29 August 2011

Angry Black Man

I know the title of this post is an oxymoron .... aren't all black people angry? I cannot argue with the logic of this particular, angry Bruthah. I just wish he'd called Obama a "trick ass bitch" -- that would have been really funny. Dats right Obama - check yourself foo.

Our Nanny-State Dictator Will Not Rest

...until every Goat Herder has a comfy bed and a cell phone.

Story here.

"These new special procedures issued by the Labor Department must be followed by employers who want to hire temporary agricultural foreign workers to perform sheep herding or goat herding activities. It describes strict rules for sleeping quarters, lighting, food storage, bathing, laundry, cooking and new rules for the counters where food is prepared."

And remember when then-candidate Obama was running, er - lying - for president in 2008 and made the statement that "running up a $4 trillion deficit" [under Bush] was "unpatriotic"?

Well it was factually incorrect because our deficit at that point was only $2 trillion but, Obama never lets the truth get in the way of his dismal propaganda.

I guess he will not rest until he's had 100 fundraisers and golfed 200 times.

What would our dear president say now that he's rolled us up into almost $5 trillion in deficits? I guess you'll have to ask his teleprompter.

And all this follows hard-upon the news that Queen Michelle has spent $10 million in luxury vacations in the last 12 months.

So while Americans are struggling to just keep their job and put food on the table, the Obamas are busy going on vacations, spending YOUR money so that they can enjoy a lavish lifestyle: while simultaneously demanding that YOU put "skin in the game" and limit your lifestyles.

It's good to be King.

One term and OUT?

My God, I can only pray that this neophyte, backbencher, loser gets kicked out of the Oval Office after one term.

And none other than James Pethokoukis agrees with me. He writes that the factors determining Obama a One-Termer are a slow economy, miserable voters, and economic anxiety.

But the Mother of All Charts is this one:
(date from American Century Investments)

You can see that whenever real GDP went down, with an attendant spike in inflation, the incumbent lost the election.

Jimmy closes the article with this:

Now perhaps the economy is about to ignite. Or perhaps Republicans will pick a terrible nominee. Or perhaps some international crisis will make the economy less important. Or perhaps voters will simply give Obama the benefit of a doubt since he did inherit the Great Recession.

But Gallup already has his approval at just 40 percent (with the RealClearPolitics average at 43.5 percent.) Another year of high unemployment and show growth — much less a double-dip recession — seems likely to make Obama a one-term president.

The chances of our economy "igniting" are slim to nil. The economic incompetence of our policy-makers, led by Obama, virtually guarantee that no ignition will take place within the foreseeable future.

With oppressive regulations rolling out from the EPA and, ObamaCare ready to add thousands of new bureaucrats to the already bloated Federal government - we're in for a long ride.

Most Valuable Blogger nominations

Go and vote for Second City cop as Most Valuable Blogger. Click on the embedded link and then click through on Local Affairs.

The guys at SCC do a tremendous service, and put alot of work into their blog. While I disagree with SCC's censorship policy, I understand it. There's too much Political Correctness and slip-and-fall lawyers around to take a chance that your words will be misconstrued. If Detective ShavedLongCock was nominated I would have voted for his blog. Some of the stuff posted at Shaved makes me laugh out loud.

Go support SCC. I want to see that new avatar sitting on his masthead by 01-Sept.

Oh, and before I forget: *F* Obama!

28 August 2011


NewsMax's Aftershock Survival Guide is taking off on the internet like a F/A-18E/F Super Hornet off the deck of Aircraft carrier.

Sure it's an infomercial and the host and guest can't unglue their eyes from the teleprompters: But don't let that get in the way of informing yourself. It's not like they're selling you a juicer or a Tony Little abdominizer.

You'd have to be in an igloo the last 3 years to not see what's going on around you. Record debt, record foreclosures, unemployment on the rise, bankruptcies up, taxation up and the government scheming more and more to find "reveune enhancements" which are none other than tax schemes.

Well there are certainly enough of us out there that are sounding the alarm. One of the clearest voices is Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe.

