26 September 2011

Know ye the truth?

Brilliant and so true it hurts:

Brilliant and so true on so many levels:
Lloyd Marcus discusses how people were duped into voting for Obama on superficialities and lies. See Obama is the Black man's Trojan horse at this link.

And Pastor Manning is correct in another video when he says racism is alive and well - and almost exclusive to the Black community. Amen!

When you filter ALL your views, perceptions and values through your race - first and foremost - then you are, by definition a racist.

25 September 2011

Multi-Culti strikes again

Here's today's lesson on Multiculturalism and Political correctness.

This Missouri officer was fired for "excessive force" for shoving this inmate into a wall.

Meanwhile, no disciplinary actions resulted from this Las Vegas officer's actions:

I don't understand how the black officer's actions are justifiable. He did not see anyone fighting, the subject wasn't following verbal directions but really, punching a guy in the throat is all-of-a-sudden acceptable?

I guarantee that if that Las Vegas officer had been white, and the non-compliant subject was black - there would have been Holy Hell raining down on the LVPD.

The double standards in our society make me sick.

24 September 2011

McCarthy and ComStat and Rumors - oh my!

At last week's ComStat meetings our superintendent stood up and said,"By the way - hear any good rumors this week?"

A light giggle rolled around the room and then he said,"It's sad that such things get started. It's going to take alot more than that to get rid of me."

As I tweeted last week, there are alot of unsubstantiated rumors about McCarthy being involved with a female coworker.

I'd like to believe that he wouldn't be stupid enough to get involved romantically with a subordinate but, who knows? Just as a heads-up to our chief, maybe he should start having his "Badge bunnies" fill out this form so that he can make a better determination:


And I was impressed as to how much he grilled the district commanders on their crime stats. I don't think that long-term its going to matter because all you're doing with that strategy is forcing the districts to get creative with their crime reports. McCarthy would have to have an independent team of his own working on the crime stats in order to keep the districts honest.

What I wasn't impressed with was how snarky he was and how he thinks that canvassing a location after a burglary will yield positive results in stopping burglaries.

Time will tell.

Demonizing the Rich, II

The Weekly Standard breaks down who pays federal taxes and puts Obama's deceptive "the rich don't pay their fair share" nonsense to rest.

The tables used in the Weekly Standard article were actually obtained from the Tax Policy Center (a Center-Left organization).

Here is the golden nuggest that you need to know:

In 2010, according to the TPC, Americans in the lowest quintile of income-earners — the bottom 20 percent — paid minus-3.8 percent of the total federal income tax burden. In other words, they got more back, in income tax credits and the like, than they paid in. Similarly, those in the second quintile paid minus-4.3 percent of the total federal income tax burden — so they, too, weren’t paying into the income tax till but rather were taking out. 

Those in the middle quintile — pretty much the center of the middle class (this quintile had an average income of $44,000) — paid 3.9 percent of the total federal income tax burden (about $1 of every $25 dollars in income taxes paid nationwide). And those in the fourth quintile — whose income ranged from $58,000 to $102,000 — paid 15.1 percent of the total federal income tax burden. 

So, all told, the 80 percent of Americans whose income placed them in one of these first four quintiles of income-earners combined to pay 10.9 percent of the total federal income tax burden. Put otherwise, this 80 percent of the citizenry paid about $1 out of every $9 that was paid in federal income taxes nationwide.

Meanwhile, Americans in the highest 0.1 percent of all income-earners — these are the very rich, with incomes of at least $1.974 million — paid 16.4 percent of the total federal tax burden. Essentially, one out of every $6 paid in federal income tax was paid by this 0.1 percent of the citizenry. 

This article shows clearly that "the rich" already pay their fair share. This president and his warped ideology are intent on stealing your wealth, and are using their propaganda machine to justify it.

USA Today did a fact check on the "Buffet rule" and on who pays taxes in this country.

