17 August 2011

Nobody Listens

Nobody listens.

Especially Obama Drones.

What did I tell you all back in 2008? Huh? So quickly you've forgotten the sagacity that yours-truly attempted to impart on you, My Cherished-Audience. Remember that "Buzz Killington" Troll who was flaming out the blog - stumping for his new Messiah back in '08?

Yea, he's nowhere to be seen. His last posting, on Nov. 5th said that we could expect a "moderate and conciliatory" tone from BHO. Ha! Another useful idiot does what he does best: Support tyranny.

You can thank useless Ass-hats like him for where we are today.

And people still didn't listen. Lisa Fabrizio, writing at The American Spectator sums it up quite nicely.

We warned them that their affinity for over-taxing and out-of-control spending would lead to financial disaster but they wouldn't believe us.....

We cautioned against granting more and more power to unions, especially those representing government employees....

We pleaded with them to understand that over-regulation would put a stranglehold on American manufacturing and the use of our natural resources; that putting environmental concerns over people at every turn would drive businesses overseas and increase our dependence on foreign energy sources....

We railed and demonstrated against the ever-lengthening arms of the nanny state; that they would one day crush us in their suffocating embrace.

We bemoaned the death of our culture -- both as a melting pot and one based on Judeo-Christian precepts -- and the consequences that would derive from its demise. The promotion of so-called cultural diversity has threatened to cost us our national identity and has robbed our youth of its pride in the history of our country....

We tried to emphasize Ronald Reagan 's strategy of Peace Through Strength; knowing that there are enemies out there who only understand and fear the threat of outright power, despite the yelps of those who believe that a multilateral and nuanced approach will succeed with bloodthirsty fanatics who scoff at such naivety and lick their chops in anticipation of facing same...

The result of all this disbelief on the part of our liberal countrymen? Our economy on the road to ruin, our national unity in tatters, our rights greatly diminished, and our culture sorely at odds with the hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers. If you didn't know better, you'd think it all quite unbelievable.

Meanwhile, 70 Members of our congress are official memebers of the Socialist Party of America.

Some noteables: Jesse "Jackass" Jackson, Jr and Jan "The Red" Schakowsky. I blogged about Jan and her convicted felon husband back in 2008 (link here.) She took time out from teaching "Counter-insurgency Operations" at the Midwest Academy to discuss her new "jobs" proposal. Basically it entails stealing more of your money and handing off to the non-productive members of our society.

Here it is straight from the Know-Nothing-Yenta herself.

More class warfare Marxism from our Ruling Class Elite! Just what we need.

Ugh! I have a headache....


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for Leftisthebest's comment on this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Left you are so soft in the cabeza.You so clled "progressives" ruin everything you touch.Germany in the 1930s/40s and the same for Italy.You are now trying hard in the US,no wonder you worry about an armed population.
WE THE PEOPLE will stop you.
18/8/11 1:37 PM

Anonymous said...
The thing I dont get is why so many white N****r apologists like Lefty work so hard at destroying themselves and the rest of county.Do you really feel guilty about something,and think your retarded actions will somehow make you Mother Theresa??
18/8/11 1:40 PM

Wouldn't be the first time 1:37 I've been called "soft." An armed population will lead to more police homicides. Think about that when you are standing outside a church as the P/O's casket arrives. Think about that when you get a call of a child shot with a parent's handgun. The progressives do not ruin everything they touch,we (being TRUE progressives and not Obama) are trying to get the rich to pay their fair share.

And, alas Mr. 1:41. I am there fior persons of all colors. I am there for the worker, the underprivileged, the guy who doesn't get a fair shake. I do not feel this way because of guilt someplace else. I feel this way because it is the right thing to do. These "retarded actions" are the right thing to do.


Rue St. Michel said...

If you truly felt like you were there for "all persons of color" then you'd be a Conservative!

You Progressives are only out agitating and dividing. You divide us on racial lines, gender, class and income.

Conservatism is the only antidote to tyranny ... our founders knew it, and the majority of Americans know it. THAT'S why your philosophy of failure can't get a foothold in this country via the ballot box (ie. legitimately). Sure your minions are hard at work in academia, the courts and politics getting your petty life-stifling regulations in place, but regular Americans understand what's at stake. Hopefully this nightmare of Obama and his Marxist cronies will awaken America to what a threat you are.

Long Live the People's War!
~~Pin Lao

Anonymous said...

These "retarded actions" are the right thing to do.


18/8/11 3:54 PM

You trully are obtuse and a lost soul.