24 May 2011

Second City Cop turns 6

I went back and checked out SCC's first blog entry. It was on May 31, 2005. The last six years have flown by, and his blog is an international sensation.

It's quite an endeavor, and many don't realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog. There are emails, comments to be moderated, and content to be monitored. It is a full-time job in and of itself.

But SCC pulls it off flawlessly and makes it look easy.

The writing is punchy; crisp and clean. The insights are razor sharp and the commentary is mixed with humor, a bit of cynicism and sometimes sadness.

For your convenience, here is a snap shot of the first blog post. One small step for blogging, one giant leap for law enforcement!

So here's to you SCC! Keep up the great work. The service you provide to the working copper has proven to be invaluable these past 6 years.

God bless you.

Joe Gumm: "Uxorious Me"

"I tell you there is no love sweeter than the love between a mother and a child. Now I know my wife loves me but I am reasonably sure that she doesn't look at me the same way she looks at them. You know, it's kind of humbling because you realize at some point that you're just a date that worked out."
~~Dennis Miller

The sun was sliding her fingers through the wooden blinds in our bedroom when I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping. I turned over and saw the bedspread next to me was flat.

"Oh yeah," I thought through an addled pre-caffeine haze. "She's at work."
"What day is it?" I remember wondering. It was a Saturday and I was off work. Usually at 6:45am the pitter-patter of little feet has turned into the thunder of the Plasma car floating around the hardwood floor downstairs. But today it was quiet. And it was the little guy's second Tee-ball game.

Days off with the kids are always bittersweet for me because I love them and want to spend time with them but I also need time to write. It would be easier to drill through a glacier with an Emory board than to chisel out some time for myself, most days.

After Tee-ball I decided to take the kids to Old Orchard. It meant that they could play on the outdoor "dragon" that's there, they could duck in to the Disney store and satisfy their House of Mouse addiction, and Daddy could wrap his chilly hands around a hot grande-mocha-cappuccino-with-2-shots-no-fat-no-whip at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. The best part of it was I could go to a bookstore and browse ~and~ get the coffee. Ah yes - the inspiration came to me in such a rush it was like the Muse was standing there massaging my shoulders and breathing breathlessly into my ear.

The minions and I stroll through the solid oak doors at Barnes & Noble and I'm met by an end-cap display of this:

I'm immediately smitten by the cover. A smiling red-head with the bubble of "150 secrets to a Happy Wife." I slide over, check the status of the little ones as they run to the coffee counter, and pick up one of the books and read the back jacket.

After quite a few years of marriage I had often wondered if my wife was happy. If I asked her, she'd certainly say 'yes' but I'm sure I could do better as a husband.

With a decade of service to the city as a police officer, you can safely assume that our marriage has seen its fair-share of conflict, fights and aggravation; and that was all just the day before yesterday!

Early on in my career I received the usual "you've changed" mantra from my better half. I finally realized she wasn't mad that I'd "changed" but that I'd grown.(Yes boys - you can use that.) The wonderful thing about being a "first responder" is that you get a solid sense of your own authority. You have to - that's what they pay you for. The problem is when you bring that "I'm always in control, and always right" attitude into the home. Your wife doesn't want to feel like she's Second in the family; she wants to be your equal. She wants to share things 50/50. Some guys don't get that. They think that the woman is the servant and is there to cater to his every whim. Yea, I know it's not 1951 and "Father Knows Best" has become a laughable bump on the road to our still-on-going Feminist Utopia, but it is no longer a one-way street - or is it?

I bought the book and I want to share some of my thoughts on Mr. Gumm and his "make wifey happy at all costs" book. For you guys who don't like to read - it only has 205 pages. You can knock it out in a weekend. And, for clarification, some parts won't relate to you - baby stuff, dating, and pre-marriage do's & don'ts. So you can skip all the things that don't relate to you.

Overall I can say that some of what he writes is spot on - women do smell better than men. Women emote, guys rationalize. Women are mysterious and complex, men are direct and simple. Want to keep a man happy? Feed him, have sex with him and let him enjoy sports. That's about 90% of the formula.

Want to keep a woman happy? There's the rub, and thus the book.

