24 September 2011

McCarthy and ComStat and Rumors - oh my!

At last week's ComStat meetings our superintendent stood up and said,"By the way - hear any good rumors this week?"

A light giggle rolled around the room and then he said,"It's sad that such things get started. It's going to take alot more than that to get rid of me."

As I tweeted last week, there are alot of unsubstantiated rumors about McCarthy being involved with a female coworker.

I'd like to believe that he wouldn't be stupid enough to get involved romantically with a subordinate but, who knows? Just as a heads-up to our chief, maybe he should start having his "Badge bunnies" fill out this form so that he can make a better determination:


And I was impressed as to how much he grilled the district commanders on their crime stats. I don't think that long-term its going to matter because all you're doing with that strategy is forcing the districts to get creative with their crime reports. McCarthy would have to have an independent team of his own working on the crime stats in order to keep the districts honest.

What I wasn't impressed with was how snarky he was and how he thinks that canvassing a location after a burglary will yield positive results in stopping burglaries.

Time will tell.


3rd watch said...

If it was a blue shirt we'd be stripped and at call back in a blink of an eye...I think it needs to come out in the media and expose what kinda top cop we have in this garbage city...please go back to Philly McDouche,your a fuckin idiot with your brilliant idea to "canvass" the neighbors on all burglary reports.your a genius McDouche just keep up the good work ur doing like getting a bj from a Lt in news affairs

bobbo said...

Go back to New York you fucking douche bag!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the application! Toooo funny!