USA Today found that the top 10% of wage earners in the US pay half of ALL federal taxes. They also pay 70% of federal income taxes.

There is no plutocracy in this country, and it saddens me that so many people just don't take the time to wade through the propaganda and learn the truth. I guess it's just easier to just blame some faceless "millionaires" and claim that they need to do more.

From the USAToday article:

The latest IRS figures are a few years older — and limited to federal income taxes — but show much the same thing. In 2009, taxpayers who made $1 million or more paid on average 24.4% of their income in federal income taxes, according to the IRS.

Those making $100,000 to $125,000 paid on average 9.9% in federal income taxes. Those making $50,000 to $60,000 paid an average of 6.3%.

Obama's claim hinges on the fact that, for high-income families and individuals, investment income is often taxed at a lower rate than wages. The top tax rate for dividends and capital gains is 15%. The top marginal tax rate for wages is 35%, though that is reserved for taxable income above $379,150.

I wonder when the poor are going to put "some skin in the game"? The bottom 80% already drain almost 4% from the federal coffers. And that doesn't include state, county and municipal entities.

The Left, and progressives in general, love to point to the "income disparity" in our society as "evidence" that there is discrimination in the work place and labor markets. It's unadulterated balderdash.

"Income disparity" is not a cause, it's a symptom. It's like saying everyone in your math class didn't get an A on the midterm so the test must be skewed. It is! It is skewed to show who is good at math, and those that aren't.

Income disparity is different for all because we're all NOT the same! You have people with different intelligence, experience, education, motivation and geography that will push them into a certain field, and OF COURSE, there will be income disparities. It's a Straw Man in every aspect.

But don't tell the Left. They will use any show pony to try to justify the installation of Marx's 10-planks of his manifesto.

The Heritage foundation did a nice job destructing the income inequality boondoggle here.

People like Coldtype and Leftisthebest have not, and will not, open their minds to such intellects as FA Hayek or Milton Friedman.

And Friedman is exactly right in this discussion on greed, capitalism and private property.

Robert E. Lucas, a notable 'Chicago school' of economics wonk speaks on why welfare doesn't work in this article at the WSJ.

For the best explanation of what happened in Europe and Japan, he points to research by fellow Nobelist Ed Prescott. In Europe, governments typically commandeer 50% of GDP. The burden to pay for all this largess falls on workers in the form of high marginal tax rates, and in particular on married women who might otherwise think of going to work as second earners in their households. "The welfare state is so expensive, it just breaks the link between work effort and what you get out of it, your living standard," says Mr. Lucas. "And it's really hurting them."


13 September 2011

Greg Gutfeld: 'Go To Hell, Paul Krugman

Greg Gutfeld, the former managing editor of Men's Health is on the 5 and has some harsh words for NYTimes jag-bag Paul Krugman...Greg Gutfeld:"Go To Hell, Paul Krugman, You Bearded, Bitter Buffoon!"

12 September 2011

Upcoming court dates

Just today, Monday September 12, I received my September FOP newsletter. I noticed that Danny Gorman listed a section called NOTABLE COURT DATES (no link to FOP Website yet as they haven't gotten around to posting the web version of the September newsletter.) Notice that two of the court dates have already passed as I post this update.

Thanks Mikey!!! Not only couldn't you get this newsletter out on a timely basis, but you basically agree with the city (page 1 President's Report) that 5B furloughs can just be canceled by the City for an event that may or may not demand additional manpower NEXT MAY! How can it be an "emergency" when the event is next May???

You even claim that you understand that the city only does this to save on paying overtime to the rank and file. You claim you're going to "grieve it" if the City blocks out this segment, but as SCC rightly pointed out, this would be a perfect opportunity for the Lodge to go after the city to support its officers with more training, more hiring and better equipment -- but NO. Mikey is going to grieve the decision. Wow ... what a great president.

But I digress ...

The following cases are listed. If you can attend any of these hearings, your presence would be sincerely appreciated by the officers harmed, their friends and families.