The book contains 150 tips on how to do things that will make, or keep, your wife happy. "Happy" is a relative term, and I'm sure there are wives out there who'd never be happy if their husbands did all 150 of these things in one day. But Joe Gumm, a former-ESPN sportscaster, writes with humor and self-deprecation - emphasis on the self-deprecation...There's a lot, I mean A LOT, of apologetic nuances in this book. So much so that it made me wonder - Why?

I don't know Joe but there is a toxicity weaved throughout. It is almost dysfunctional in its scope. The book makes me think that he's one of three things:

1. He screwed up BIG TIME and is making amends - ie. infidelity, left the cap off the toothpaste, left the toilet seat up, got caught flirting on Facebook ~or~

2. He's burdened with some over-arching guilt; either from family of origin issues, or from the Feminist brain-washing that every Male in the United States has had to swallow for the last 50 years.

3. He's trying to get on Oprah, and before she pulls the plug to jet around the world with her BFF 'Gail', he wants a shot at getting the book skyrocketed onto the NYTimes best seller lists.

Why do I say that he's either dysfunctional, a door mat or greedy? Because there is a certain undercurrent of phoniness, an insincerity, that dominates the writing. The book oozes with the uxoriousness. Uxorious is the term meaning "Excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife." (I had to look it up too.) It flows off each page like ocean waves lapping on the shore. Let's start with the dedication because it sets the tone.

To the smartest, most creative, most loving and caring person in our household; my wife. I won't ever understand how you can have four unmedicated child-births, with a baby as big as a basketball coming out of an area as big as a golf ball, and still be afraid of a roach crawling around on the kitchen floor, but that's okay. That's what makes you a great wife, mother, and friend. You're unique and special, and I love you dearly.

The very next page in the Acknowledgments sections he writes,"I give all the credit to God for helping me marry out of my league. I would also like to thank my in-laws Jim and Jackie, for creating my wife and making her available to date and marry so we could have four beautiful daughters." Again he's compelled to put himself down by saying he "married out of his league". By the way, there is also an entire chapter devoted to this topic.

Gumm is also compelled to point out that men don't have uteruses (page 1), which I take to mean that a woman in his life at some point invalidated his opinion on a topic related to childbirth by pointing out that he dare not say anything because he wasn't born with the "correct equipment" - ie. to have a viewpoint that she agrees with.

Excuse me for saying, but that sounds a bit unrealistic and harsh on the part of the woman. What if I told a woman she couldn't criticize Men because she didn't have a penis? (I actually had a black friend of mine tell me that I couldn't criticize Barack Obama because I wasn't black. Under that logic, I told him, you can't criticize George Bush because you're not white.)

When discussing Marriage on page 3, he writes "Most of the time women are disappointed in the way we act as husbands. We say dumb things, noises come out of different parts of our bodies, we drool, our hairlines are receding, we're out of shape, we stink, and we have hair on our backs."

I'm reading this and I can't help but think "Come on!" We all know women share almost the same physiology as men. So why put all the blame on the male gender? Women don't fart? Women don't defecate?

Apparently in Joe's world all they do is crave adoration, and cry.

He then goes on the paint an overly optimistic picture of women as compared to men - "We run yellow lights, they stop. We care about cars; they worry about the cargo in the cars. They can have full-blown conversations with other women while a screaming baby is in the background; we hear a screaming baby and we start to cry ourselves. They can hold a baby while they're eating; we can hardly eat without smearing food on our faces and clothes. They want the children's clothing to match; we're lucky if we can get out the door without clashing. They write legibly, we scribble. They pay attention in church, we fall asleep." The self flagellation continues and I won't bore you with it. Let's just say that I was surprised he didn't just write - "women are caring and compassionate nurturers, and men are violent despots with delusions of world domination." I mean it's that over-the-top, and unrealistic.

Just today my wife and I were cleaning the garage. We took everything out of the garage, and then cleaned it, then put everything back. It took 5 hours. At some point my wife asked me,"Can I wipe my nose on your shirt?" Of course I let her, but Joe's wife apparently never has a bowel movement, or flatulence or a day in which her husband can't be so loving to his wife that he might notbeteem the winds of heaven visit her face too roughly.

