16 January 2011

Roger L. Washington

This man is a 25th district Chicago police officer, and at 1:10 in the speech - makes a stunning admission.

Here is a guy who puts on the uniform everyday, smiles at you in the hallway, and yet harbors deep hatred and intolerance for white people. He claims that he's been 'fighting crime' but I don't ever remember seeing him make an arrest. How can you fight crime when you don't arrest any offenders?

I would like this video to be picked up by our Confidential IAD detectives and have Mr. Washington dragged down to HQ to explain himself on this one.

You can imagine if a white officer stood before a white congregation and made the same comments, he'd be fired in a heart beat.


Anonymous said...

(1) The comment that he made is that white officers are racist, not that he has hatred for white people.
(2) If you are going to make allegations like "he has never made any arrests", you need to show your evidence for that statement.
(3)If a white officer went up before a white congregation and said something along the lines of "I have stood up to racist black officers who are racist and mistreat our white youth" he would be laughed right out the door.

Anonymous said...

Not once in this video did he say anything about being racist or not liking another race. I don't understand how people can just make assumptions and try to bring someone down who is trying to help the community. Especially if you don't even know the person and what they stand for.

Anonymous said...

The only hatred I see is coming from the person who wrote these comments. From what I have seen, Mr. Washington seems like a very positive person; who is out trying to help his community and there is no crime in that.

leomemorial said...

Really? He's running for alderman and blasts his own officers by saying how racists they are then goes on about helping the blacks, etc. Excuse me, but I'm tired of this bullshit here. Whatever happened to contributing to COMMUNITY? This man doesn't make his own police department look good at all.

By the way, growing up in a bad neighborhood and eating collard greens doesn't make anyone a leader.

Mr. Lincoln said...

Well, no sense being a nigger if you can't run a campaign like one. To the retard saying you need to back up the no arrest allegations, it's a fact! Security guards at the Stratford Square mall make more pinches then this Amos 'n' Andy buffoon. This man has never stood up to any racist officers, not in this world anyway. Maybe in fantasy land where he is a supercop and looks like Carl Weathers. The guy got kicked off his beat car because he didn't do jack shit. What evidence does he have that white officers are racist? What about black officers? oh, that's right, I forgot. Black cops can't be racist.

Col. Sanders said...

Had he been white talking about blacks why he'd be fired in an instant. The ghetto savage always gets his way. In general most testing always has to be doctored because the black man is just to stupid for anything else but labor,

Rue St. Michel said...

You apologists for this jag-bag should take a good hard look at yourselves. If you want to parse his words for him, and decided what his intentions were, then go play God somewhere else.

If he didn't say anything wrong, then why did he take down his own youtube video?

I don't have to back up my contention for this officer because I worked directly with him, and I stand by my words.

I would hope that someone in IAD would do the following:
1. censure Washington for wearing his star while campaigning for a political office.
2. censure him for making racist, UNSUBSTANTIATED remarks about his fellow officers,
3. 10 days pending for bringing discredit upon the Chicago police department.

And in my opinion, Mr. Washington is as dumb as a box of rocks - and therefore he's highly qualified to be a Chicago alderman.

amused said...

Rue, you hit it on the head. 2532 was a first watch down car and the only thing he "protected" was the inside of the squad car because thats the only place he stayed all night.
He is as ignorant as the biggest pos you'd deal with on the street. And the funniest part about it is he thinks he's some kind of big time copper.

One more thing: who gives a fuck about his greens and cornbread? My family had meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Does that mean I am qualified to be alderman?

No, wait, just one MORE thing: you think that fireman he "met" will vote for him? Is the daughter old enough to vote yet?

J.J. Styles said...

Why don't just play sports like the rest of his ghetto clan? Why he done become a Unca Tom workin as t a lackey fo da cracker?

FTO Bob of 025 said...

How many times has Cozzi been cornholed? Ya know, had his sh!t packed. Its the courts fault.

Anonymous said...