Sept 6, 2011
26th & Cal; room 702, Judge Ford
Offender: Lamar Cooper
Charged with murdering Officer Nate Taylor

Sept 12, 2011
26 & Cal; room 207, Judge Stephenson
Offender: Shawn Gaston
Charged with murdering Officer Alex Valadez

Sept 15, 2011
26 & Cal; room 207, Judge Stephenson
Offenders: Christopher Harris and Kevin Walker
Also charged with murdering Officer Alex Valadez

Sept 19, 2011
26 & Cal; room 404, Judge Brosnahan
Offender: Timothy Herring, Jr.
Charged with murdering Office Michael Flisk

09 September 2011

In partibus infidelium

...from the Latin, meaning in the parts of the infidels. Or in the country of the infidels. Indeed jihadi cells are in the country of the infidels.

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks.

Take the time to find a personal way to honor those who died that day. For me, I am putting my flag out front and will watch CNN's America Remembers with my kids. I also recommend The Falling Man documentary.

Another very good documentary was "9/11" by the Naudet brothers. They are french brothers who happened to be in Manhattan filming a documentary on the life of a rookie NYFD fireman. It is chilling and captivating.

Never forget.

Traitors, fools and Diversity

I can't let this important milestone pass without taking a swipe at the folks who caused it, and who continue to lay the blame at the wrong feet.

The NYTimes, the old grey lady, posted this Op-ed (Never forget what?) on Sept. 14, 2002. It's worth the read if only for the fact that almost every hand-wringing, Bush-as-the-devil item was shown to be irrelevant.

As Mark Steyn brilliantly pointed out during a Canadian interview, maybe it would behoove the old grey lady to stop recruiting journalists at every black, hispanic, and LGBT convention and start recruiting writers who are of substance. When NYTimes Editor Howell Raines famously worded a memo to the plagiarist Jayson Blair in which he excoriated him to "be more black," it would have served the paper and its readers a bit more to, instead, implore him to be more discerning and honest.

The Times, like all the other Leftist Media wonks, is obsessed with diversity. It's obsessed with racial diversity, not diversity of opinion. They insist on a ruthless conformity. To wander off the reservation guarantees that you will be vilified.

And Steyn's piece from today is spot on: instead of "let's roll" - maybe it should be "let's roll over!"

How are America’s allies remembering the real victims of 9/11? “Muslim Canucks Deal With Stereotypes Ten Years After 9/11,” reports CTV in Canada. And it’s a short step from stereotyping to criminalizing. “How The Fear Of Being Criminalized Has Forced Muslims Into Silence,” reports The Guardian in Britain.

In Australia, a Muslim terrorism suspect was so fearful of being criminalized and stereotyped in the post-9/11 epidemic of paranoia that he pulled a Browning pistol out of his pants and hit Sgt. Adam Wolsey of the Sydney constabulary. Fortunately, Judge Leonie Flannery acquitted him of shooting with intent to harm on the grounds that “‘anti-Muslim sentiment’ made him fear for his safety,” as Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported on Friday.

That’s such a heartwarming story for this 9/11 anniversary they should add an extra panel to the peace quilt, perhaps showing a terror suspect opening fire on a judge as she’s pronouncing him not guilty and then shrugging off the light shoulder wound as a useful exercise in healing and unity.

Contrary to the Progressive Thought-Police that now control television and film; Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem.

As long as the general has brought it up: Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem. Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations.

Or consider the warring factions in India, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya. Also look at the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare – I mean the beautiful mosaics – in Third World hellholes like Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Central L.A.

"Diversity" is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: "Cancer is a strength!" "Pollution is our greatest asset!"

By contrast, the canard "diversity is a strength" has now replaced "at the end of the day," "skin in the game," "blood and treasure," "jumped the shark," "boots on the ground," "horrific" (whatever happened to the perfectly good word "horrible"?), "not so much," "I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here," and "that went well," as America's most irritating cliche.