He even claims that "depite our differences, men and women end up doing the exact same things in life, but they [women] just smell better than we do" and "Women are obviously the better occupiers of their time on Earth, but unfortunately a lot of men just don't want to admit it." He then references "Adam and Eve" as the crux of why Men are just too closed minded and deny that women are better occupiers of their time. What does that mean exactly? Joe never says.

And that's the problem with this book, and the unspoken assumptions that lie just beneath the surface. In Joe's world, Men are to be blamed, vilified and pitied. We are just dumb sex addicts who can't feel their emotions and who only shed a tear when Old Yeller plays, or their football team loses the Superbowl.

Did someone say Generalizing???

You can hardly pick up the book, open a page at random, and see some petty example of why the author isn't fit to wash his wife's underwear. On page 69, in the chapter entitled How to marry out of your league, he writes "Although I'm only 90% free of the rough edges, I'm still a work-in-progress (He apparently has to do more - much more - to obtain the good graces of the Lady of the Manor.), but I work hard at trying to attain 100% status (something that may or may not happen in her lifetime Joe writes)."

Ugh! Are you kidding me? Is this guy pathetic or just wallowing in Stockholm Syndrome?

Chapter 6 in the book is even more maddening. It is entitled "How to talk with one foot in your mouth" and each entry is prefaced by the words "It's All About Her" ... like "Its All About Her idea #46 - Quit using terms like fat, chunky, obese, lard, plump, hefty." Or "Its All About her idea #50: Stop using terms like old lady, ball and chain, nag, whipped, and the wife or the boss." Or my personal fave "Its All About Her idea #51: Tell her she looks pretty."

What fawning! What fatuous obeisance!

The publishers should have called this book "It's Her world, We just live in it." Mr. Gumm should have taken a picture of himself with a big toothy grin, with a door mat strapped across his chest, and tire tread marks streaked across his forehead as the cover picture.

That would have been more intellectually honest.

To be fair there are some good suggestions in the book. I like #39 (Slow Down), #40 (Take her advice), #43 (Don't drink and smoke for one day) and #44 (Don't go to bed mad.) All solid advice, and let's face it, sometimes we men do need the obvious pointed out to us. And Chapter 7, entitled "Lazy is as Lazy does" is a call to husbands that they should step up and do more around the house. I can agree on that one. It's all too easy to get comfortable, and expect your wife to do the shopping, the cleaning, the laundry and hustled the kids to soccer, piano and ballet. All the while you're catching the last half of the Cubs game and downing a six pack.

So I can recommend this book ONLY if you want to improve your marriage by scoring points with your better half by groveling, and DOING more things around her that don't include sex or TV. Joe should know (maybe he doesn't) that marriage is more than just dumping on your husband and pushing him to do more things; or using sex in a tit-for-tat game.

This book rings true for women. At the B&N book store, the barista told me that Joe Gumm was going to be at that very store signing the book and that "woman love him."

Gee no kidding. What if a man wrote a book called "What Women need to know" and then wrote something like, oh I don't know, that to guarantee a happy marriage a wife had to embrace the "F Trinity" - "flatter him, feed him, and fuck him." (Actually Doctor Laura already wrote a book with this premise. Of course the Femi-Nazis went berserk.)

So outside of Mr. Gumm's personal issues, why is this book getting so much hype? Because it feeds into all the non-sense that has been trolled into our public dialogue vis-a-vis the Feminist Movement.

It all comes back to Feminism - that long walk to the tool shed that Men have had to endure for the last 50 years. The feminist movement has successful demonized men and cast women, not as unique and separate individuals, but rather representatives of an oppressed class defined by a group identity. The Equal Rights Amendment was written in 1923 by radical suffragist Alice Paul, but the ERA didn't pass both houses of congress until March of 1972.

It failed, thank God, to ever get ratified.

The defeat of the ERA was a victory, but the ideology that it espoused leached into the collective dialogue of the nation. And what the feminists couldn't impose by constitutional amendment they have imposed through the schools, college faculties and the culture. Like the rest of the radical Left, if they couldn't win at the ballot box, they took to the media, the courts, the "4th branch of the government, and academia to do their dirty work.

