like the Sun-Times and Tribune to bolster their subscription numbers. Everyone knows that the print media is dying but maybe Obama thinks Leftist papers are "too big to fail." Or maybe he's just buying the support of his alleged "home town" newspaper. When owner Sam Zell was planning on selling the Cubs to help get the financially troubled Tribune out of bankruptcy, the Rezko trial showed that Blagojevich tried to exploit the paper's financial trouble in an effort to have several editors fired. Remember that convicted felon Blagojevich is on tape saying that Obama is more "Tony'd up than me" - implying that the major Chicago papers and media were ignoring Obama's involvement in the Rezko deal. It's not a shock if you've lived in this city for any length of time. Rezko got the Obama's a sweet-heart deal on a plot of land in Hyde park for a song. John Kass treated it with kid gloves, not quite going along with it, but not really get worked up about it. He did criticize Obama for being guilty of being "boneheaded" but not for willfully engaging in a criminal act. That's kind of a big difference.

Rezko was of the old broken politics, which is the same as the new, hopeful politics. Human nature doesn't change and politics has always been about leverage, about stacking government boards and commissions with your allies to direct the spending of billions if not trillions of public dollars. The rest is pixie dust. It is the great game of who gets what, and how much. The larger the government, the greater the prize.

Obama is at the top of that heap. Rezko is at bottom,

I know you're thinking,"Rue - why are you wasting your time writing about Kass and not the election?" Because it needs to be said and it's been bugging me for a long time. Kass can't have it both ways. Either you're a conservative, or you're somewhere along the plane of totalitarianism (ie. Statism). I believe Kass, in his heart-of-hearts, believes in the fruits of having a conservative running the ship - he just doesn't buy into all the tough minded principles that go into growing that tree. Principles like Nature's Law, a civil society, a restrained federal government, a sovereign individual citizen, sovereign private property and judicial restraint. In a sea of Mary Mitchells, it is easy to look like a Ronald Reagan. Conservatives in Chicago aren't going to take accept bumper sticker slogans from reporters any more because we love this country too much, and conservative philosophy is now becoming mainstream. So when we read Kass talking about having a Kirk book on his shelf, it rings hollow.

06 July 2012

The Misery Index

The Misery index was developed in the 60's and simply took the Unemployment rate and added it to the inflation rate. The Fed is keeping inflation low - for now. But they're doing it by manipulating M1 and M3. Right now (July 6, 2012) the Misery index is 9.9% However, if you use the real unemployment rate of 15%, and assume 2% inflation, then the real Misery Index would be 17% (the highest index rate was 21.98% in June of 1980) _~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_ When Reagan was in office, the Left was quick to turn almost every negative news item into a travesty; and a life-lesson that Trickle Down economics would unravel our country and throw tens of thousands into the streets. Reagan's policies were proven to be successful and enduring. My question is: Where are the Leftist news wonks now? We are experiencing tremendous economic hardships - brought on exclusively by the policies of Barack Hussein Obama - and we get silence and diversions from the State-Controlled Media. Here's a snap shot from Today's Drudge report: Here are the low lights - Just 80,000 jobs added in June... One-third at temp agencies... 85,000 WENT ON DISABILITY IN JUNE! Broader Jobless Rate At 14.9%... Unemployment rate for blacks jumps to 14.4%... Rate stuck at 11% for Hispanics... 780,000 Fewer Women Employed Under Obama... WHITE HOUSE: 'NO QUICK FIXES'... Romney: 'It Doesn't Have To Be This Way'... Anxiety mounts as economy limps into 2nd half... DOW PLUNGES... Team Obama predicted 5.6% today with stimulus... IMF to cut global growth forecast... 'Tilted to the downside'... That is one day's headlines from one news source. And that is just employment data. It is really worse than you might think. The government uses a "U3" number to show the unemployment rate, but it is not as realistic because it doesn't include people who've dropped out or quit looking for work. The proper number is the "U6" ... it is hovering at almost 15%. 780,000 fewer women have jobs since Obama took office... so who's committing a "War against Women"? Obama is driving our economy into the toilet and the media "watch dogs" are nowhere to be seen from or heard. Meanwhile, George Bush is quietly doing good deeds and not thumping his own chest about it. Do you think Obama would be doing the same? Hell no - every little thing this cretin does is hailed as some historic event. As much as I criticized Bush for his "big spending" RINO administration, he's 10 times the Man, and 10 times the President than the one we have now. .... to be continued ....

03 April 2012

Chicago Justice Denied

I added a new member to my blogroll: Chicago Justice Denied.