We should start making up other nonsense mantras along the lines of "diversity is a strength" and mindlessly repeating them until they catch on, too.~~Ann Coulter

Read more: Diversity has jumped the shark, horrifically.

And the more they enforce this ruthless conformity, and slavish obedience to Diversity, the more we see a sterile homogeneity in our political discussions.

I happened to be listening to Mike Malloy on Sirius ("The Left") on 08-Sept-11 and heard him discussing the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. He said [paraphrase] that he can't wait to hear the "vomit" that will come from the people on the right that day. He went on to blame the "Bush crime family" for setting up the whole event. Here's a nice summation of what the emotionally and mentally stunted Left believe about what really happened on 9/11.

Much of the nonsense invented by the self-loathing segment of America was debunked by that well-known Right-Wing-Hate-Machine behemoth Popular Mechanics. I guess the Bush-Cheney cabal has its tendrils reaching all the way to the magazine of last-resort for airplane wing lift dynamics.

Nothing but the Truth

Jonathan Kay just released a wonderful new book exposing the Truthers as the psychotic, black helicopter, fantasy-addicts that they are. Among the Truthers details the author's travails among America's staunchest conspiracy nuts. You can compare Truthers to Obama Drones in this sense: They're both, in Eric Hoffer's words, true believers. A true believer can never be convinced, only converted.

Everyone loves a good story. If that wasn't the case then Brad Thor, Daniel Silva and Maeve Binchy would be out of work. But to gobble up the most outlandish stories and half-truths out there really takes a cynic, and one with the ability to suspend belief indefinitely.

Glad to see that the Bush-Cheney Team could take time away from seeding the clouds with anti-depressants to help plunge Western Civilization into a tail-spin of epic proportions.

My cherished and erudite readers can easily recognize these malefactors as a resurgence of Bush Derangement syndrome, and nothing more. Mark Levin hit it on the head when he wrote (in Liberty and Tyranny) that Liberals are "morose, petulant and absolutely incapable of honest self-assessment".

And he wrote that before Obama was elected. Very prescient.

For all of Bush's' shortcomings as a president, you can still thank him for taking a tough stand on Islamic radicals and doing all he could to keep the Jihadis "over there." I'm all for taking the fight to the enemy. I'm glad we went into Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein. I'm glad we took out Islamic training camps in Afghanistan. I'm glad we rained death on our enemies.

The squishy, moral equivalent Left doesn't. If we do anything that benefits us, we're the bad guys. No matter that China, Russia and every other SANE and SOVEREIGN country do the same thing .... No, no, no: our New Left Democrats will always defame and decry Everything-American in order to assuage their guilt for having been born and raised in the most affluent and luxuriant non-Imperial Superpower in World History. Yes, America is an anomaly. We are the only non-Imperial Superpower the world has ever seen.

Wolves in Sheeps clothing

And still there is a concerted effort to minimize, or deflect, what happened on 9/11. Mostly by ethnic, pro-Muslim front groups like CAIR.

From the website Jihad Watch comes a story where Chicago based radical-Muslim-apologist demands that we just get over 9/11 and quit all the whining about radical Islam:

The current trend to downplay 9/11 or turn the anniversary into something different (like a "day of service") seems to go hand in hand with a desire to avoid addressing the ideological motivation for the attacks. To address that too forthrightly could be "intolerant," just as CNN is now sowing the fear of "intolerance" by offering parents advice for talking to their children about 9/11 "without sowing fear or intolerance."

And so Brave Ahmed also insists we need to stop fixating on those guys "who happened to be Muslim." Just like the 7/7 attacks in Britain, 3/11 in Spain, numerous attacks in India including the 2008 Mumbai massacre, the Bali bombings, Fort Hood, the Beslan massacre, and so on into the thousands of jihadist attacks with smaller casualty counts that add up nonetheless, and all of the failed attacks attempted in the U.S. in the past decade, including Springfield, Illinois, Dallas, Portland, Baltimore, Lubbock, Texas (and possibly Dallas again), and Fort Hood, again.

