15 May 2011

Comrade Tupac?

For the readers who've been around a while, you know that I think hip-hop/rap is detrimental to our society. The lyrics promote violence, drug use, illegitimacy, materialism, and hatred for the police. One of the biggest offenders in the world of rap music was the despicable Tupac Shakur.

I wrote about this rabble-rousing Dolt back in 2007 here. I still stand by that post - and I still get hateful comments from Tupac fans that think I got Tupac all wrong.

Well, the erudite Trevor Loudon writes that Tupac Shakur, it turns out, was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

O my prophetic soul!

Raised by Black Panther parents , and Tupac joined the Young Communist League, as a teen and never lost his revolutionary outlook.
According to Baltimore YCL leader Jordan Farrar, a self styled “red’ skinhead, Tupac, joined the League in Baltimore as a teen in the late ’80s . Apparently he was dating the daughter of the chairman of the Communist Party of Maryland at the time.
Though murdered in September 1996, the famous East Coast West Coast hip hop wars of Shakur’s revolutionary memory lives on in Baltimore. The Young Communist League branch in the city is named the Tupac Shakur Club in his honor.

I detest Tupac - the man. I've seen some biographical accounts of him on VH1, and read some on the internet, and it appears that he was petulent, rash, spiteful, wallowed in violence, immersed in the gang-culture, and obsessed with a deep strain of hatred for cops.

For clarity, I confess that I have almost a dozen of his songs on my iPod. The music is catchy, and the lyrics - while vile and sophomoric - are memorable. "Hit em up" and "Picture me rolling" still waft through my ear buds from time to time.

But I always take the measure of the man through those very same lyrics. I am glad he's no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. And what is that? His legacy is illegitimacy, violence, revenge, materialism, and a Nihilism that embraces an "anything goes" mentality. You can't pay your car bill for the month? Go out and steal. Cops pull you over for running a red light? "Motherfuck them pigs and swing on em." This mentality is all over the world of hip hop and rap. Just look at Ludakris, or Wiz kalifah --- one of the worst songs I've heard recently is that "Black and Yellow" tune. God! It's right up there with "Let me smell yo dick"!

It's pathetic that a guy like Tupac can be a role model for black Americans because the way he lived and died speak volumes about what type of mind-set exists in the black community.

It's no wonder the black community can't get their act together. Tupac would have wanted it that way!


Coldtype said...

Rue please tell me that this post was meant as satire.

I too have some issues with Tupac as well but to blame the African-American condition on his legacy is simply daft.

Rue St. Michel said...

As the saying goes Life imitates Art and the messages within this genre of music definitely contribute to the black condition. Music is a powerful medium, and it can have an effect on a person's outlook on life. Why do so many depressed people like country music? Why do so many young people who are into Goth music commit suicide? It's because your "inner life" is effected by what you see, read and hear. Garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...

" but to blame the African-American condition on his legacy is simply daft."

16/5/11 2:18 AM

You are so soft in the coconut mon-ami.

Anonymous said...

Tupac dead cause he gangsta and lead the criminal lifestyle,word.

Crimefile said...

So when does Crimefile get posted on your Right Wing Death Squad?

not a racist....a FACTIST said...

Hey coldtype, to blame black society on one person would be wrong, and that is not the case...blame black society on the absence of black social skills and inability to learn that the only ones to blame for their failures are themselves, rather than assigning blame to everyone else.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Paul - just added you to my RWDS. I actually thought you were already there ... situation corrected.

And anonymous - you're right. The social engineers and apologists for the black community don't have an answer as to how to fix the issues. They either just gloss over them (ie. "oh that's just niggas being niggas"), throw money at it, or ignore them. Coldy and his ilk are immersed in a sense of victimhood because it must make them feel good, and gives them an excuse to claim "poor me" and rail against the "injustices" that are all around - but it is a one-way street. They don't look at it from the side of other people. Where are the blacks that decry crime? Where are the black leaders that are pushing for education, pushing for family unity... where are those voices that condemn illegitimacy? Nowhere ... they too busy jousting with the windmills of racism.

rosco said...

Why the need to increase the number of police? Isn't the population of Chicago now below three million? Sounds like now there's too many police.

bobbo said...

Uh oh, looks like them police and firemen gonna lose their pensions. But hey, 45% is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Crimefile said...
So when does Crimefile get posted on your Right Wing Death Squad?

17/5/11 8:37 PM

Willkommen Kameraden!!

Anonymous said...

By your logic on Tupac, I can assume all Chicago Police officers are right-wing lunatics who are racists in denial.