06 September 2011

Sarah Palin in Iowa

Palin in Iowa on Labor Day. She is a breath of fresh air; dare I say she is "Reaganesque"? Yes. She gets it - Obama doesn't.

She understands what makes America great - Obama understands bumper sticker slogans, and empty rhetoric.

She embraces our Liberty and our constitution. She relates to the Working Man. Obama relates to the rabble-rousing, radical-community-organizers.

It's an utter shame - and indefensible - that people allow the Media to paint a picture of Sarah Palin that is patently untrue. It is disgusting.

If you've got 42 minutes, watch the whole thing. God bless you Mrs. Palin.


rosco said...

She's a scatter-brained bimbo. Another reason the republicans can't win the whitehouse. The end is near. A full collapse of the U.S. is coming. Just like the soviets before us.

Anonymous said...

PALIN 2012!!