28 October 2010

Are you better off?

As we go into the final days of the 2010 mid-term elections, you're wondering who to vote for. The statists among you will vote Democrat - regardless of how incompetent, how inept or how corrupt they are. You want a large, top-down centralized authoritarian government. You're okay with that.

I, and my fellow Americans are not.

I knew back in 2008 what a disaster was heading our way with Obama in charge. All you had to do was look at his background and voting record to see he was going to steal from the productive sector and use the money to payoff his political cronies.

Many independents don't care about politics until it hits home. Well are you better off now than you were 2 years ago? Absolutely not.

Unemployment is over 10%, inflation is ticking up, taxes are going to go through the roof effective 2011, Nationalized Healthcare will make you pay 3.8% on the sale of your home, the VAT tax is coming back, and the Statists in office are finding new and ingenious ways to steal MORE of your money. Obama has increased the national debt by $5 trillion even though Pelosi promised that there'd be no new debt increases on her watch. The lies from this administration are legion; and are no joke. The stock market is up - why? Because companies are hoping Republicans win BIG this Tuesday. Remember them? The entities that employ and drive the engine of our economy? I know Obama and his apartachicks love to demonize them - and YOU by proxy. But the government that is big enough to give you everything, is big enough to take it all away.

These failed models of socialist utopias should be disdained. They cause suffering and misery. You can see it all around you with this administration shilling their marxist models as 'mainstream.'

Capitalism is the best model for fairly allowing people to operate in an environment of freedom. The dairy farmer doesn't know the race or gender of the person buying his milk, the truck driver doesn't know the ethnicity of the person who pulled the crude oil from the ground to refine his truck's fuel. None of us care about that. The Left demonizes to divide and destroy. That's what they do. And they've done a damned good job of painting conservatives as the "enemy of the people." And many of you have fallen for it.

Remember: According to Obama's memoir, the seminal point in his life was when he heard Jeremiah Wright's sermon, white man's greed runs a world in need.. So his fundamental philosophy is to take from the "haves"and give to the "have-nots" - or as Alinsky put it: the "want mores."

Let's take a look at a brillant exchange between the obtuse Phil Donahue, and the ever-wise economist Milton Friedman

That's exactly right. The Left loves to wallow in self-hate, and thinks America is "the bad guy." Here's a song by someone Coldtype and Leftisbest would probably support. In fact, they could probably write this song:

Leaving that all behind, let's focus on Tuesday. I think this short speech by Reagan is poignant and timely.

The radicals in charge want to destroy this country, so that they can rebuild it into a utopian fantasy.

We need people in Washington who understand and respect the limits placed on them by the US Constitution. That's pretty much all we want - get government out of our way and let the American people do their magic.

25 October 2010

Jan Schakowsky must be defeated, II

We did check it out Jan and it turns out you're a big, fat, Liberal Liar:

And she loves her tax-cheating, corrupt colleague Charlie Rangel:

Birds of a feather.....

And from Joel's Facebook page, he's up against someone with zero regard for rules or decorum:
Again and again, we’ve seen Schakowsky break the rules whenever and wherever she can--whether it’s violating House ethics rules by helping her political contributors with their delinquent loans, handing out propaganda at the League of Women Voters forum, trying to enter a polling place without intending to vote, or violating the agreed-upon format of the Protect Our Heritage forum by using her time to slam her opponent.

Schakowsky’s mode of campaigning is to lie and cheat--until she’s caught, or faces serious opposition. We even caught one of her supporters stealing lawn signs yesterday. I’m proud that our campaign is standing up to her, and exposing her tactics for all to see.

Vote for Joel Pollak - www.pollakforcongress.com

18 October 2010

Here Comes that Rainy Day

National Review reports that for FY 2010 the US deficit will be $1.3 trillion.

Federal Spending, excluding FDIC, TARP, and Fannie/Freddie Mac - went up 9% last year over the previous year. Over the last 2 years, the Federal Government spending grew 21.4%

This administration cannot blame anyone but themselves. Obama and the Dummycrats are trying to bankrupt this country. As National Review piece says - we don't have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem.