NewsMax has an article where they quote him extensively.

Obama has disarmed the country, is solely responsible for the federal budget deficit and must bear most of the blame for the dependence on overseas oil and for “suffocating” business with regulations,” said the state’s senior senator in a speech reported by the Tulsa World.

“We now have a president, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, who is destroying these very institutions that made America great,” Inhofe told the Chamber of Commerce in Broken Arrow, Okla.

The president’s healthcare proposals amount to “social engineering,” extended unemployment benefits aren’t needed and Inhofe said Obama had “invented” the idea that suspected terrorists have been tortured at Guantanamo Bay “to make you think something bad is happening in America — the same thing he does and others do when they go around talking about how bad America is.

“You know the biggest problem for prisoners when they get to Gitmo?” Inhofe asked. “Obesity!”

He even blamed Obama for the tea party-inspired ban on earmarks that the GOP has adopted. “When they came along with this moratorium, you have to let the president run everything,” he said. “They conceded that authority to the president of the United States, so that’s why the president was behind the whole earmark thing."

Don't panick. We Americans always over-react to things. Just look at the hype generated around Hurriace Irene. It turns out it landed in New York as a tropical storm.

Just get some information and arm yourself with knowledge that will protect you and your family.

Oh, and help me support whoever gets nominated to run against Barack Hussein Obama.

25 August 2011

Illinois tollways

The Tollway system.

Illinois proves once again why it is the worst state in the union. Second City cop blogged on this ((Thanks Again Democrats!) and I'm linking to his post.

Tollways are a quick and easy way for the state to separate you from your money. It is a revenue enhancement scheme of epic proportions. When you hear your Illinois politicians whine about "needing" tollways, think of Wisconsin. Wisconsin doesn't have a tollway - not one. Gee how does Wisconsin survive without tollways???

Nice question.

When Blagovich initiated the "open road tollways", he touted it as a way to ease congestion and promote "Green Lanes".

But being a good Democrat, the real reason for the open road tollways was to increase revenue. They knew that once commuters put that I-pass transponder in their car and were allowed to "breeze through" the express lanes, folks wouldn't feel the pain of stopping and paying the toll. Additionally they wouldn't pay attention to the toll rates - they would just continue to fill their I-pass each month. That way the state could incrementally increase toll rates with little or no public outcry.

And what happened to this Green Lane boondoggle touted by Blago?

The Tollway will develop a program to introduce Green Lanes into the heaviest used segments of its existing roadways, a $400 million project which promotes carpooling and public transit and provides a free flow of traffic to reduce excessive acceleration and breaking which cuts emissions. Tolls will be deducted electronically from vehicles, car pool drivers and buses will pay the current I-PASS rate, while single-occupancy vehicles will pay a premium rate to use the free-flow lanes. To encourage environmentally responsible vehicles and congestion reduction, drivers of hybrids, electric or fuel cell vehicles, as well as those with high m.p.g. ratings will have access to the Green for a variable fee.

At a time when jobs are fleeing this state like Japs in a Godzilla movie, this is no time to be jacking up Tollway rates. According to Chicago business, Governor Quinn is looking to DOUBLE tollway rates. The article claims that we have the lowest toll rates in the union, but it doesn't say how many tollbooths we have per mile in relation to other states. When I travel from O'hare southbound on I-294, there are 6 tolls. That's about 15 miles in distance. (Whatever happened to Quinn's "transparency" project? This crap.)

Illinois is a "Toll Trap" state. The system is designed to keep you on the tollway once you enter and not let you off in order to optimize revenues.

It comes down to more government intrusions from this Nanny-State Democrat regime. A tollway user pays twice - the toll, and gas taxes. And you know that these government construction projects cost TWICE what a private contractor would charge because everyone involved wants a piece of the action, and the taxpayer's pockets are thought of as "deep."

Another reason why the Illinois voter deserves your contempt.

24 August 2011

Amnesty again?