The Feminist Movement has done much damage to the male gender because they've found it easier to demonize men, than to take the time to understand what our motivations are and where our impulses lie. We're continually pigeon holed into categories and blamed for just about everything that is deemed "inappropriate" in this world - from violence, crime, War, drug addiction, pollution and family dysfunction.

The Bureau of Economic research released a study a few years back which found that since 1970 women are becoming less happy. The brilliant Phyllis Schafley chimes in with her opinion over at the Eagle Forum:

"One theory advanced by the authors, University of Pennsylvania economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, is that the women's liberation movement "raised women's expectations" (sold them a bill of goods), making them feel inadequate when they fail to have it all. A second theory is that the demands on women who are both mothers and jobholders in the labor force are overwhelming.

I'm neither an economist nor a psychologist, but I'll join the conversation with my own armchair analysis. Another theory could be that the feminist movement taught women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy in which their true worth will never be recognized and any success is beyond their reach.

Yes - exactly. Just like we have seen with the "minorities" in this country since the 60's, the template employed is simple and cunning:
1) "Blame someone other than your racial or gender enclave" - This means Caucasians, Men, corporations are used as foils to claim victimhood.

2) "Claim you have no control over it or your own life or circumstances" - If you believe that you can't get ahead, can't improve your life, and can't ever crawl out of the hole of your life, then why bother? Sign up for a government handout, have some babies, sling some weed and lay back and enjoy Jerry Springer re-runs, right?

3) "Demand more laws, money or resources to 'fight" the alleged discrimination" - Thus the ERA was pushed, Hate Crime laws are touted, the Feds dump money into urban communities and all we get are more of the same.

This template is motivated by feelings. It makes the politicians pretend that they're doing something constructive, and it makes the community organizers feel like they're accomplishing something. However, a policy based on these two outcomes is doomed from the start to be effective. You can't have the government pick winners without actively creating losers. Shackling the Free-Market with rules and regs only creates dislocations and misery. Bureaucratic Master-Minds always ignore the immutable law of economic incentive: "Whatever you subsidize, you get more of."

The "blame game" and adopting the lexicon of victimhood has achieved nothing except to handicap more and more of our population and enslave them to Big Government entitlement programs.

Back to "150 Secrets to a happy wife" - save your money. While I salute Mr. Gumm for being a successful writer, for choosing to honor his wife and children, and for standing up for the Family: I can't help come to the conclusion that the book is decidedly one-sided.

My suggestion on making your wife happy?

Keep the $12.99 cost of the book. Use it to buy some floor cleaner, a rack of beef ribs and a 12-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager. Clean the floors, put the dishes away and make your wife a delicious rib dinner. At the dinner table you can tell her that she's a wonderful wife, mother and friend - and that the rib dinner is a reminder that you and she share more than just a last name.

The radical egalitarians assume that we are all the same. The fact is that we are all equal under the law, but we're not all the same. We are definitely different in hundreds of way - and those differences should be recognized and honored: not be condemned.

22 May 2011

Stay classy Shields!

When I saw the April 22, 2011 post by Mike Shields on the FOP website (link here.) I wasn't surprised to see him melt down in a temper tantrum over some perceived "slight."

How did I know? Am I prophetic? Hardly ... For some unknown reason, probably a high-degree of immaturity, Shields is fascinated on knowing the identities of myself, and SCC. I know because people have told me that Shields and his trolls routinely dig around for information on your-humble-narrator.

I knew that there was something "off" about this guy back when he was following Ron Huberman around with a video camera. Who does stunts like that? Was in sensational? Sure. Was it productive? No.

It did put the Light Weight's name and face in the sparkly marquee for a few minutes ... and enough rank and file folks figured that they'd pull the lever for him this last time around.

I'm not going to repost the Light Weight's whiney drivel, I have too much rerespect for my readers than that.

SCC already bitch-slapped the resident Light Weight in his April 26th blog post (story here.)

Time will tell, but I personally think Shields will prove to be a lousy president. He's already putting his sanctum sanctorum in place - his mini-Star-Chamber, promising to lead his little band of fellow travelers into the Promised Land.

