24 August 2011

Amnesty again?

UPDATE: It turns out that Obama decided by fiat to bypass the voters and use an executive order to cease the Federal government from prosecuting illegal aliens. Does this sound like a president or a dictator? This administration doesn't give a damn about you, dear Citizen. Not a wink. They prove it over and over again with their actions. Obamacare, Stimulus, Immigration ....

Obama goes after Hispanic vote after seeing that his popularity amongst his "brown brothers" is fading fast.

Apparently From the WaPo article:

Those leaders – which the Post simply calls “immigration advocates” – wanted the threat of deportation removed from most illegal aliens, which Obama granted. Conservative critics call it a “backdoor amnesty,” and lament that the executive branch is implementing a policy opposed by Congress. None of that critique made Wallsten’s story. But the Post made the politics behind the policy loud and clear:

Key to the strategy is shifting voters' attention beyond the caustic immigration debate with data-driven appeals that show progress in other areas, while arguing that Obama is better on immigration than any of his potential Republican foes.

The tensions - and the administration's aggressive efforts to soothe them - reached a climax of sorts in a flurry of activity last week, with the administration making a surprise announcement Thursday that it was giving officials discretion to suspend certain deportation cases that have drawn fire from critics, such as ones involving young people brought to the country in early childhood.

The White House move came two days after immigrant advocates delivered tens of thousands of petitions to Obama's reelection headquarters and other Democratic Party offices demanding an end to the administration's aggressive deportation policy.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2011/08/22/wapo-exposes-obamas-amnesty-deeply-political#ixzz1VxpsoVUv

So Obama has a secret meeting with 160 hispanic leaders in over two days and gives them access to the administration's biggest players. Remember when Bush met with 10 conservative talk radio personalities? The Leftists Media Wonks went nuts.

So true to form this administration embraces the Balkanization of America in all its forms, and is breathlessly pushing the agenda down our collective throats.

What's the big deal? The big deal is that we've imported tens of millions of illiterate, unskilled workers. These workers aren't required to adopt our language, our culture, our history and our mores. We're importing a vast network of folks who don't care to assimilate into our culture. The same phenomenon is occuring in Britain, France and Germany. We're seeing what those Muslim enclaves are capable of (rioting, welfare abuse, crime).

There is a vast disconnect between our ruling, political elite - and the average American. In almost every category (taxation, immigration, regulations, national healhcare) the freeborn American citizens lines up in direction opposition to this lurching socialist plans.

2012 cannot get here fast enough for me!

Sic semper tyrannis!


Anonymous said...

2012 cannot get here fast enough for me!

Sic semper tyrannis!

And who ya gonna get to run? Bachman? Perry? they could not beat Obama.

Even if they did get in they too would be a tool of the rich. that is the why it is in American government.


Anonymous said...

Palin 2012!!!