31 May 2010


My dear, Cherished readers. Apologies are in order.

Blogging has taken a back seat to other writing projects so posting through the end of the year will be sporadic. I will post things that I think are important or pressing but I won't be posting every day.

Thank you for coming back, reading and posting your comments. You're all, with the possible exception of Roscoe, the smartest people on the internet.

10-1 Benefit

Officer James "Jimmy" Cordero from the 25th District was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer on February 14, 2008. He was off work and being treated for it until September of 2008. On January 7, 2009 he had surgery to have a tumor removed, but in May of 2009 he was told the tumor was back. Jimmy's been off work since August 5, 2009. He's been on disability and has a large amount of medical bills piling up. Please show your support for one of our own.

The benefit will be held down at FOP Hall (1412 W. Washington) on Friday, June 25, 2010 from 6 to 11 pm.

Jimmy's a great guy and a great copper. He really needs our support. If you can't make the benefit, please contact one of the following and buy a ticket.

Commander Bob Lopez, unit 607
Commander Carlos Velez, 312-746-4496
Captain Juan Morado, unit 007
Sgt. Eric Winstrom, unit 025
German Gomez, unit 025
M. McDonough, unit 025
John Martinez, unit 025
Anne Belluomini, unit 025
Dave Koenig, unit 315
Cory Petracco, unit 315
Anne Zamzow, unit 025 (312-746-5090)
Marnie Coyne 312-746-4497

You can mail your check, payable to Benefit for James Cordero, to:
Chicago Police department
District 025
C/O; Anne Belluomini
5555 W. Grand Av.
Chicago, IL 60639


Fraternal Order of Police
C/O: James Cordero Benefit
1412 W. Washington
Chicago, IL 60607-1821

Here's the link to Jimmy's Facebook benefit page.

If you can't send money, then send a prayer.
Please spread the word and let's get this to go viral.

22 May 2010

Viva Arizona!

Border security has not been a priority for any administration over the last 10 years. Now, WSB News (Atlanta, GA) has found solid, credible evidence that jihadis are crossing the border and entering the United States.

Watch the piece here.

Of course it's a fact that many of the illegals are here, not to do the work that Americans won't do - which is a baldfaced slander of all Americans - but are here to do the CRIME that Americans don't want to do. Besides criminal activity, the wave of illegals costs money. This study shows that the opportunity costs in revenues lost for the US Treasury is $6 billion. Illegals also sap MORE of the social programs than they put in. We also don't know just who is coming across and setting up camp in our cities and towns: Are they convicted felons? Drug dealers? Gang-members? or Al-qaeda?

And most people know it, and overwhelmingly support Arizona's tough new law - especially the poor souls who populate the state of Arizona. Even Arizona's largest newspaper blames senators McCain and Kyl for their lackluster efforts at enforcing immigration laws. Arizona had no choice - it was either step up or give in.

Let's get a few thousand of these and tack them onto CPD cruisers. I love the message it would send:

18 May 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

There is much that is wrong with Islam - be it radical or otherwise. There is little doubt that Islam is infected with a strain of intolerance and violence that is unparalleled in human history. When Theo Van Gogh was butchered by a Muslim, I knew we were in trouble, and that the West had better respond robustly.

Unfortunately we are burdened with Political Correctness and Multiculturalism - both of which are enervating and deserve no place in our culture. But, we have to play the hand we're dealt and right now we're starting to succumb to the New Left's simultaneous tactics of appeasement of our enemies, and demonization of all that is American.

In that vein, May 20th is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It is a day to express and celebrate Freedom. It is a day to relish our long history of Art and culture and to send a message that Mohammed should be treated NO DIFFERENT than any other major world figure.

Here's my contribution to the cause.


If you have something to post, send it to me via email stmichelrue * at * yahoo.com and I'll post a gallery.

Let's unite on this and stop the intimidation at what should be a rational expression of art.

....more to come....

[UPDATE] ----- Here's a reader's contribution to the cause. Keep 'em coming!


04 May 2010

British Sniper sets new record

I have always loved snipers. They are disciplined, highly skilled and committed.

Here's a great story about a British sniper who took out two Taliban targets from 1.5 miles away.


Superintendent Weis

From Rue's WTF Files:

On a recent trip to 3510 S. Michigan, I found myself on the 5th floor. I checked the wall map and found the section where the superintendent is housed. I couldn't help but notice that no one can access that part of the 5th floor without a special card. So there I was, in uniform, on a legitimate police errand - and I couldn't get into the southwest section of the 5th floor.

That begs the question: What is Jody afraid of? Why is he holed up and hiding in a secure area of HQ?


For the most part only police can access the upper floors, because you need a visitor's pass to get in. So why all the security? Why is that floor the only one secured like that?

The only rational reason I can come up with is that he's scared. He's afraid that some copper is going to go up there, and bitch-slap him. Not that I'm condoning or advocating violence. I'm just envisioning that retarded doofus getting the taste slapped out of his mouth. Ah, a boy can dream....