So from the Light Weight's public comments so far we KNOW that he:

1. Believes conceal / carry is not a platform that the FOP should be endorsing or commenting on. Eventhough every municipality that passes conceal / carry has seen a drop in violent crime.

2. Believes it is a good thing that Big Labor (SEIU, AFSCME, NFT, NEA, INEA and the AFT) and Big Government link arms and engage in the thug-tactics that co-opt the taxpayer's private property, and are bankrupting our state.

3. You can deduce from the first two points that the Light Weight has not read, or understood, the constitution.

Shields needs to get organized, focused and professional FAST because going after anonymous police bloggers is not what he was elected to do. He claims that spending a year in 011 made him 'the real police.' But if he's such a "hard-charger" why did he transer to 019? Apparently in the Light Weight's book if you haven't worked in 007 or 011 then you're NOT the "real police."

He must have gotten tired of all that "guns-drugs-and-glory" in 011 and figured he'd "learned it all" by then.

Don't blame me - I voted for Frank DeMaria. Maybe Frank can take the kid under his wing and mold him into something useful.

15 May 2011

Comrade Tupac?

For the readers who've been around a while, you know that I think hip-hop/rap is detrimental to our society. The lyrics promote violence, drug use, illegitimacy, materialism, and hatred for the police. One of the biggest offenders in the world of rap music was the despicable Tupac Shakur.

I wrote about this rabble-rousing Dolt back in 2007 here. I still stand by that post - and I still get hateful comments from Tupac fans that think I got Tupac all wrong.

Well, the erudite Trevor Loudon writes that Tupac Shakur, it turns out, was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

O my prophetic soul!

Raised by Black Panther parents , and Tupac joined the Young Communist League, as a teen and never lost his revolutionary outlook.
According to Baltimore YCL leader Jordan Farrar, a self styled “red’ skinhead, Tupac, joined the League in Baltimore as a teen in the late ’80s . Apparently he was dating the daughter of the chairman of the Communist Party of Maryland at the time.
Though murdered in September 1996, the famous East Coast West Coast hip hop wars of Shakur’s revolutionary memory lives on in Baltimore. The Young Communist League branch in the city is named the Tupac Shakur Club in his honor.

I detest Tupac - the man. I've seen some biographical accounts of him on VH1, and read some on the internet, and it appears that he was petulent, rash, spiteful, wallowed in violence, immersed in the gang-culture, and obsessed with a deep strain of hatred for cops.

For clarity, I confess that I have almost a dozen of his songs on my iPod. The music is catchy, and the lyrics - while vile and sophomoric - are memorable. "Hit em up" and "Picture me rolling" still waft through my ear buds from time to time.

But I always take the measure of the man through those very same lyrics. I am glad he's no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. And what is that? His legacy is illegitimacy, violence, revenge, materialism, and a Nihilism that embraces an "anything goes" mentality. You can't pay your car bill for the month? Go out and steal. Cops pull you over for running a red light? "Motherfuck them pigs and swing on em." This mentality is all over the world of hip hop and rap. Just look at Ludakris, or Wiz kalifah --- one of the worst songs I've heard recently is that "Black and Yellow" tune. God! It's right up there with "Let me smell yo dick"!

It's pathetic that a guy like Tupac can be a role model for black Americans because the way he lived and died speak volumes about what type of mind-set exists in the black community.

It's no wonder the black community can't get their act together. Tupac would have wanted it that way!

14 May 2011

Hitchens bitch-slap Chomsky

I posted this on Facebook, but it deserves its own blog post.

Christopher Hitchens gives it to Noam Chompsky in spades over bin Laden.

Full story here.

As much as I disagree with Hitchens much of the time, I wholeheartedly endorse every idea he brings out in this article. Chomsky is such a dolt - an America Hater of epic magnitude, he buys into all the Kook-Left fringes' apoplexies on 9/11, the CIA, and GW Bush.

Read the whole thing. Awesomeness.

Skin Color, not Qualifications, Wins again

The Sun-times ran with the story but I refuse to link to any Rag that carries that idiot Mary Mitchell on their payroll.