UPDATE: It turns out that Obama decided by fiat to bypass the voters and use an executive order to cease the Federal government from prosecuting illegal aliens. Does this sound like a president or a dictator? This administration doesn't give a damn about you, dear Citizen. Not a wink. They prove it over and over again with their actions. Obamacare, Stimulus, Immigration ....

Obama goes after Hispanic vote after seeing that his popularity amongst his "brown brothers" is fading fast.

Apparently From the WaPo article:

Those leaders – which the Post simply calls “immigration advocates” – wanted the threat of deportation removed from most illegal aliens, which Obama granted. Conservative critics call it a “backdoor amnesty,” and lament that the executive branch is implementing a policy opposed by Congress. None of that critique made Wallsten’s story. But the Post made the politics behind the policy loud and clear:

Key to the strategy is shifting voters' attention beyond the caustic immigration debate with data-driven appeals that show progress in other areas, while arguing that Obama is better on immigration than any of his potential Republican foes.

The tensions - and the administration's aggressive efforts to soothe them - reached a climax of sorts in a flurry of activity last week, with the administration making a surprise announcement Thursday that it was giving officials discretion to suspend certain deportation cases that have drawn fire from critics, such as ones involving young people brought to the country in early childhood.

The White House move came two days after immigrant advocates delivered tens of thousands of petitions to Obama's reelection headquarters and other Democratic Party offices demanding an end to the administration's aggressive deportation policy.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2011/08/22/wapo-exposes-obamas-amnesty-deeply-political#ixzz1VxpsoVUv

So Obama has a secret meeting with 160 hispanic leaders in over two days and gives them access to the administration's biggest players. Remember when Bush met with 10 conservative talk radio personalities? The Leftists Media Wonks went nuts.

So true to form this administration embraces the Balkanization of America in all its forms, and is breathlessly pushing the agenda down our collective throats.

What's the big deal? The big deal is that we've imported tens of millions of illiterate, unskilled workers. These workers aren't required to adopt our language, our culture, our history and our mores. We're importing a vast network of folks who don't care to assimilate into our culture. The same phenomenon is occuring in Britain, France and Germany. We're seeing what those Muslim enclaves are capable of (rioting, welfare abuse, crime).

There is a vast disconnect between our ruling, political elite - and the average American. In almost every category (taxation, immigration, regulations, national healhcare) the freeborn American citizens lines up in direction opposition to this lurching socialist plans.

2012 cannot get here fast enough for me!

Sic semper tyrannis!

18 August 2011

Demonizing the Rich

The rhetoric castigating the "evil" rich has escalated over the last 10 years. Truthfully the rich haven't really ever been beloved but there used to be an understanding the millionaires and billionaires had a net positive on our society because they took the risks, put up the capital, had a great idea for an invention - and then benefited from doing that. Plus, they actually hired people and allowed Americans to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Were some of them scoundrels? Of course.

But no one is perfect, but don't tell the Marxist-Left that. They think anyone who makes a profit is a rapacious bourgeois capitalist.

Just look at the language that Obama and his minions use regarding rich people:
* "The rich need to pay their fair share."
* "We're targeting millionaires and billionaires."
* "We're going to close tax loopholes that for too long have allowed the rich to not pay their fair share."

Just like a broken record Obama drones on with his class-warfare, Group-Hate mantra.

One week we're supposed to hate the oil companies, then it is the pharmaceuticals, then it is the insurance companies, then it is the hedge funds and then it's the "speculators" ... and on, and on, and on.

Excuse me but isn't he such a whiney little bitch?!?!?!? I mean really - can't President Dumbo take responsibility for something other than killing Osama?

And with such hostility around, billionaires are up and leaving. Who would blame them? If I was wealthy and had a president, steeped in Marxism - with delusions of grandeur; I'd be heading to Chile too.

Even if you taxed the rich at 100%, we wouldn't even dent the national debt. Does he ever mention that? Does he ever mention that only 49% of Americans even pay Federal taxes? Does he ever point out that our tax code is all of 70,000 pages long and a legitimate barrier to effective tax collections? Does he ever acknowledge that 1% of tax payers cover 60% of tax collections?