That is unsustainable.

And remember that effective January 1, 2011 - taxes are coming back like a roaring lion. Government run healthcare will push a spike in premiums, Death Tax will go from zero to 65%, a VAT tax on TOP of the state and local tax, the spending is massive.

And the Democrats don't care - they have ignored the will of the people. They won't acknowledge any limits on their power.

This is just more of what's to come if the Democrats retain their seats after November 2.

17 October 2010

Pigs and Liberals

Adam Shaeffer writes a wonderful piece over at Breitbart's Big Government site, in which he muses on how a typical Liberal attempts to dissect a particularly difficult policy issue; in this case the failure of education, and the failure to eliminate poverty.

Yes indeed, this Liberal writer gets mugged by reality - and there is no escape except to embrace conservatism.

14 October 2010

Can you smell it?

Can you smell it? Oh yeah.....Take the Founders' Red Pill and fight for our sovereignty, fight for your private property, and fight for your Freedom against the looming shadow of the Leviathan.

13 October 2010

Cool Hand Luke

One of the best movies ever made.

Rahm Emanual for Mayor

....of Detroit!

Hat Tip: Detective Shaved Longcock

1. How did Rahm Emanuel "earn" $16 million over a 3 year period working on the board at Freddie Mac? Story here.

2. Does he meet the residency requirement? Seems like a valid point.

3. A friend of mine works security at the temple that the Emanuel brothers attend, and I'm told Rahm is an arrogant, pompous, condescending troll who won't as much make eye contact with the "unwashed masses."

4. The creepy ballerina brought the auspices of the US Census under his bailiwick. Gee - I wonder why he did that? Do you think he wanted to give his Democratic colleagues a leg up in districting and representation? If a conservative president and Chief of Staff had pulled that then you would have seen the press loop story after story on how the White House was "imperialist."

[Oh yeah, he's a bottom for sure.]

Emanuel is corrupt, and connected deeper than the Mariana Trench. Another example of how corrupt and incestuous Washington is, Barney Frank (D-Fruitcake) received a free private jet flight to the Virgin Islands as a quid-pro-quo for sending $25 million in stimulus money to a hedge fund operated under AIG.

Donna Brazile, Cheerleader for Communism

Via Breitbart: Donna Brazile Cites Communist China As a Successful Economic System

This coming from a socialist with delusions of persecution from her days learning the important lessons of Black Liberation Theology. Communism is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people since the turn of the century. Communism is enforced socialism, and socialism is Statism - which means that the state controls the lives, private property and freedoms of its citizens. It is the state over the individual.

Another Liberal hack who thinks capitalism is the root of our problems. Uh no Donna -- unfettered, unrestrained, out-of-control GOVERNMENT is the root of our problems.

Chicago's Pension: fast-tracking to bankruptcy and anarchy

Sorry for borrowing John Andrew's "controversial" title to his opinion piece on why Chicago is heading toward dissolution and anarchy. As artists, we stand on the shoulders of giants - as the saying goes.

Speaking of Big Shoulders: Chicago happens to be up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle and its tax-paying citizens will be proverbially, and profoundly pissed off within the next 4 years.

Why, you ask?

Because a new study listing the top 10 cities closest to having their pensions run out of money has Chicago at #2. You can be thankful that it's not at #1. (Yes, I'm a Glass-Half-Full person) but right now the city's unfunded liabilities hover at $44.8 billion.

From the study:
Many U.S. cities are therefore carrying substantial off‐balance‐sheet debt in the form of unfunded pension obligations. We also identify 6 major municipalities whose current pension assets would only be sufficient to pay already‐promised benefits through 2020, and 20 whose current pension assets would only be sufficient to pay already‐promised benefits through 2025.

Keep in mind that Daley's privatization of the parking meters only got him a lump sum debit to his cash account of $1.15 billion. And that lease goes for 99 years.

But even in good times this city sucks.

In the last 30 years, almost 79 local elected officials - 3 of the last 5 governors - and 27 aldermen have been convicted of a crime. And those are just the ones that they're able to catch. It is One-party rule here, with 50 alderman all running a socialist "utopia" and their hands into everything.