Forbes reports that Chicago has been ordered to hire 111 black firefighter candidates who were, allegedly discriminated against in an entrance examination in 1995.

Remember the Ricci case out of New Haven Connecticut? the US Supreme court, no thanks to that "powerhouse intellect" of Sotomayor, ruled that New Haven discriminated against qualified White fire department candidates. The reason? It is simply because if you have a bunch of white candidates who test well, but "not enough" black or hispanic ones that qualify, you cannot throw out the whole test simply because this or that particular ethnic group didn't have the brains to qualify. That would be like having a test in Chicago, and dismissing the test results because not enough Hmong candidates passed, or Eskimos, or fill-in-a-racial-group of your choice.

From Scotty Starnes blog:

An appeals court panel that included Sotomayor rejected the white firefighters’ lawsuit, saying the city acted legitimately to avoid discrimination against blacks.

“Fear of litigation alone cannot justify an employer’s reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examinations and qualified for promotions,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority.

The justices divided along lines that reflected the majority’s skeptical approach to racial preferences. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas joined Kennedy’s opinion.

Race should play ZERO part in this process. It is not only unfair and discriminatory, but it rewards unqualified, or less than qualified, people who don't deserve it.

Let's step back a bit and get some perspective. Let's say my family is from Korea and I live in a home near Ainslie and Sheridan. A fire starts in my basement electrical panel and quickly makes its way up into the first floor. Me and my family are sleeping, and the smoke detectors wake me and I rush to get the wife and kids out of the house. Do you think, in that moment, that I would care or concern myself with the race of the responding CFD units? No. Would I want the most qualified firemen to respond? Absolutely.

So what does the entrance examination have to do with getting the best firemen on the job? In my opinion, it has much to do with that.

And this ridiculous situation isn't the first time. 7 black firemen in Houstonwho were "passed over" for promotion because they didn't score high enough on a written exam were given captains’ ranks, and all got cash payments from the city of Houston. Each received $301,165.00 in back pay, and to cover legal fees. All because the white personnel scored higher than these seven.

Remember when Obama unleashed his DOJ to go after NYFD, and the Dayton Ohio's police department, to compel them to lower their testing "standards" so that more black and hispanics could get hired? The NYFD case is extremely disturbing because the DOJ forced the city to hire those blacks and hispanics who got 70% WRONG on the test.

You think that's fair? Sure you do -- if you buy into the bullshit that our race-hustler-rhyming-reverend-poverty-pimps are preaching. You buy into it if you think that the constitution is a "living, breathing" document that can be bent to the fads of the day. You buy into it if you think some people just can't do it on their own and need Big Daddy Government to come in and "assist" (enable!). You buy into it if you've got the soft racism of low expectations. You buy into it if you're
ignorant of the origins of our laws, and don't understand the spirit of the founders using and nurturing Natural Laws, enabling the civil society and promoting inalienable rights.

In summary, let's face it. Obama got elected because enough White voters wanted to put the Collective White Guilt Trip behind them and move on. They voted for a "post-Racial" president, only to wake up to the "most-Racial" president in history. These type of cases in which minorities get rewarded for simply being born with excessive melatonin in their epidermis, are disgusting and disgraceful. But they are the "Big Bats" that look to "equalize" the field and are a form of reparations. Although I'd say that 40+ years of Welfare, and the TRILLIONS we've funneled to minority groups are sufficient reparations - MORE than enough.

13 May 2011

Illegals - again!

For those of you who only get your media fix from CNN, the NYTimes and Newsweek, you're missing 75% of the news items that directly effect your life.

I'm just sayin'

And here we are again, doing the same old dance we did back in 2006. What to do about the Illegals? Should be deport? Go after the employers? Give them Amnesty?

You should know by now where I stand: Send 'em packing! But realistically we'd have to have leaders with the "testicular fortitude" to actually take some heat from the phony Open-Borders-Ethnic-Frontgroups who would fall into fetal positions and have temper tantrums if the immigration laws were actually enforced.

Case in Point:
Here is a pretty good article from CNS news dissecting Obama's most recent platter of prevarications regarding The Border.

