12 September 2011

Upcoming court dates

Just today, Monday September 12, I received my September FOP newsletter. I noticed that Danny Gorman listed a section called NOTABLE COURT DATES (no link to FOP Website yet as they haven't gotten around to posting the web version of the September newsletter.) Notice that two of the court dates have already passed as I post this update.

Thanks Mikey!!! Not only couldn't you get this newsletter out on a timely basis, but you basically agree with the city (page 1 President's Report) that 5B furloughs can just be canceled by the City for an event that may or may not demand additional manpower NEXT MAY! How can it be an "emergency" when the event is next May???

You even claim that you understand that the city only does this to save on paying overtime to the rank and file. You claim you're going to "grieve it" if the City blocks out this segment, but as SCC rightly pointed out, this would be a perfect opportunity for the Lodge to go after the city to support its officers with more training, more hiring and better equipment -- but NO. Mikey is going to grieve the decision. Wow ... what a great president.

But I digress ...

The following cases are listed. If you can attend any of these hearings, your presence would be sincerely appreciated by the officers harmed, their friends and families.

Sept 6, 2011
26th & Cal; room 702, Judge Ford
Offender: Lamar Cooper
Charged with murdering Officer Nate Taylor

Sept 12, 2011
26 & Cal; room 207, Judge Stephenson
Offender: Shawn Gaston
Charged with murdering Officer Alex Valadez

Sept 15, 2011
26 & Cal; room 207, Judge Stephenson
Offenders: Christopher Harris and Kevin Walker
Also charged with murdering Officer Alex Valadez

Sept 19, 2011
26 & Cal; room 404, Judge Brosnahan
Offender: Timothy Herring, Jr.
Charged with murdering Office Michael Flisk


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