Funny how that keeps happening. "Islamic-American Group: Link Between 9/11, Muslim Religion Must Stop," from CBS Chicago, September 8:

CHICAGO (CBS) — The head of a local Islamic-American organization says that after this year, except for remembering its victims, it’s time for America to move on from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Ahmet Rehab of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says many people still are under the false impression that Islam is a radical religion, and that its believers want to change the U.S. into an Islamic state.

Never mind that the 17,715 terrorist attacks since 2001 have all been committed by Muslims; remember that a significant portion of Muslims worldwide support the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam - with the attendant obeisance to Sharia Law.

British Steel

A final note: I share and endorse the sentiments expressed in this video clip ofPat Condell. He's exactly right, and you'd never hear such infallible testimony coming from anyone affiliated with the NYTimes.

It'd be refreshing to have these types of folks writing for our papers and TV shows. It's too bad all the really good "Americans", in their proper British accents, all write for the UK and Australian presses.

Non-Americans, especially those who grew up in fascist-totalitarian States, can smell the slightest whiff of tyranny. That's why so many American immigrants from Cuba, Russia and Canada tell us that we're heading in a dangerous direction. They've seen it all before and know that the end result is death and misery. You can easily look back over the last 100 years and see how unrestrained federal governments quickly overshadow the citizenry they're supposed to support and protect. It is an easy plunge into tyranny once the contract that restricts government power is broken and dismissed.

The Left in this country has succeeded in doing that virtually within one generation. The only thing left is to get mad and fight like Hell!

God bless each and every one of you on this sacred day, and may we never, ever lose an American on United States' soil.

07 September 2011

The Entitled-Underclass Speaks

Just saw Zo do a great rip on the lazy, whiney bee-otch that I link to below. PJTV did a great job in the rebuttal.

If I had a face to face conversation with Coldtype, or Leftisthebest, I'm sure they would see nothing wrong with this woman's comments. Her attitude reflects the malaise that is so fashionable amongst the urban entitled class.

They surely wouldn't exhort the beauty and satisfaction of working, like Canadian David Warren writes. (story here.

But this attitude is precisely the crux of what is wrong in the black community, and with some of the other ethnic enclaves within the United States. She speaks from a position of ignorance; not knowledge. She pulses with the negativity that is sown within the black community by preachers like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Do you think Wright and Farrakahn are anomalies? Hardly. The rhetoric of "you can't get ahead", "the system is against you", or "you're a victim" plays very well to blacks (and increasingly to impoverished white youths).

Listen closely to this woman: She says land and property are supposed to be free? Water is supposed to be free? No one should have to pay rent or a mortgage? Her ancient ancestors had a life span of 20 years and yet they were "enlightened" or better than we are now? The ignorance is shocking. She says Africa had electricity in "ancient times"? Didn't Benjamin Franklin learn to harness electricity and then Edison ran with it after inventing the light bulb? (yes I know Latimer is also credited with the final revision to the carbon filament...)

How many life saving technologies originated in Africa? Were Africans master sailors, mathematicians, scientists, doctors or great writers of literature?

None that I know of. Some African-AMERICANS have invented some stuff (Shoe box, potato chips, and the Protective mailbox.)

Well back to Miss Thang, compared to these drug dealing gang-bangers (most locked up for conspiracy thanks to this youtube video, dumbasses.) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, she's a Tea Party activist!

These people are a perfect example of what Entitlements do to demoralize, enervate, and reject the rule of law and a civil society.

God help us.

06 September 2011

Fast & Furious; the Sequel

The ever-brilliant Michelle Malkin blows the lid off the Fast & Furious story, and on how ATF/FBI directed Indiana crime gun sales to U.S. street gangs.

Gee - remember when Reagan's administration funneled weapons to Sandinistas during a legitimate FOREIGN combat operation? Where is the outcry that our DOJ is funneling weapons and grenades to street gangs and Mexican drug cartels.