For all the brilliance that Jeffrey brings to the table on this one, the sad fact is that Obama and his cheerleaders want to keep illegals flowing into our country for the following reasons:

1. cheap labor
2. they vote Democrat 90% of the time.
3. their Ethnic Front Groups are expert Rabble-Rousers and they use their Alinsky tactics very well to enact their agendas
4. political correctness and multiculturalism DEMAND that illegals be viewed as absolutely the same as your ordinary American citizen. After all, the Dems believe we're all "people of the World."

As a matter of fact, our own Illinois political class just passed the Dream Act, which gives illegals education breaks and a host of other goodies. The thing that bothers me, beyond the fact that we really don't have a handle on who exactly is crossing the borders, is that Veterans and Soldiers don't have access to the benefits in the Dream Act that your typical illegal does.

Here is the CIS breakdown on the Dream Act. And we all know that illegals, on average, drain the system of $48,000 per year, per family. That argument that they "pay taxes" is utter non-sense. They take more than they give.

And here in Chicago they take alot: from the schools, from the hospitals, and from the county in arrest, processing and incarceration fees.

In the list above I'd say that #2 is the most important one. If they can demonize the idea of Nationalism, of Patriotism - and continue to import illiterate, low-skilled, baby-making-machines - they know that they will eventually have the numbers to swing almost any vote their way. It's the ineluctable march to a national One-party system.

Obama, being the disaster that he is, cannot see the true cost of illegals, but his ignorance won't keep him from shoving his amnesty agenda down our throats. In fact, no matter what the American people want has no impact on Obama - he just keeps going, and going and going.

Blogger down since Wednesday

Blogger wiped out the comments section during their "maintenance" overhaul, so like SCC and Shaved both noted - if you said something witty, brilliant and yet with a soup├žon of nuance that would have compelled the Nobel committee to pull their prize from Barry Soetero's nicotine-stained hands and drop it into your lap, feel free to drop by the comment section (sorry "a Thinker").

I don't know why I just don't move this whole thing over to Wordpress .... it's a much better, and more deserving, host.

11 May 2011

The Badge Bunny phenomenon

True stories from the front

A young officer works in a north side district. He had 5 years in the district, as well as 5 years married with no kids. He knew his beat pretty well and went to the same coffee shop every day. He was at this coffee shop with his partner, when a beautiful young woman struck up a conversation about local crime.

"I live about a mile from here. How's the neighborhood?" she asked. He told her what he knew about recent burglaries, car thefts and reassured her that the neighborhood was safe. The dispatcher banged them with a job and he said he had to go.

"It was nice to meet you," she said extending a slender hand."My name is _________. Maybe we can have a cup of coffee sometime?" He met the woman for coffee, and after a few months of meetings over coffee, he decided to take the next step. He told his wife one night that he was on a "late arrest." He went to the woman's apartment and started an affair.

Over the course of a year the "late arrests" became more frequent and the officer's wife, an attractive woman in charge of a company IT department downtown, started to become suspicious. Being more tech-savvy than her cheating spouse, she had gotten him a Blackberry phone and secretly downloaded a "tracking" application on it. She had a matching phone and the next time he had a "late arrest" she pinged his phone and found him at his girlfriend's apartment.

The confrontation was ugly, and they divorced soon after. But not after criminal allegations were made (by her) and a CR# pulled for good measure.
A good friend of mine while on surveillance of a drug-dealer, followed him to a far north suburban motel. The CI informed the team that the deal was going to go down in the motel's parking lot. My friend slowly rolled through the parking lot and was stunned by the number of cars that displayed an FOP medallion on the bumper. The motel was full of coppers who were there spending time with their girlfriends.
A police officer goes to a domestic disturbance, and gets hit on by the woman who called 911. The officer, married with 3 kids, meets the woman at her house later that night. After they have sex, he gets up to go to the bathroom, and hears a loud report from the bedroom. He comes out to see what happened and finds the woman dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. She used his duty weapon to kill herself. It turns out she was mentally unstable and taking 6 different medications.

Tough stories.

If you ask the average cop, "Hey - what's been the scariest experience during your police career?" They will answer "My first marriage!" The impact of infidelity can destroy a family, dissolve a marriage, and that, on many levels, the children will suffer greatly from a divorce.

