13 May 2011

Illegals - again!

For those of you who only get your media fix from CNN, the NYTimes and Newsweek, you're missing 75% of the news items that directly effect your life.

I'm just sayin'

And here we are again, doing the same old dance we did back in 2006. What to do about the Illegals? Should be deport? Go after the employers? Give them Amnesty?

You should know by now where I stand: Send 'em packing! But realistically we'd have to have leaders with the "testicular fortitude" to actually take some heat from the phony Open-Borders-Ethnic-Frontgroups who would fall into fetal positions and have temper tantrums if the immigration laws were actually enforced.

Case in Point:
Here is a pretty good article from CNS news dissecting Obama's most recent platter of prevarications regarding The Border.

For all the brilliance that Jeffrey brings to the table on this one, the sad fact is that Obama and his cheerleaders want to keep illegals flowing into our country for the following reasons:

1. cheap labor
2. they vote Democrat 90% of the time.
3. their Ethnic Front Groups are expert Rabble-Rousers and they use their Alinsky tactics very well to enact their agendas
4. political correctness and multiculturalism DEMAND that illegals be viewed as absolutely the same as your ordinary American citizen. After all, the Dems believe we're all "people of the World."

As a matter of fact, our own Illinois political class just passed the Dream Act, which gives illegals education breaks and a host of other goodies. The thing that bothers me, beyond the fact that we really don't have a handle on who exactly is crossing the borders, is that Veterans and Soldiers don't have access to the benefits in the Dream Act that your typical illegal does.

Here is the CIS breakdown on the Dream Act. And we all know that illegals, on average, drain the system of $48,000 per year, per family. That argument that they "pay taxes" is utter non-sense. They take more than they give.

And here in Chicago they take alot: from the schools, from the hospitals, and from the county in arrest, processing and incarceration fees.

In the list above I'd say that #2 is the most important one. If they can demonize the idea of Nationalism, of Patriotism - and continue to import illiterate, low-skilled, baby-making-machines - they know that they will eventually have the numbers to swing almost any vote their way. It's the ineluctable march to a national One-party system.

Obama, being the disaster that he is, cannot see the true cost of illegals, but his ignorance won't keep him from shoving his amnesty agenda down our throats. In fact, no matter what the American people want has no impact on Obama - he just keeps going, and going and going.


Anonymous said...

Love that you have The Inferno on your nightstand. All the social engineers out of DC are introducing Americans to their own circle of hell - pay for everything, receive access to nothing. When illegals have more rights, privileges, and entitlements than our vets, it is a sad day.

Rue St. Michel said...

Ha! That old cigarette ad whose tag line was "You've come a long way baby" is apropos. We certainly have come a long way: A long way from honoring our constitution and supporting our own citizens.

The cancer of political correctness is poisoning our dialogue, and causing many of us to self-censor ... which is exactly what the Liberals/Progressives/Marxists/1960's radical-leftovers want.

Even our leaders are too busy "emoting" and not giving proper credence to what's really important. We've got Boehner doing nothing but trying to maintain the status quo while weeping at every other press conference. And Obama trying to do whatever he can to bolster the ranks of Democrat voters. Neither camp is willing to stand up and say what needs to be said - that NO, if you want to come here illegally there are consequences, and you will not be allowed to stay here until you embrace what it means to be an American first, and a member of your "tribe" second.

Regarding Dante: They should put up a banner at the border that says, instead of "Abandon All hope ye who enter here," --- "Let them Hate, so long as they Fear."

Hey, we're doing everything else that the Romans did that ensured their demise === why not that?

Anonymous said...

Recall the miltary from Iraq and Afghanistan and give them a real mission.Deploy them along the border and make it a free fire zone.