14 August 2011

White privilege debunked

I think it's unfortunate that the author's last name is Duke, but you can look beyond that silly coincidence.

This is a great article debunking the Group-Think nonsense behind White Privilege.

I couldn't have said it any better myself.


Story here.


Anonymous said...

Rue-y, Rue-y, Rue-y,

Once again you, like nearly all right wingers, choose to ignore this country's history. One cannot reasonably expect folks discriminated against for over 200 years to rise up in a quarter of that time.

Your Mr. Duke has appeared on the Michael Savage Show so his throwing in the advantages of Jewish-Americans is to be expected. That and the fact that American Thinker never met a liberal it liked.

Which brings me a similar point. Please reinstate the link to cold type.

your comrade in arms,

Anonymous said...

Left you are so soft in the cabeza.You so called "progressives" ruin everything you touch.Germany in thew 1930s/40s and the same for Italy.You are now trying hard in the US,no wonder you worry about an armed population.

WE THE PEOPLE will stop you.

Anonymous said...

The thing I dont get is why so many white N****r apologists like Lefty work so hard at destroying themselves and the rest of county.Do you really feel guilty about something,and think your retarded actions will somehow make you Mother Theresa??

Rue St. Michel said...

Just because the ministers in the ghetto, and their black panther-type apparatchiks, whine about being 'victimized' by the White Man doesn't make it so.

I think the seminal moment for me was when I saw Mr. Jeremiah Wright's "sermons" -- all the dysfunction that is rampant throughout the black community suddenly came into focus. I realized that THAT was why the black community is so messed up; they're getting highly negative and anti-motivational messages from the False Prophets (Like Screwy Louie).

We've given trillions to the black community since 1965 in the form of entitlements. How's that working out for blacks?

Crime, illegitimacy, education are all negatively effected by Progressive policies. How can you argue otherwise?

There is no White Privilege; the only privilege afforded whites is being the faction of society compelled to support the Losers within our ranks.