Have you noticed that with Daley not running for reelection, hundreds of people who were politically connected to Da'Mayor are now either crying, or quaking with fear. They know their days are numbered because when the next Mafioso steps in to take his place, he'll have a whole new cadre of automatons to do his bidding. Daley "balanced" the 2011 Chicago budget but used his father's Magic Kingdom slide-rule to make the numbers look quasi-legit, but there were significant omissions in their calculations.

As the-ever-brilliant SCC points out, the cupboard is indeed bare:

[Daley will use] a 20 percent increase in parking meter rates. So all those billions from the Skyway and parking meter and downtown garage leases? The 75-and-99-year leases? Gone in under three years. Way to plan ahead Dick! And we aren't sure about this, but aren't those parking meter increases all going to the leasing company?

But it gets worse:
He also plans to count on $80 million in “more favorable revenues” and $32 million in savings generated by a full year of union concessions not yet negotiated. An agreement that calls for unpaid furlough days and comp time instead of cash overtime expires June 30."more favorable revenues" is code for "fantasy numbers."

Even Leftist rags like Slate.com have wondered aloud why Chicago is such a hotbed of corruption. Here's Slate's history of the fetid swamp that IS Chicago politics.

From Slate:
Chicago moved towards a one-party system that made it even more vulnerable to corruption: The city's last Republican mayor left office in 1931. Today, not even the Democratic primaries are competitive—for the most part, once you're in office, you stay there. The weak campaign finance laws in Illinois probably helped to stave off competition in recent years.

This is what you get when a One-party, Liberal Democrat city that is run like a fiefdom. Daley and his old man are textbook examples of entrenched Machine politicians - taking money with one hand, handing it out for political favors with the other. Meanwhile Daley thinks he has the right to pick and choose which constitutional amendments apply to you and me. He doesn't like guns? Then in direct violation of the Second Amendment, Daley won't let you have a gun in your home in Chicago. You don't like what's happening to the CPD, and you think Weis is incompetent and you put out an opinion piece detailing why you think so (John Andrews blog)? Then you get stripped and possibly fired for exercising your First Amendment right to free speech.

And it goes on and on and on .....

God help us; please pray for this city and this state ... but also, VOTE on November 2nd and do not vote for ANYONE with a (D) after their name. The entire Democrat party has been hijacked by the New Left.

It's pretty pathetic that the voters of this country elected a bunch of Leftists hacks without realizing that Leftists only care about The Almighty State; NOT about individual rights or constitutional originalism.

Jan Schakowsky must be defeated

Jan Schakowsky (D-Bag) must be defeated. She's been an entrenched congressman from the 9th district since 1999. She has voted with her Democrat apparatchiks 98% of the time. The only time she took to veer from Obama, Pelosi and Reid is in voting somewhat hawkish on Isreal. She is a close friend of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Schakowsky's husband was convicted of fraud when both of them sat on the board of an Illinois "public interest group" called the Illinois Public Action Fund. She claims to have no knowledge of the bank fraud committed by her husband while they served together.

She is on video crowing about how socialized medicine will destroy the private insurance sector, and she's an advocate of the single payer system.

Jan Schakowsky is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, and she undoubtedly is a closet communist. Her voting record to destroy private healthcare and compel us to purchase government-run insurance is an abomination.

Schakowsky is a big-spending, tax-increase, Liberal Democrat. She has no shame in standing before her constituents and bragging how much she's stolen from the private sector in order to empower the Government - punishing the winners, and protecting the losers.

Vote for Joel Pollak. He's a solid conservative and has a good chance at beating Jan, but only if we get the word out.

Please visit Pollak for Congress and support him. You can also go to his campaign HQ on Dempster (just across the street from Lutheran General hospital) and pick up a yard sign and campaign literature.

Conservatism is the only antidote to tyrants like Schakowsky. Let's get out there and take her down (politically, of course).

Sic semper tyrannis

12 October 2010

Halpern on Obama: "He's losing the political war."