No. Because pointing that out would deflate his pitiful argument that the "rich" need to pay more.

Spending is out of control - not tax collections. Entitlements need to be driven down to the bare minimums if we're ever going to get out of this fiscal mess.

20 years ago a millionaire was someone who made a million dollars a year. Now, a "rich person" are considered someone who grosses $250,000. That could be someone who owns a dry cleaners or a coffee shop or a small business.

The "rich" is a moving target and is another example of the Weasel Words that the Left uses to control the language, and control the argument.

I don't begrudge anyone from making any amount of money that they want. It's called living the American Dream. I've discussed conservatism before and examined why the Progressive Tax is straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

But it is more than that: You spend almost one-third of your life working. You spend one-third of each work day working to pay the government. Hundreds of hours a year are spent by you working to pay the government.

And what is the government doing with the fruits of your labor? Squandering it. They're busy buying votes in the black and latino communities. They're handing it out as "entitlements" to people who don't appreciate it, and only cry for more.

You and I have a finite amount of time on this earth and we spend a significant amount of time away from our loved-ones, working. It is an outrage that the money you make by your labor is taken from you by some feckless government official and doled out to some indigent asshole.

Do you think that's right? It's not only immoral, but also unconstitutional.
So as the old saying goes, "Work Harder: Millions on Welfare are counting on You."
And if we keep electing Democrats, that motto will continue to be a sad fact.

The poor and lower middle class should start paying their fair share. The "Zero Liability Voter" are the lazy fools who vote themselves a government hand-out every time.

Thanks for visiting, and come again!

17 August 2011

Nobody Listens

Nobody listens.

Especially Obama Drones.

What did I tell you all back in 2008? Huh? So quickly you've forgotten the sagacity that yours-truly attempted to impart on you, My Cherished-Audience. Remember that "Buzz Killington" Troll who was flaming out the blog - stumping for his new Messiah back in '08?

Yea, he's nowhere to be seen. His last posting, on Nov. 5th said that we could expect a "moderate and conciliatory" tone from BHO. Ha! Another useful idiot does what he does best: Support tyranny.

You can thank useless Ass-hats like him for where we are today.

And people still didn't listen. Lisa Fabrizio, writing at The American Spectator sums it up quite nicely.

We warned them that their affinity for over-taxing and out-of-control spending would lead to financial disaster but they wouldn't believe us.....

We cautioned against granting more and more power to unions, especially those representing government employees....

We pleaded with them to understand that over-regulation would put a stranglehold on American manufacturing and the use of our natural resources; that putting environmental concerns over people at every turn would drive businesses overseas and increase our dependence on foreign energy sources....

We railed and demonstrated against the ever-lengthening arms of the nanny state; that they would one day crush us in their suffocating embrace.

We bemoaned the death of our culture -- both as a melting pot and one based on Judeo-Christian precepts -- and the consequences that would derive from its demise. The promotion of so-called cultural diversity has threatened to cost us our national identity and has robbed our youth of its pride in the history of our country....

We tried to emphasize Ronald Reagan 's strategy of Peace Through Strength; knowing that there are enemies out there who only understand and fear the threat of outright power, despite the yelps of those who believe that a multilateral and nuanced approach will succeed with bloodthirsty fanatics who scoff at such naivety and lick their chops in anticipation of facing same...

The result of all this disbelief on the part of our liberal countrymen? Our economy on the road to ruin, our national unity in tatters, our rights greatly diminished, and our culture sorely at odds with the hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers. If you didn't know better, you'd think it all quite unbelievable.

Meanwhile, 70 Members of our congress are official memebers of the Socialist Party of America.

Some noteables: Jesse "Jackass" Jackson, Jr and Jan "The Red" Schakowsky. I blogged about Jan and her convicted felon husband back in 2008 (link here.) She took time out from teaching "Counter-insurgency Operations" at the Midwest Academy to discuss her new "jobs" proposal. Basically it entails stealing more of your money and handing off to the non-productive members of our society.

