14 June 2010

What is America's biggest threat?

An enlightening 8:54 video....

Saint Sarah?

Newsweek changes its tune and runs a piece entitled "Saint Sarah" - but the piece carries on about superficial aspects of Palin's life, and brings up the "breast implants" issue.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Palin: "No I Have Not Had Implants"

Strangely no one has asked Joe "plugs" Biden if he's had hair transplants.

The strange double-standard continues. Palin gets skewered because she's conservative. If she was a douche-bag LibTard, it wouldn't even be an issue.

Obama on the Oil Spill

Obama shows more than a little hubris in discussing how LITTLE he's done to help the Gulf Coast oil disaster. It took him 44 days to even respond.

And when he does it is something only a retarded incompetent would say:

Link here.

As I recall, they gave GW Bush 3 days before they were blaming him for not acting fast enough during the Katrina fall out. Kanye West even accused Bush of "hating black people."

I guess by Kanye's estimation, Obama hates black people even worse!

Superintendent's Blog 501

I don't know if SCC tackled this issue but, if so, I want to add my two cents.

I saw this posted by J-Fraud himself over at the Blog 501.

I tried using the homan square gym as I have for the past several years. Unfortunately this time I was not able to get a locker to secure my belongings. There are guest lockers that always are taken and only a couple of people are using the gym. I talked to other officers who went to the gym and decided never to return because they could not get a locker. Can you contact the commander of OCD and have him take care of this issue.

Posted on May 22, 2010 at 08:10 AM CDT #

Superintendent's Response

Chief Brown has higher priorties than checking gym lockers.  Here's an idea - go to a private gym.  Chicago has quite a few, probably very close to your home.  JW

Posted on May 25, 2010 at 11:05 AM CDT #

The pompous, elitist attitude comes right through in his reply. The department does very little to support its police officers. I know - I have had ride-alongs in other Illinois departments and I know first hand that we get gypped every day on the streets of Chicago.

So this copper gets on and asks the Supe if he can make a call just to free up some lockers down at Homan Square. The guy wants to exercise, and he'd like to take advantage of the facilities within a SECURE POLICE FACILITY.

Is that asking so much?

Your typical civilian might think so. The superintendent's response doesn't imply that it is not reasonable to look around your house for a gym, but if the city has spent thousands of dollars installing a work out area in Homan Square, does it not seem reasonable to ask for some lockers?

Of course it does, but typical for J-Fed - he doesn't get it. Instead of spending 5 seconds sending an email to Chief Brown, he spends that exact amount of time basically telling a Chicago police officer to go fuck himself.

Class act Weis; the rank and file can't wait until the day you take your sorry ass out of 35th street and crawl back to your Wonder Land and disappear forever.