Here's what they're all about (from their website):

Chicago Justice Denied is a website devoted to revealing corruption within the city’s criminal justice system. This corruption has resulted in the release of convicted offenders who were in fact guilty of heinous crimes, particularly the Anthony Porter case.
Porter was sentenced to death for the murder of a couple in 1982. After the Innocence Project at Northwestern University became involved, Porter was exonerated and set free. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that Anthony Porter did in fact commit the murders.
By addressing this and other cases based upon the public record, investigation, and input from first responders, Chicago Justice Denied reveals a shocking complicity between activists and the media that has undermined legitimate convictions, ruined the careers of investigators and placed members of the public in grave danger.

Sentencing of Porter will be this Thursday at 26th & California, and promises to be a humdinger with all kinds of Chicago "community organizers" venting breathlessly about "justice". Already I'm told that quite a few retired police, journalists and others will be there to support Porter getting sent back to prison for the rest of his life.

Check out CJD's website .... they're doing the work of Sisyphus, and need the support of people who honor the rule of law, and cherish a civil society.

16 March 2012

The lowdown on Cook County judges

Here we are again, election time in the state of Illinois.

When it comes to judges in Cook County I could offer you the time-honored tradition of just voting NO to every last one of them, but out of fairness there are a few that should stay on the bench. They represent the 5% that operate out of knowledge, integrity and take the side of the law, not the criminal.

Most however are idiots who deride law enforcement. Many are political hacks with connections to the Magic Kingdom, or Madiganistan. Remember Cynthia Brim? I'm told that the "issues" with Judge Cynthia Brim were known about for many months and yet nothing was done to pull her from the bench. The Illinois courts have little oversight, no restraint and no accountability. There are many "Brims" sitting on the courts, and the only way to get them out is to get informed and vote NO to these despicable cretins.

You will remember that back in January of 2012 John Kass wrote a piece about Dan Degnan, according to Kass "the son of Tim Degnan, Daley's political hammer". ("It's easy to judge why this inexperienced lawyer will get on the bench" January 20, 2012)

Read the article and it tells you everything you need to know about what really goes on in the court system in Illinois.


So without further adieu, let's look at the worst of the worst: Judge Mary Jane Theis. While she gets a "highly qualified" rating from the Illinois Bar, and an endorsement by the Tribune, don't believe the hype. What Theis doesn't want you to know is that she is a political flunky, and a divisive faction on the Illinois Supreme court. She lied about her background, she is imperious, condescending and has a superficial understanding of the law, courtroom procedures and decorum.

She cast the deciding vote in allowing Rahm Emanuel to remain on the mayoral ballot when his residency was called into question. What she never disclosed is that she has a relationship with Emanuel. She lives across the street from Rahm Emanuel, and her son either worked, or is working, for his campaign. She should have recused herself but she saw an opportunity to feather her own nest and put herself in a position to benefit should Rahm win the election. And - Voila! Here we are. Yet, Theis complained that Justice Burke should have recused herself from the Emmanuel decision because Burke's husband, the alderman , was supporting Chico. How ironic that it was Burke and Freeman who actually analyzed the issue in that case and wrote an opinion that put the majority opinion to shame. While these two justices agreed with the majority, they actually wrote an opinion that displayed some legal accumen. My connections on the courts tell me that Justices Burke and Freeman don't get along with Theis and secretly hope she gets knocked out by Pucinski.

She was appointed by Fitzgerald a year ago and is nothing more than a shill for the Demcocrat party. In fact, Progress Illinois says,"The Cook County Democratic Party also backs Theis and in her campaign commercials Theis dubs herself, “The Democrat for Supreme Court.”

From the ProgressIllinois website: "Emanuel called Theis the “Swing vote” on the court. That’s a questionable quip, since Theis was part of the court’s unanimous decision last year that found Emanuel to be a Chicago resident and, therefore, eligible to run for mayor." You'll also be shocked to learn that Theis has raised $1.1 million so far, compared to Pucinski's paltry $30,000. Hmmmmm ... I wonder where Theis got all those donations? Surely from hard-working "Middle Class" grandmothers in Canaryville, and not from Emanual's hand-picked Union Donation Squad. Even the left-leaning Illinois Committee for Honest Government says that Theis is "too beholden to politicans." She uses the endorsements of special interest groups in her advertisements. One example is Planned Parenthood. Citing this organization as a supporter of her candidacy sends the message that she might rule favorably in a case that is likely to appear before the Supreme Court where there are pro-choice and right to life issues. In my opinion, this is utterly inappropriate.

Vote NO for Mary Jane Theis.