...the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.

So writes Mark Halperin, editor-at-large and senior political analyst for TIME was also political director of ABC news for 6 years. Halperin is no conservative. Let me put that right out there.

For him to write such a scathing piece on Barry Sotero's incompetence is truly something to behold. In fact it is breath-taking to see how quickly the Democratic party has imploded during the last 6 months.

Administration officials are leaving the White House like rats deserting a ship. Democratic seats that 5 years ago were solid blue are now in play.

Remember the 1994 GOP take-over? Forget that one - that was peanuts. This take-over may be as big as 1894! Even the Brits are picking up on what a disaster Obama and his policies are. Here are 5 reasons why this presidency is in a tail-spin.

Recent polling shows that George Bush is now AS POPULAR as Barack Hussein Obama.

The independents of this country are waking up. They see what's going on around them: record foreclosures, record bankruptcies, government expenditures going through the roof, TARP, Stimulus I and II, S-chip, Socialized medicine, the takeover of private industries.... all this is Tyranny, plain and simple.

The healthcare boondoggle was probably the biggest insult; the government has no right to compel a private citizen into purchasing a product. It is blatantly unconstitutional. 70% of the American people didn't want it - did that stop Barry Sotero from pushing it through? Hell no.

And THAT is why people are so pissed off. It is the economy, stupid - someone should whisper that into Obama's elephantine ears.

Ah, November 2nd is election day...please get your friends and families to the polls. This is a desperate hour because the Democrats are already reaching deep into their bag of dirty tricks.

05 October 2010

Rush guest stars on Family Guy

This is laugh-out-loud funny....

Rush on Family Guy.

Crime and the NY model

Heather MacDonald knows what she's talking about ... When NYPD started enforcing misdemeanor crimes and quality of life issues on the streets of NY, crime plummeted.

The difference was that the police chief, the mayor and the governor were all working in concert to support their officers and the results were impressive.

New York has enjoyed a 15 year boon of tourism and solid gold PR.

And Chicago? Chicago cherry picks what they'll use from the NY model. The brass thinks that all they need to do is track crime numbers vis-a-vis COMSTAT. Chicago brass, with the likes of Weis leading the pack, are NOT supporting their officers.

You need look no further than the Cozzi case. The rank and file officers in Chicago are attuned to crime and the courts, and they don't trust the process. The stories are legion and amount to a morale that is lower than the Marianas Trench.

A/5 detectives bring witnesses in to the station to be interviewed. After 50 hours in custody, two witnesses are charged with aggravated battery with a handgun. The criminals sue and the 2 detectives have to pay $60,000 each in punitive damages for violating the rights of the witnesses (who turned out to be the offenders anyway). That ruling also removed 24 hours from the charging rule. They used to have 72 hours to charge, but now it's only 48. Coppers were sued for signing complaints against gang-members when they'd catch them flashing gang-signs at rival gangs. The reckless conduct charge states that when someone engages in an activity which endangers the safety of the public (like getting caught in gang-crossfire), they can be charged criminally because their actions may result in the death or injury of innocent bystanders. But the courts and the Slip-and-Fall lawyers think differently. Dozens of officers have been sued civilly for arrests under the reckless conduct charge, because the Liberal activist judges dismiss such cases as not "worthy" of enforcement, thus leaving the officers open to civil litigation.

And what does that engender? Malaise. Officers aren't going to go out and do police work when they know that they're going to be tossed under the bus by the leadership of the department.

Officers will then just do the minimum. It's a shame that this city doesn't get it, and never will.

Chicago needs more officers on the streets, period. That will help but what will also help is to have a mayor who is pro-Police, and a governor who will push judges to enforce the law as written - and not at their personal whim.

Personally I don't think Illinois will ever be a Red State because we have too many people who are entrenched in the socialist model and refuse to think for themselves. Many more folks will suffer and die because of short-sighted, cowardly incompetents who run Chicago's government and courts.