Here it is straight from the Know-Nothing-Yenta herself.

More class warfare Marxism from our Ruling Class Elite! Just what we need.

Ugh! I have a headache....

15 August 2011

President Jayson Blair

Longtime readers will know that since 2007 I've been a vociferous critic of Barack Hussein Obama. What you don't know is that on a daily basis, I ask myself, "How did he get elected?" In the same vein I wonder if Cubans ever wake up, sling back a hot cafe con leche and say,"How did we end up with Fidel?"

My brilliantly informed audience (except you Coldtype and LITB) understand the dire straits we're in. For those of us who are ready to be "rigorously honest" realize that Obama and his policies are the reason for the economic and moral malaise infecting us. It's comes down to spending. It's not that he "inherited" anything from Bush. It's that he quadrupled spending in his first year in office.

For those of you who don't know it already: That's what progressives do - tax and spend. That's all they know, and its the engine that drives their Big State agenda. Period.

Since McCain went with the Hobbits reference out of spite, I'm going to roll with it out of humor. It's Mordor on the Potomac folks. The Uruk-Hai are in charge.

By The Numbers

For clarity's sake, let's look at where we are now: (figures gleaned from here.)

* Federal government spending went from $3 trillion in 2008, to $4 trillion in 2009. That is a 33% increase in one fiscal year. Through 2011 the Federal government will spend $6.2 trillion. Government spending on welfare went up (from 2008) 28.5% and spending on health care went up 18%.

* Federal debt as a percentage of GDP is now projected to hit 103% by the end of 2011. It was hovering around 60% (thanks to TARP and Stimulus I) under President Bush. For comparison purposes, Greece's debt as a percentage of GDP is 140%.

* Our Federal deficit for 2011 is now $1.645 trillion. It was $1.293 trillion for fiscal year 2010. Trends indicate that by the time Obama leaves office, Federal deficits will be $5 trillion. For comparison's sake, the deficit in Bush's last year in office was $386 billion.

* Some call it the "Obama Hockey stick" - it shows a massive spike of 55% in debt under Obama. Net Federal debt, for the same period grew by 88%. Photobucket
(article reference here.)

* Obamacare legislation, that no one was allowed to read before voting on it, adds additional taxes and costs. It also removes %500 billion from Medicare.


How it ends

Bottom line; under Obama, home foreclosures are UP, unemployment/underemployment is UP, bankruptcies are UP, taxation schemes are UP, his EPA is churning out regulations by the minute that will do nothing except torment you, the Open Borders crowd wants more and more from you in the way of programs and monies. Another Obama triumph is that the Misery Index has returned. We're now at a 28-year high.

And they're not done.

TeamObama (Debt Man Walking) is looking for "tax loopholes" (ie. revenue enhancements). You can't deduct your home mortgage interest, or property tax payments. That's a "tax break for the rich" - let's get rid of that! You want to have a 401k plan? No-no-no: only "the evil rich" can afford those. You have to pay your fair share! The poor needs more. They need flat screens and 22" rims, and a LINK card to buy booze, cigarettes and Hennessy. They need their housing subsidized. They need their gas, light and heat subsidized. A study was done whereby Obama would confiscate the nations' private retirement plans and put them into one large fund - √° la social security. That way they could 'regulate' them better.

We all know that that is just code for using the monies as a way to fund general operations (entitlements).

THAT is the type of administration that was elected. One that doesn't understand restraint. One that doesn't honor the firewalls within the constitution. And one that does not honor the individual citizen.

70% of the American people didn't want Nationalized Medicine. Did our elected leaders listen? Hell no. 80% of the people want a balanced budget amendment so that future generations aren't dealing with an unsustainable debt burden. Did they pass it? No. Whatever advances the ball - the Leftists will do it.

Leftists are power-hungry and will do whatever it takes to seize and maintain their control over YOU, the individual. You're dangerous, you're a free-thinker, you believe in individual sovereignty and a civil society. We can't have that!

