07 September 2011

The Entitled-Underclass Speaks

Just saw Zo do a great rip on the lazy, whiney bee-otch that I link to below. PJTV did a great job in the rebuttal.

If I had a face to face conversation with Coldtype, or Leftisthebest, I'm sure they would see nothing wrong with this woman's comments. Her attitude reflects the malaise that is so fashionable amongst the urban entitled class.

They surely wouldn't exhort the beauty and satisfaction of working, like Canadian David Warren writes. (story here.

But this attitude is precisely the crux of what is wrong in the black community, and with some of the other ethnic enclaves within the United States. She speaks from a position of ignorance; not knowledge. She pulses with the negativity that is sown within the black community by preachers like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Do you think Wright and Farrakahn are anomalies? Hardly. The rhetoric of "you can't get ahead", "the system is against you", or "you're a victim" plays very well to blacks (and increasingly to impoverished white youths).

Listen closely to this woman: She says land and property are supposed to be free? Water is supposed to be free? No one should have to pay rent or a mortgage? Her ancient ancestors had a life span of 20 years and yet they were "enlightened" or better than we are now? The ignorance is shocking. She says Africa had electricity in "ancient times"? Didn't Benjamin Franklin learn to harness electricity and then Edison ran with it after inventing the light bulb? (yes I know Latimer is also credited with the final revision to the carbon filament...)

How many life saving technologies originated in Africa? Were Africans master sailors, mathematicians, scientists, doctors or great writers of literature?

None that I know of. Some African-AMERICANS have invented some stuff (Shoe box, potato chips, and the Protective mailbox.)

Well back to Miss Thang, compared to these drug dealing gang-bangers (most locked up for conspiracy thanks to this youtube video, dumbasses.) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, she's a Tea Party activist!

These people are a perfect example of what Entitlements do to demoralize, enervate, and reject the rule of law and a civil society.

God help us.


bobbo said...

If Africa is so great why don't they all pack their black assed bags and go back? The whole continent is still in the stone age where the white man wasn't. All the techno stuff was built there by the Europeans, not the tribal trash.

Anonymous said...

Why do you take the comments of a misguided individual and try to link her to an entire race?

She would be more correct if she tried to explain the ultra rich are allowed to control society and not contribute their fair share to the tax base.

Yet,my dear Rue-y you never comment on the injustices to the black race in the history of this country. How can we expect a peoples held down for over 200 years to turn things around in 40?


Rue St. Michel said...

Why should I bother focusing on what happened 200 years ago? Or 400 years ago? Slavery was abolished in 1860. In fact we were the first Western Civ country to do so.

If I criticize black leadership, and the consequences of blacks behaving badly (leading offenders in all crime categories) then I'm called a racist. Even Pastor David Manning, who's quite accurate, is called a racist for "daring" to criticize the black community - and Obama.

And I don't think that she represents a singular anomaly. Her attitude is endemiic to the black community. To say otherwise is to deny reality. Just look at what you wrote the VERY NEXT paragraph in your comment?!?!?!

Yet,my dear Rue-y you never comment on the injustices to the black race in the history of this country. How can we expect a peoples held down for over 200 years to turn things around in 40?

We've bent over backwards, to our collective detriment, to give blacks a hand up and they're benefiting. Definitely - across almost all categories blacks are better educated, better wage earners, more and more are small business owners ... and yet, hmmmm - there is still this "poor us" whining going around.

When will it stop? When will it be enough? We've dumped trillions into entitlements and all that has done is create more and more people who feel entitled and have an insatiable appetite for Government cheese.

To be continued .. thanks for the comment Lefty ....

bobbo said...

Why hold white folks here today at fault for the black man's problems? Hell, most of our families weren't here back then. Lots came over in the late 1800's or early 1900's. So we're not reasponsible for slavery.

Anonymous said...

Verhale van die MUILE!!

Anonymous said...

How can we expect a peoples held down for over 200 years to turn things around in 40?


8/9/11 7:37 PM

Turn things around how???They refuse to become educated.They refuse to obey laws and regulations.They murder and maim their own at exponential rates.They breed like rabbits and have some of the highest STD rates.

A race based on violence and hate.

bobbo said...

These darkies are only about 17% of the population, yet get over 50% of the country's public aid. Isn't that their reparations?