26 June 2011

Top 10 songs about the Police

I was listening to my ipod the other day and realized that there are some songs about the police that deserve some attention. Some of these are defamatory to the police but I'm including them because they show the depth that "police haters" will go to try to convince you that law enforcement is "out of control."

Without further adieu, here is my list:

10) Niggas With Attitude - "Fuck da Police"
The song that made hating the police a point of pride. You'd rather see me in the pen than me and Lorenzo rollin in a Benzo. Yeah, that's about right. And these goofs have had it so bad that Ice-Cube is now a major movie star. RIH Easy-E.

9) Lil Wayne - "Mrs Officer"
Lil Wayne is a terrible singer with no vocal capabilities. He's yet another example of a no-talent "hip hopper" who can put a couple hooks together, hire a hot model and make some videos. Of course his "target market" eats this stuff up. The best phrase from this song? "She know I'm from the street, and now all she wants me to do is fuck the police."

8) Iron Maiden - "The Trooper"
While technically this song references the famous "Charge of the Light brigade" I think it's an appropriate homage to my brothers in blue.

7) Sam Roberts - "Where have all the good people gone?"
I included this song because of the lyrics "it took 10 cops to pull me over." Sam Roberts is a solid talent with excellent musicianship, unlike NWA and Lil Wayne.

6) Motely Crue - "Knock 'em dead kidd"
In the original liner notes for this song, the band wrote "Dedicated to the LAPD". Apparently they weren't happy with the service they recieved.

5) I fought the law, and the law won - Bobby Fuller.
Enough said.

4) Dead Kennedys - "Police truck"
From my punk days, this song always made me laugh. The boys sing about going downtown to beat up some drunks, and have their plans thwarted by law enforcement. Wah! It's always the police getting in the way of some awesome ultra-violence.

3) "Highway Patrol" - Junior Brown
This probably should be #1 but, in my opinion, most highway patrol officers are nothing more than parking meter maids. Maybe if they did more than write movers I'd have a bit more respect for them.

2) Aerosmith - "Sweet Emotion"
One of the best songs ever written. The song pulses with a strong beat, then pulls back into a smooth chorus of lyrics. The best line? I pulled into town in a police car, your daddy said I took ya just a little too far.

1) Sammy Hagar - "I can't drive 55"
A song about a kid who just like to drive fast. Who can blame him? He doesn't even mind getting a ticket. Nice.


Anonymous said...

The Badge by Pantera

Police Beat by SSD orginally, covered by Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Search and Seizure by Nuclear Assault

Anonymous said...

And don't forget one of the best

Lookin Through the Eyes of a Pig by Cypress Hill

"Fuck, I need a drink, and I'm almost off
At the precinct, it's like an AA meeting all gone wrong"

"My marriage is all FUCKED, my wife is with the neighbors
Subpeonaed, now I gotta sign these fuckin divorce papers
I recall, happier times, before the fall
Lookin through the eye of the pig, I see it all "

Anonymous said...

How about the long lost gem:

"I blew the chief in the broom closet" by the Goldenboys.

rosco said...

I still love "Cop Killa" by Ice-T

Chris P said...

The Queer Policeman by Billy Devroe & The Devilaires (1956)

MP3 Sample - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2830656/Ringtones/QP-Arrested.mp3

Black 47 - Walk All the Days

i never figured it would end up this way
as i lay on the ground, and silently prayed
for god's intervention, my soul to save
who the hell is the saint of lost causes?
i could see from their eyes, my time it wasn't long
reporters inquired why my vest wasn't on
my partner was crying for me to stay strong
the sirens seemed to grow quieter...

walk all the days just to stagger at night
a pension at twenty if all goes all right
to the junkies, the yuppies, ice-t, and the whores
i bid you a sl'n agus beannacht

it seemed like the shooter was barely fifteen
already his life had been stripped of all dreams
the crack and the gats make for one hectic scene
life never seemed any cheaper.
i'll always remember the words that he said
over and over they ring through my head
"go ahead shoot me, i'm already dead"
i see there's more than one victim...

on the day of the funeral, they all will be there
the tv, the papers, the bosses, the mayor
they'll tell all your family their grief is shared
next week you're going to be forgotten...
to my friends, i say, go on out for a drink
don't give a damn what the hypocrites think
belly up to the bar, give your glasses a clink
a toast to your fallen brother...

Anonymous said...

vest inspections coming soon at firearm qualifications this year, you might want to borrow your young partners vest.

you heard it here first.

bobbo said...

I think Cop killa the best..... Ice-T

Anonymous said...

Highway Patrolman by Johnny Cash.
How could you forget that one?

Anonymous said...

Killing in the Name Of - RATM

P13 said...

Love Black 47! Where can I get the Walk All The Days download? Not on the Live in New York album download any longer. Got to have it. Help!

P13 said...

Love Black 47. Can't find "Walk all the Days" anywhere. Help! Got to download this song.

Billy Watson said...

Good list.
Black Boys on Mopeds by Sinead O'Conner is another good one.

Anonymous said...

The night Chicago died.