Read the whole thing.

Sarah Palin in Iowa

Palin in Iowa on Labor Day. She is a breath of fresh air; dare I say she is "Reaganesque"? Yes. She gets it - Obama doesn't.

She understands what makes America great - Obama understands bumper sticker slogans, and empty rhetoric.

She embraces our Liberty and our constitution. She relates to the Working Man. Obama relates to the rabble-rousing, radical-community-organizers.

It's an utter shame - and indefensible - that people allow the Media to paint a picture of Sarah Palin that is patently untrue. It is disgusting.

If you've got 42 minutes, watch the whole thing. God bless you Mrs. Palin.

Obama annoints Another Ivy-Leaguer

Jimmy Pathokoukis, a bright light over at Reuters discusses the most recent appointment by Obama. As Mr. Pethokoukis points out:

Anyone still looking for a turn to the right from Obama will be mightily disappointed. Krueger is part of the center-left economic consensus that believes a) America is undertaxed, b) government must become permanently bigger as America ages, and c) climate change requires a vast new regulatory scheme to control carbon emissions. His big idea to boost the U.S. economy and bring the budget in balance is [a] ginormous consumption tax on top of the current income tax system.

And it's no shock that this new appointment comes deeply embedded within the Democrat Left. Krueger (aka Mr. Cash for Clunkers) was a Clinton economist from '94-95'

Critics of Krueger called him a "Clinton White House retread" since he worked as Chief Economist for President Bill Clinton's Labor Department in 1994-1995. He also worked for Timothy Geithner at the Treasury Department in 2009-2010 before returning to academia. Critics say Krueger is merely another Ivy League Keynesian with no real world experience. Others claim he's just another socialist attempting to duplicate the sinking European socialist economy, and he will further damage the Obama administration and the United States. 

He wholeheartedly supports “a future consumption tax to fix today’s economy,” as well as a higher minimum wage, which he claims does not depress employment.

During his time in Washington, Krueger advocated a number of big-ticket, government programs, including the HIRE Act, the Small Business Lending Fund, Build America Bonds and the Car Allowance Rebate System, or “Cash for Clunkers."

And as the article correctly points out, Mr. Krueger agrees with his boss: That a government can stimulate an economy, create jobs, and is the veritable engine of our economic well being. Evidence to the contrary is simply ignored by these political elite as witnessed by Obama himself.

But we all know that Ivory Tower egg-heads don't understand what Everyday-Americans like you and me have to deal with. We aren't jetting around the world, spending $10 million dollars in US Taxpayer on lavish vacations in the last 12 months.

In fact, the Obamas are a great example of the Country-Club-Entitlement Class. Here we have the most pedigreed administration in US history. Obama went to Occidental, then Columbia and finally, Harvard Law. It's estimated that he received a $1 million education, all to major in "community organizing" and moving to south Chicago to listen "enthralled" to Black Liberation Theology screeds from Jeremiah Wright.

But Obama is surrounded with these types. In fact, 47 appointees attended Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown combined. The likes of Cass Sunstein (Harvard), Tim "Tax cheat" Geithner (Harvard), Eric Holder (Columbia), Alberto Gonzales (Harvard law), and Michael Mukasey (Columbia/Yale). Obama has been known to take advice and counsel from: Bruce Ackerman, Martha Nussbaum (edited a book with Cass Sunstein), Ronald Dworkin and Michael Walzer.

I know what you're saying, "Come on Roo! You're just jealous cuz Bush didn't have enough brains to appoint the best and brightest." Au contraire!

Here's why just ONE of these goofs is dangerous and has NO business being in our government:

and this ....

If you're a common sense American - do you want this idiot to be in charge of anything? Would you want to give this man power over you? Well he's already there. Thanks Obama ... more solid Liberal decisions!

