22 May 2011

Stay classy Shields!

When I saw the April 22, 2011 post by Mike Shields on the FOP website (link here.) I wasn't surprised to see him melt down in a temper tantrum over some perceived "slight."

How did I know? Am I prophetic? Hardly ... For some unknown reason, probably a high-degree of immaturity, Shields is fascinated on knowing the identities of myself, and SCC. I know because people have told me that Shields and his trolls routinely dig around for information on your-humble-narrator.

I knew that there was something "off" about this guy back when he was following Ron Huberman around with a video camera. Who does stunts like that? Was in sensational? Sure. Was it productive? No.

It did put the Light Weight's name and face in the sparkly marquee for a few minutes ... and enough rank and file folks figured that they'd pull the lever for him this last time around.

I'm not going to repost the Light Weight's whiney drivel, I have too much rerespect for my readers than that.

SCC already bitch-slapped the resident Light Weight in his April 26th blog post (story here.)

Time will tell, but I personally think Shields will prove to be a lousy president. He's already putting his sanctum sanctorum in place - his mini-Star-Chamber, promising to lead his little band of fellow travelers into the Promised Land.

So from the Light Weight's public comments so far we KNOW that he:

1. Believes conceal / carry is not a platform that the FOP should be endorsing or commenting on. Eventhough every municipality that passes conceal / carry has seen a drop in violent crime.

2. Believes it is a good thing that Big Labor (SEIU, AFSCME, NFT, NEA, INEA and the AFT) and Big Government link arms and engage in the thug-tactics that co-opt the taxpayer's private property, and are bankrupting our state.

3. You can deduce from the first two points that the Light Weight has not read, or understood, the constitution.

Shields needs to get organized, focused and professional FAST because going after anonymous police bloggers is not what he was elected to do. He claims that spending a year in 011 made him 'the real police.' But if he's such a "hard-charger" why did he transer to 019? Apparently in the Light Weight's book if you haven't worked in 007 or 011 then you're NOT the "real police."

He must have gotten tired of all that "guns-drugs-and-glory" in 011 and figured he'd "learned it all" by then.

Don't blame me - I voted for Frank DeMaria. Maybe Frank can take the kid under his wing and mold him into something useful.


Anonymous said...

Frank is not, and has never been an answer. It's amazing to see the old kissing the ass of the new.

Anonymous said...

The wasteful spending already has members up in arms. How's that new luxury car, kid? Big mcgaff...

Rue St. Michel said...

Great points both - and I would add that I considered taking this post down because I don't want to slam the guy when he just got there, but in SCC's words - he brought it on himself.

I really get the sense that this FOP thing is just another way for this attention-whore to get more kudos.

He was a large part in founding "Brotherhood of the Fallen" and while I salute the effort, I think the CPD Memorial foundation does a great job in this regard. Is this just more of the "look at me!" schtick we're seeing from Team Shields???

I'd like to see less self-aggrandizement and more constructive actions from our FOP president.

bobbo said...

Who is this goof? Why did you hairgel police vote this fool in? He's a bozo.

Rosco said...

With all the pension problems, why is there no talk of cutting the politicans benefits? Why are so many allowed to have multible pensions paying them? How about they just get the over all average of them? Just one, not two or three....

Anonymous said...

No one cares about Rue St. Michel or his stupid ideas. I know who you are and I will let Mike know too. You can't get a sentence right and you cant spell. You are a total mutt!

Rue St. Michel said...

Another sterling Team Shields representative illuminates us all with his brilliance:

No one cares about Rue St. Michel or his stupid ideas. I know who you are and I will let Mike know too. You can't get a sentence right and you cant spell. You are a total mutt!

Yes. Please let Mike know about all the "stupid" things I've written about. I know he's quite busy after getting bitch-slapped by SCC for being a marble-mouthed goof.

I was at Mike's first public meeting at FOP hall. He could barely string a sentence together, and obviously public speaking is NOT his strong suit. Come to think of it -- I can't think of any "strong suit" that Mikey possesses. As the doting sycophant that you are, please DO go tell Mikey all about me.

While you're at it, take his manhood out of your ass, and go find a dictionary. A "cant" is an outer corner of a building, or it means to lean to one side. "Can't" is a contraction of "cannot."

If these are the types of people that Shields surrounds himself with we are in serious trouble.

Big dummy....