26 September 2011

Know ye the truth?

Brilliant and so true it hurts:

Brilliant and so true on so many levels:
Lloyd Marcus discusses how people were duped into voting for Obama on superficialities and lies. See Obama is the Black man's Trojan horse at this link.

And Pastor Manning is correct in another video when he says racism is alive and well - and almost exclusive to the Black community. Amen!

When you filter ALL your views, perceptions and values through your race - first and foremost - then you are, by definition a racist.


Anonymous said...

Holy FUCK!

We have another sick pervert fuckup in our ranks. I thought Mike Allegretti took the cake on rapist freaks that fucked over other coppers but I am wrong:

Did this guy get the spandex idea from Allegretti???

Prosecutors: Detective made lewd remarks to woman

A Chicago police detective has been found guilty of disorderly conduct and ordered to undergo a sex offender evaluation after he made lewd remarks to a woman at a North Side insurance company, officials said.

Richard A. Milz, 41, was sentenced to a year supervision Tuesday by Cook County Circuit Court Judge Anthony Calabrese, who also ordered the evaluation, according to Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.

Milz was accused of entering a North Side insurance agency in the 1200 block of West Victoria Street on April 1 and telling a clerk he was a firefighter. He then told the woman he was a new hire at a nearby firehouse and was undergoing an initiation and had to ask her some questions, Conklin said.

Milz, described in court records as 6 feet tall and weighing 240 pounds, then went into a restroom and changed into spandex pants, officials said. He came out and stood in front of the clerk and made several references to his genitals, Conklin said.

The clerk called police. Milz was identified and was taken into custody on April 21, officials said. His address was listed in the police report as 2111 W. Lexington Ave., where the city's 311 operations center is located.

Milz has been employed with the Chicago Police Department since 1994 and is listed as a detective, according to records.

A spokesman for Police News Affairs said he was still employed by the department but has been stripped of his police powers pending an administrative investigation.


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