As Alinsky said you've got to pretend you're middle class, in order to destroy the middle class. The Marxist "workers paradise" is now within reach.

Have no fear, Cherished Reader. We will stop them. The Tea Party conservatives, with the help and support of mainstream American citizens are rising to defeat this Authoritarian Nightmare and its host of minions. 2012 will wash the slate clean and we'll have conservatives back in Washington.

The Black Angel

We see what a morass we're in. The question is - "How did we get here?"

How did a man so inept, so incompetent and so immersed in Marxism get to be President? The underpinnings of his rise to power was laid decades ago by the Liberal establishment in Hollywood.

How did 52% of the population turn off their reasoning faculties and pull the lever for an inexperienced, back-bencher Illinois senator?


I can frame the dilemma for you in one phrase: Jayson Blair.

Blair was the celebrated member of the NYTimes newspaper who was caught, not only plaigarizing, but fabricating storyies for the paper back in 2002. It was a big deal for the Times because the Old Gray Lady is used to just circling the wagons and protecting its media creatures - come hell or high water.

"The New York Times is to be commended for ferreting out Jayson Blair, the reporter recently discovered to be making up facts, plagiarizing other news organizations, and lying about nonexistent trips and interviews.

A newspaper that employs Maureen Dowd can't have had an easy time settling on Blair as the scapegoat. Blair's record of inaccuracies, lies and distortions made him a candidate for either immediate dismissal or his own regular column on the op-ed page." ~~ Anne Coulter, May 14, 2003

Of course, after the scandal broke, Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger remained adament that race had nothing to do with having an unscrupulous, corrupt black reporter churning out falsehoods for the front page:

"Mr. Boyd (managing editor) said last week that the decision to advance Mr. Blair had not been based on race...."
"Mr Blair's Times supervisors ... emphasize that he earned an intership at The Times because of glowing recommendations and a remarkable work history, not because he is black."

Sure ... and Barack Hussein Obama is a qualified, brilliant community organizer. THAT qualifies him for the highest office in the land. For the paper, the Standard Bearer for Diversity, to say "race had nothing to do with it" is absurd. Why have diversity requirements and then ignore race? It's like opening a public swimming pool and then demanding that no one get wet.

"If the Times "diversity" program did not consider Blair's race, then it wasn't much of a diversity program, now was it? This is like job advertisements that proclaim, "Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer." Well which is it?" ~~ How to talk to a Liberal, Ann Coulter (p. 186 pp.2 and 5)

Despite all this, Blair was repeatedly published on the front page, promoted, sent Love notes from editor-in-chief Howell Raines. Ignoring the warnings of a few intrepid whistle-blowers, top management kept assigning Blair to bigger stories in new departments without alerting the editors to Blair's history, beause - as Raines said - it would "stigmatize" him. (Speaking of stigmas, after this scandal, does the demand for black heart surgeons go up or down?) Raines jettisoned the Times' famous slogan, preferring the slogan "The The New York Times: Now With Even More Black People!"

I have a suspicion that the same sort of bias promoted and advanced another young black man ALL the way to the White House. So you could say that a version of Jayson Blair is now President of the United States.

And this is where Hollywood comes into play.

Back in 2010, Benjamin Plotinsky wrote a wonderful article for City Journal entitled The Varities of Liberal Enthusiasm"

"Our moviemakers are adept at measuring the zeitgeist of the nation—of its liberal half, anyway—and are a powerful force in shaping it. And for more than a decade, they’ve been churning out what critics call “black-angel” movies. These films feature a white protagonist guided to enlightenment by a black character, usually of divine or supernatural origin or, at the very least, in touch with spiritual experiences that the main character lacks. With the black angel’s help, the white hero finds salvation."

Why are Whites so quick to turn a blind eye to qualifications when looking at a black person? Why are we so quick to forgive, to over look character defects, and to rationalize away the enormous vault of data and history?

Our Media Elites in Hollywood, from Matt Damon to Harvey Weinstein, have turned us around; discombobulating us in a complex fan-dance....all to warp our perceptions in obeisance to the faux-Gods of political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity.

