21 November 2011

Infantile Asymptotes

Brilliance on what drives the Leftists: demoralized, ungrateful, immature fools with low self-esteem.

Case in point:

This tattooed malcontent, wearing her favorite Che shirt, is fully cognizant of her "rights" but is utterly ignorant of her obligations. One goes with the other in a civil society. She even goes on to say that the cops are on the same level as her "domestic abuser". You think she may be projecting her own personal character defects on the police and the corporations? Absolutely.

Oooh... the cops put an orange net in front of her! Gasp! They "pulled a guy a part in four directions" until his shoes fell off! Unreal! She sat in the station for like three hours! Oh no! GULAG! FASCISTS! She sweated and didn't have water for like hours! She screamed "He's losing hydration!" at the cops and they just laughed. Oh my God how awful!

The video speaks for itself: the cops are 100% to blame, but the Anarchists and their Marxist class warfare rhetoric are completely innocent.

She's right - we aren't a Democracy. We are a Republic!

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Halpern's bald spot said...

You know it's a joke that the 25th district captain KB decided to retire after the watch bids came out.KB kept his boys from 017 with 4-5yrs on the job and dumped good police officers with 7-8yrs that have been on the watch their whole careers. All the do nothing rapids especially some queer RY that's been on IOD the entire year...what a joke