07 December 2011

HollyWeird Not so Hot on Obama

Leave it to the UK press to do the job that American media outlets just refuse to do.

The Independent reports that Hollywood Liberals aren't getting that "warm and fuzzy" feeling about Obama.


Because he hasn't transformed the country into the cesspool of malaise that is every Socialists' dream.

Not yet anyway. Not that he isn't busy trying. Oh sure - he hasn't answered the Hollywood elites' pet issues like Gay Marriage, Global Warming (oops! I mean "Climate Change"), and whether water-boarding is torture (it's not, listening to Obama is real torture.)

The article quotes some actors that have publicly expressed their disappointment with the worst president in History.

One of the actors quoted is Matt Damon.

Poor Matt. When he isn't busy founding Green organizations like "Water.org", he's busy being rather dull and dumb. He is a talented actor but is ignorant of what makes America great. I may even say he is a useful idiot because he has used his public persona to support someone who is actively removing our civil liberties.

Here's the Bright Bulb himself back in March of 2011.

And Obama, Mr. Classy himself, gives Damon a zinger in response.

Now, you'd think that if an A-list celebrity had endorsed you; Actually campaigned for you in Florida - do you think you'd stop and honestly reassess where you're at? Wouldn't you stop and engage in some self-reflection on what you promised and where you could have done better?

Well most of us would - but not Obama. In ObamaWorld there is no honest self-assessment. There is no real "bipartisanship". There is only One Way. Obama says, "What? 70% of Americans don't want Nationalized Medicine? Who cares! Full steam ahead!" Like the good Leftist that he is, he is petulant, morose (not publicly) and absolutely incapable of honest self-assessment. (H/T: Mark Levin in Liberty and Tyranny.)

Going back to The Independent article: you'll notice that they mention an organization called "People for the American Way." What a nice sounding title right?

It was founded by Norman Lear back in 1980 and has championed Leftist platforms and initiatives for the last 30 years. It is one of many but Norman Lear has earned my contempt. You see, the Left in the 60's realized that they needed to find a way to rip the fabric of our society apart. They understood that the foundation of our society is composed of 3 things: the family, the church (belief in God), and our constitution. The family is a threat because it raised children in a stable environment and taught self-reliance. The church because if you believe in God you're less likely to give your "hearts and minds" over to the State. The constitution because if it is interpreted as it is supposed to be interpreted, the federal government is restrained and limited.

Saul Alinsky told his radicalized followers that they had to burrow into the country. They had to "do their thing" in wherever they found themselves. So they went into journalism, TV, Movies, and the courts.

So with that framework in mind, Norman Lear took to the airwaves in 1971 with his hit TV show All in the Family. In this show, Lear's breathless fantasies of demonizing All-that-is-America came to fruition.

Archie Bunker, a cab driver and father, was portrayed as a "patriotic American" who supported Nixon and the war in Vietnam. But the diabolical aspect to Lear's show was that Bunker was also painted as a racist, bigot and homophobe who wanted women in the kitchen, and negroes in the cotton fields.

The not-so-subtle message was that patriotic, republican Americans who had a sense of nationalism and pride in America were closet racists.

Meanwhile, who stood in front of little black children in Alabama? A Democrat.

Which party was in power when Dred Scott was enacted? The Democrats.

Which party fought against the emancipation of slaves most vociferously? The Democrats (Dred-Scott decision).

Which party fought against the civil rights act? The Democrats.

Which party decided to inter 100,000 Japanese Americans because of their ethnicity? The Democrats (FDR).

Which party has an iconic senator from West Virginia who was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK? The Democrats. Here's Byrd in action:

So don't give me the bullshit that Republicans are the party of the Rich, because the Democrat party is primarily responsible for the majority of legislation that has been passed in this country that has actively sought to tear apart the fabric that made us great, thread by thread.

And Norman Lear led the charge. He has my eternal contempt for what he and his fellow travelers have done to hurt ALL Americans.

The Independent article also reminds us that for all the fault finding that the Hollywood-types decry, they're still going to vote for Obama. Because when it comes down to establishing a socialist utopia, they still know how to advance the ball.


Anonymous said...

Heh heh, Charlie's dead.... Who's Amy gonna bang now?

Anonymous said...

Amy? the old dispatcher? Hell she slept with half of the third watch in 25.

Anonymous said...

What's the surpise here, Rue-y?

ColdType and I wrote on this very blog when Obama was running for president he was not a true Socialist. Only you guys on the right thought he was a leftist. And oh yea, those progressives he tricked.


Anonymous said...

What the NRA need to do is spend some money on quality private investigators and find out which hollyweirdos have CCWs and own guns and expose them.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood leftists "progressives" love the chocolate jesus.Just get used to the fact they speak with forked tongues.