(While we're on the topic of the Illinois Supreme Court, it is in shambles. It is in shambles primarily because of Theis and her shenanigans. Justice Evans has been trying to pull the group together and clean up the mess but Theis is standing in everyone's way. Theis aside, my sources tell me that many of the other justices don't
even show up for work, they're ignorant of the law, they have no limits, they are like kids wearing crowns on their heads, have a penchant for temper tantrums, petulant, abusive and disrespectful. The two good ones on the court are Burke and Freeman.)

Another one of the worst is Lorna E. Propes. She is running to keep her seat on the 7th Judicial Court. Here is Propes in a photo with her bestie Lisa Madigan.

Ms. Propes garnered the Second Worse spot on my informal survey. Her shortcomings: I'm told that she is ignorant of the law, ignorant of procedures, frequently makes mistakes in the courtroom and then blames the attorneys, and is imperious and condescending. Of course, like the good little political hack that she is, she's intent on using her own prejudices to enforce the law. Check out this interview in which she brags how she's going to rule in favor of Gay Marriage, Hate Crimes and civil unions. I'm told that Propes has no business adjudicating cases because she's utterly incompetent.

The honor of the Third Worse Judge in Cook County belongs to Judge Laura Cha-yu Liu. I blogged about her back in December. She is running unopposed for the 8th Sub-circuit.

She was allegedly diagnosed with cancer and has been on medical leave for quite a while. That, however, doesn't stop her from coming down to the courts, and yucking it up with some of her pals. She's not bed-ridden, is still on the public payroll. Other judges on her circuit are upset because they are carrying her case load. For all appearances she looks fine and capable of doing her job but she's more interested in milking her situation and not doing what she was appointed to do.

How does she continue to get away with this? She is none other than the wife of Michael J. Kasper - Michael Madigan's "favorite attorney". Kasper also represented Emanuel during his residency challenge. According to the website for Kasper's law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson, Mr. Kasper has represented "Congressional Representatives Rahm Emanuel, Daniel Lipinski, Bill Foster, Phil Hare, William O. Lipinski, Bobby Rush and Jan Schakowsky." That's quite a resume, and not surprising that his wife gets special favors, and a judgeship to boot. It's also no wonder how she got appointed to a seat with no opponent.

A great piece of investigative work that relates to Cook County judges and their collective ineptness can be found at Judicial Hellholes. It highlights some of the more egregious cases that our idiotic judges have decided in the last 12 months. It you have time it is worth the read. You'll learn some fun facts; like how a man named Dominic Choate made $3.9 million in a lawsuit against a railroad because the man's "jack ass" style trick cost him his leg.

Vote NO to these judges:
* Judge Mary Jane Theis
* Judge Gubin
* Judge Lorna Propes
* Judge Laura Cha-yu Liu
* Judge Scott Neville
* Judge Gubin
* Judge Ericka Reddick (Sam Amirante case)
* Judge Gillespie
* Judge Wheatley
* Judge Steven Connelly
* Judge Lyons
* Judge David Bender
* Judge George Skully
* Judge O'hara
* Judge Collins-Dole

Vote YES for the following judges:

* Judge Nick Ford
* Judge Kay Marie Hanlon
* Judge Patrick J. Sherlock
* Judge Pucinski (against Theis)
* Judge Pamela Leeming
* Judge Domenica A. Stephenson
* Judge Joy Cunningham.

Illinois is in the mess that it is in because of an apathetic voting base. Illinois voters continue to just punch the names that are followed by the "D" ... that's how we continue to get people like George Ryan, Mike Madigan, Rod Blagovich, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama.

Illinois deserves better! Spread the word and get out there and vote.

03 January 2012

Rick Santorum for President

I am supporting Rick Santorum for the GOP nomination; though I still really like Michele Bachmann. I was a big fan of his when he was a senator from Pennsylvania.

I hesitate to endorse anyone at this point with the field wide open, but I think Santorum is the best and most authentic conservative that is running right now.

The Left is going to start pulling out all the weapons from their Bag of Dirty Tricks and start smearing him, Palin and Romney, so just get ready for the shit storm.

We are on the path of collapse, thanks in large part to Team Obama. Obama, the worst president in US history, is crushing us under massive tax and spending plans, killing jobs via Cap & Trade and a smothering flurry of EPA regulations.

Remember that what Obama inherited was $161 billion deficit (it's now almost 100% of our GDP), and a 4.6% unemployment rate. ObamaCare - which will effectively place the Government's cost schemes over the life and quality of the individual citizen, is the biggest Civil Rights issue that we've faced in the last 40 years.

Give Rick a hard look and decide for yourselves whether he's the best there is, and if he is worthy of your vote.

In 2012 we have to decide whether we want to be a Socialist clone of the EU, or a unique, constitutional republic that honors the individual while restraining the State's authority. As Mark Levin aptly put it, I'd vote for an orange juice can right now instead of Obama.