04 October 2010

The Falacies of Illegal Immigration

The majority of Americans want our immigration laws enforced. They don't want new laws, they don't want comprehensive immigration reform, they simply want employment rules enforced, and a fence erected at the border. Most Americans believe that the Federal government ENCOURAGES illegal immigration into the United States, and does little to dissuade it.

The recent dust-up between Mark Levin and Gloria Allread (audio link here) shows two things:

1. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has extensive records as to who is qualified to work in the US, and could easily pinpoint how many people are working under false social security numbers (as well as tell us EXACTLY how many illegals are here working right now.)

2. ICE is not enforcing the law with regards to using a false or stolen social security numbers. In fact, if an employer receives notification from the SSA, they are told explicitly that the offending employee cannot be fired for using a false or stolen social security number.

Working under a false or stolen SS number is Identity Theft. In October 1998, President Bill Clinton signed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deference Act of 1998. This act makes it a felony to use or transfer the identity (including the SSN) of another person. OIG's Strategic Enforcement Division (SED) say they are also targeting scams run by immigrant groups and foreign nationals. Except in May of 2009, the supreme court ruled that the courts had to prove that the illegal who purchased a social security number from a third party, had to know that he was purchasing a false or stolen SS number. From The Center for Immigration Studies:

May 2009 Supreme Court ruling in Flores-Figueroa v. United States.1 Flores crippled prosecutors’ longstanding practice of using the aggravated identity theft statute by requiring that prosecutors now also prove that a defendant knew he was using a real person’s identity information, as opposed to counterfeit information not connected to an actual person. The statute is an important tool for immigration enforcement. Proving a defendant’s knowledge about his crime is always difficult, and impossible in some cases, even where there is substantial harm and clear victims. This is especially the situation with illegal aliens who buy identity information from third parties. The inevitable result of the Flores decision is to enable perpetrators an easy defense and to tie prosecutors’ hands. The defendant in the case was an illegal alien working at a steel plant in Illinois.

So OIG is 'targeting' illegals but the Flores decision effectively emasculates their enforcement powers. The fact is, we are doing very little to enforce CURRENT immigration laws. About the only positive thing Obama has done is increase deportations of illegal aliens. He's deported 10% more than Bush did.

So where are we at this immigration?

Arnold Ahlert writes a brilliant piece on the absurdities of our elite leadership in their attempts to justify shoving immigration reform down our throats.

You've got to hand it to our cultural elitists. They are so suffused with a sense of their own superiority, they think they can sell something that almost three-quarters of the public stand firmly against. Thus, it should surprise no one that two of the "anointed few," New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, testified Thursday before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration about the necessity of providing amnesty, as Murdoch put it, for "law-abiding, illegal immigrants." Law-abiding illegals? George Orwell would be proud.

Full story here.

Let's spend $57 billion-a-year strictly enforcing the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the last sucker's bet in which complete amnesty was followed up by half-hearted attempts to enforce that law's provisions for border control and taking businesses to task for hiring illegals. But don't take my word for it, just look at far more relevant "statistics:" .

What it comes down is the myth of cultural diversity, and the Democrats wanting to use illegals and the hispanic vote as a power base.

There are few positives to having 'diversity' in your work force. Just ask James Watson.

01 October 2010

Alderman Beale is an idiot

BLUtube is powered by PoliceOne.com

Beale wants to "level the playing field" which is racial-rabble-rousing Code for "we need to get more blacks on the police force."

He's not concerned in the least about qualified individuals becoming police officers, he wants his peeps getting a job, yo!

This ghetto mind-set is a large part of the problem as to why shit can't get done effectively in this Democrat bastion. Beale and his ilk want to put their people to work, but they ignore education, qualifications, character and background - it's enough for Beale to say,"Oh, you're black and a constituent? Then you need a job; whiether it's a police officer, fireman or subatomic particle engineer at Fermilab, we need to get you a job!"

And what are you going to get if you waive the college requirement? WAY more black and hispanic applicants, and - I go back to my first point: Are they qualified? I don't thin you need college to be an effective police officer, but college goes a long way in demonstrating that you have the ability to start something, follow through, and finish it.

What an asshat.