But it's hard, sometimes extremely hard, for a police officer to maintain a stable marriage. The stats are imprecise, but police divorce is approximately 70-75%. The median range of divorce in the US is about 50%.

Psychology Today ran a great article on this a few months ago entitled Sex Addict? or Kid in a Candy Store? (full article here.

The factors that attribute to infidelity are legion; the stress, the schedules, courts, lawsuits, and the police culture. It's easy to find women willing to "hook up." Police are mobile, we interact with many people during the course of a tour of duty, we (for the most part) stay in shape, we are in a position of authority, we give orders and arrest people. We wear so many hats as a police officer that we adopt the temporary roles of counselors, advisers, psychologists, priests, and lawyers just to be effective in our jobs and to maintain our safety in volatile, and dangerous, situations.

And the fact is, there are many women who love police officers. Just as there are women who love football players or other pro-athletes, the police have their own set of "groupies.' Tiger Woods is a good example of how out of control this situation can get.

They're affectionately called by any number of names - "Badge Bunnies", "Star Chasers" or, my favorite...Side-broads. The Bunnies love a man in uniform, they love and admire our authority, and they want to hear "the stories." They like spending time with us, and respect what we do. The idea of police-groupies has fascinated me for years and I've been toying with the idea of creating an "application" of sorts for those women who would like to be a Badge Bunny. Of course this is satirical and is written from the point of view of the police officer.


I don't have a quick answer as to why police officers cheat, but I would say that it takes a certain personality to want to be the police. There is a streak of immaturity that flows within our ranks. I tell people all the time that the department is like being in high school except we carry guns. Additionally, we like being objects of authority, and if you have a drop-dead-gorgeous woman fawning over you because you have a badge in your pocket and a pistol on your ankle; it is flattering and is highly appealing to our male egos. And if she wants to be intimate - how many of us, especially after being desensitized by a couple beers, can say NO?

The great Sam Kinison had some valuable insight into this phenomenon:
(start at 2:30 in the clip.)

He's right, and his insight was brilliant.

I'm not a purist, or expect people not to give in to their humanity, but I would counsel my fellow officers to think before you decide to have a "side piece." Many things are at stake: your marriage, your honor, the health and safety of your children - and ultimately your soul. In the final analysis you have to do the "balance test" and see how you would feel if you caught your wife doing exactly what you're doing. What would your children's faces look like telling them "Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced. Daddy is moving out and I'm not sure when you'll see him again."

But then again, who doesn't yearn for the thrill of the dark chase? The Cthonic Dionysian ritual that has been a part of our civilation for 10,000 years?

Robert Smith sums it up in the song Disintegration -

The lyrics are dark, shadowy and hint at the emotions that are swirling in the turgid mass of a Man's soul. Couldn't he have written this song with every married man in mind?

I miss the kiss of treachery,
the shameless kiss of vanity,
the soft and the black and the velvety,
up tight against the side of me,
and mouth and eyes and heart all bleed,
and run in thickening streams of greed,
as bit by bit it starts the need,
to just let go my parting piece."

How many of us have left our loved ones with "photographs, pictures of trickery, stains on the carpet, stains on the scenery, songs about happiness murmured in dreams, when we knew how the ending would be?"

The darkness that pulls at us comes from many directions. The affection and admiration of a woman can be difficult to overcome. Ulysses had to stop his ears with wax to avoid being entranced by The Sirens' call. Proverbs 5:3-6 says,"For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey,and her speech is smoother than oil; but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword. Her feet go down to death her steps lead straight to the grave."

If you've been tempted but didn't follow through, leave a comment. If you've been down this road, let us know what you think in the comments section.

The badge bunnies aren't going anywhere, and will always be a constant in Law Enforcement. How you deal with them is up to you. And from the Psychology Today article, I'm more inclined to say we, as a group, are more along the lines of the author's dilemma regarding his patient "Juan" ...a powerful, high-testosterone male, with an identity-issue, who was put in a role where a sexual buffet was laid out in front of him, and he didn't have any reason or internal resources to use to resist diving in?