You can see what having Ivy League credentials gets the US Taxpayer. More laws, more regulations, more taxation, less representation, Nationalized healthcare, judicial fiat, and a rogue Imperial Presidency.

How nice....Chavez and Castro have invaded the White House.

05 September 2011

Illinois credit rating a dismal A+

It was the best of time, it was the worst of times...

Thus begins the classic "A Tale of Two Cities." If you live in Illinois, it is absolutely the WORST of times -- and not getting any better anytime soon.

Barron's released their run down of the Best and Worst run states in their August 29, 2011 issue, and if you live in Illinois you may want to move.

Did you know that states get rated for their credit worthiness? Illinois is ranked a dismal "A+", right behind the dead last California with an "A-" Janney Capital Markets did the number-crunching for Barron's and here's where the numbers shake out.

They examined each state under 7 different categories

1. Federal spending as a % of state GDP
2. Medicaid as % of outlays
3. % Change in Tax receipts
4. Tax-backed debt as % of state GDP
5. Funded % of state pensions
6. Troubled mortgages (*including foreclosed and seriously delinquent home loans.)
7. June Unemployment rate %

Under the "AAA" category - Indiana is a standout. Gov. Mitch Daniels has done a tremendous job with that state, bringing conservative principles to the fore.

For Indiana-
Fed spending as a % of state GDP: 20.7
Medicaid as % of outlays: 23
% Change in Tax receipts: 9.9
Tax-backed debt as % of state GDP: 1.92
Funded % of state pensions: 67
Troubled mortgages : 8.3
June Unemployment rate %: 8.3

For "AAA" Iowa-
Fed spending as a % of state GDP: 17.5
Medicaid as % of outlays: 18
% Change in Tax receipts: 8.7
Tax-backed debt as % of state GDP: 2.24
Funded % of state pensions: 81
Troubled mortgages : 4.8
June Unemployment rate %: 6.0

For "A+" Illinois-
Fed spending as a % of state GDP: 15.9
Medicaid as % of outlays: 33
% Change in Tax receipts: 13.7
Tax-backed debt as % of state GDP: 3.97
Funded % of state pensions: 51
Troubled mortgages : 10.5
June Unemployment rate %: 9.2

Illinois does not have a good, competent governor. We don't have a Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels or John Kasich leading us. We have the Illinois Combine: Durbin, Schakowsky, Madigan and Quinn.

Illinois has the lowest state pension funding out of all. Only West Virginia comes close at 56. Washington state is at 100% of funding their state pensions. Another nail in the coffin is Medicaid. Only Missouri (33%) and North Carolina (37%) equal or exceed Illinois' Medicaid outlays.

What does it come down to? The article is spot on: You must control spending and reign in the unions.

The governor's want the unions to contribute more to their pension funds and health plans to ensure the system's soundness. Controversially, Walker and Kasich even have tried to convince the unions to surrender or reduce their collective-bargaining rights.

Moreover, many states are creating new tiers of public employees provided with much less munificent pension and health-care plans.

Retirement ages are being boosted, automatic cost-of-living adjustments to pensions are being eliminated, pension vesting periods are being increased and shenanigans like income-spiking at the end of careers to fatten benefits are being banned.

Such moves will do much to ameliorate a long-term pension and health-benefit funding gap that the Pew Center on the States puts at $1.26 trillion.~~Barron's Aug. 29, 2011 (pg. 26, para 3)

You'll also note that Illinois % change in tax receipts is +13.7 - that's because Governor Quinn and the brain-trust down in Springfield raised taxes by 67% this year. States like Hawaii actually took in less money.

Walker, Christie and Scott are cutting spending, and they're reducing taxes on corporations and the wealthy. They're doing that to spur employment and investment. Wisconsin even scaled back its earned-income tax credit for 152,000 families ($518 for a family of 5).

To be fair, I thought it would be worse. I thought we'd be dead last, with 50% Medicaid outlays, and a negative tax receipts number. Well second from the last isn't so bad I guess.