On the one hand I believe their hearts are in the right place, it's just their heads and souls I'm concerned about. As with most Liberal initiatives, it looks good on paper but the full ramifications of the policy aren't taken into account, and they're usually ineffective at best.

From the Green Mile, to Bagger Vance to Gray's Anatomy - we are deluged with images of docile, articulate and educated black men and women who play spiritual superiors to those "poor dumb whites" and their backward views of race.

The message from Hollywood is quite clear: Ignore what you know, and buy into our fantasy.

The fantasy is that the black guy is presented as clean, neat, smart, cheeky and articulate. Your Remember the movie "Remember the Titans"? Coach Herman Boone (Denzel) just wants to give his "players a chance" - and wants to work well with all the white coaches. Of course, the white coaches are skeptical and ~ racist! The poor black kids just keep getting picked on for no reason. And meanwhile, Boone's daughter wants to dress in dresses, play with dolls, doesn't speak in a ghetto dialect and even eschews basketball when she meets the daughter of the white coach.

The star white player, ironically the one who teams up with the other tolerant black player, gets in a car accident and is render a Parapalegic. The stereotype continues unabated, even to the point where the black players teach the white players how to sing and dance in unison as part of their warm ups. Everyone knows that white guys can't dance, have no rhythm and are musically inept! And everyone knows (thanks in large part to the Media) that the opposite is true of blacks.

(As an experiement - watch Soul Train some Sunday. Observe the dancers and imagine that they're white. Then listen to your inner-voice and you'll be surprised that the messages that float up from your deepest self. It's well worth the time if you're introspective.)

From the City Journal article:

"The genre includes, to name just a few, The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), in which Will Smith—playing a caddie who is really, the film hints, God—restores Matt Damon’s golf game and love life; Bruce Almighty (2003), in which Morgan Freeman, as God, bestows his powers on a manic Jim Carrey; and the awful What Dreams May Come (1998), in which Cuba Gooding, Jr. is a wise soul guiding Robin Williams through the afterlife. These movies have been numerous enough, David Sterritt points out in the Christian Science Monitor, to confuse TV’s buffoonish Homer Simpson: in one episode, “Homer mistook a black man in a white suit for an angelic visitor, all because (according to his embarrassed wife) he’d been seeing too many movies lately."

Far and away the best of the black-angel films is Frank Darabont’s The Green Mile (1999), based on a novel by Stephen King, whose knack for setting his finger on the cultural pulse has made him a multimillionaire. The basso profundo Michael Clarke Duncan plays John Coffey (note the initials), a gigantic black man wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of two little girls in Depression-era Louisiana and sentenced to death; Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb, a prison guard who discovers that Coffey is not only innocent but also a Christlike miracle worker. Coffey’s laying-on of hands restores a dead mouse to life, cures Edgecomb of a bladder infection, and heals the warden’s wife’s brain cancer. Shortly before he is executed—the jeering of the girls’ anguished parents and the weeping of the prison guards who know the truth recall the account of the Crucifixion in Luke."


A philosopher once said, "The world lives on lies." Throw back the curtain and see who's pulling the strings in the World of Oz! The time for honesty is upon us. Let's not fool ourselves. Liberty and freedom can be lost - as witnessed by the last 3 years under the Dictatorship of Obama (May his name be cursed.)

This Black Angel is nothing more than the Fabian symbol emblematical of their logo: A wolf covered in sheeps' clothing.

People have projected their own faults, judgements and fantasies onto a man who is NOTHING more than a barely experienced, brainwashed, Alinsky Radical. The only thing that got him elected is his Black skin.

The next time you see a TV show or movie, look for the Black Angel phenomenon. Have a healthy skepticism - it may save your life, and the country.

14 August 2011

White privilege debunked

I think it's unfortunate that the author's last name is Duke, but you can look beyond that silly coincidence.

This is a great article debunking the Group-Think nonsense behind White Privilege.

I couldn't have said it any better myself.


Story here.