06 September 2011

Obama annoints Another Ivy-Leaguer

Jimmy Pathokoukis, a bright light over at Reuters discusses the most recent appointment by Obama. As Mr. Pethokoukis points out:

Anyone still looking for a turn to the right from Obama will be mightily disappointed. Krueger is part of the center-left economic consensus that believes a) America is undertaxed, b) government must become permanently bigger as America ages, and c) climate change requires a vast new regulatory scheme to control carbon emissions. His big idea to boost the U.S. economy and bring the budget in balance is [a] ginormous consumption tax on top of the current income tax system.

And it's no shock that this new appointment comes deeply embedded within the Democrat Left. Krueger (aka Mr. Cash for Clunkers) was a Clinton economist from '94-95'

Critics of Krueger called him a "Clinton White House retread" since he worked as Chief Economist for President Bill Clinton's Labor Department in 1994-1995. He also worked for Timothy Geithner at the Treasury Department in 2009-2010 before returning to academia. Critics say Krueger is merely another Ivy League Keynesian with no real world experience. Others claim he's just another socialist attempting to duplicate the sinking European socialist economy, and he will further damage the Obama administration and the United States. 

He wholeheartedly supports “a future consumption tax to fix today’s economy,” as well as a higher minimum wage, which he claims does not depress employment.

During his time in Washington, Krueger advocated a number of big-ticket, government programs, including the HIRE Act, the Small Business Lending Fund, Build America Bonds and the Car Allowance Rebate System, or “Cash for Clunkers."

And as the article correctly points out, Mr. Krueger agrees with his boss: That a government can stimulate an economy, create jobs, and is the veritable engine of our economic well being. Evidence to the contrary is simply ignored by these political elite as witnessed by Obama himself.

But we all know that Ivory Tower egg-heads don't understand what Everyday-Americans like you and me have to deal with. We aren't jetting around the world, spending $10 million dollars in US Taxpayer on lavish vacations in the last 12 months.

In fact, the Obamas are a great example of the Country-Club-Entitlement Class. Here we have the most pedigreed administration in US history. Obama went to Occidental, then Columbia and finally, Harvard Law. It's estimated that he received a $1 million education, all to major in "community organizing" and moving to south Chicago to listen "enthralled" to Black Liberation Theology screeds from Jeremiah Wright.

But Obama is surrounded with these types. In fact, 47 appointees attended Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown combined. The likes of Cass Sunstein (Harvard), Tim "Tax cheat" Geithner (Harvard), Eric Holder (Columbia), Alberto Gonzales (Harvard law), and Michael Mukasey (Columbia/Yale). Obama has been known to take advice and counsel from: Bruce Ackerman, Martha Nussbaum (edited a book with Cass Sunstein), Ronald Dworkin and Michael Walzer.

I know what you're saying, "Come on Roo! You're just jealous cuz Bush didn't have enough brains to appoint the best and brightest." Au contraire!

Here's why just ONE of these goofs is dangerous and has NO business being in our government:

and this ....

If you're a common sense American - do you want this idiot to be in charge of anything? Would you want to give this man power over you? Well he's already there. Thanks Obama ... more solid Liberal decisions!

You can see what having Ivy League credentials gets the US Taxpayer. More laws, more regulations, more taxation, less representation, Nationalized healthcare, judicial fiat, and a rogue Imperial Presidency.

How nice....Chavez and Castro have invaded the White House.


Anonymous said...

How nice....Chavez and Castro have invaded the White House.

Aaaah, if only that were true, Rue-y.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell are Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey on your list? They were BUSH appointees, they both served as BUSH's Attorney General during his second term.

Anonymous said...

Neither one has anything to do with Obama and all to do with Bush.
Also, Bush himself went to Yale and Harvard, and Ann Coulter went to Cornell and Harvard.

Melchizedek of the 16th Order said...

Dean stay in classrooms and saints work for God. I know that rigthtinking people are always clean but i can bet that when we sneak we will bend. I can trust that what we know is that Abraham is our first.

King of Righteouness
Melchizedek of the 16th order

Melchizedek of the 16th Order said...

Raise You fees... keep the truth, we all make sure we do not abuse. China is our Judge.