24 April 2010

La Pietra

Meet Davey. Davey's nickname is "La Pietra" which means "stone" in Italian. The reason he's called that is because whoever goes against him, gets smashed on the proverbial rocks. Let's check the list:

* Garrido -> Dumped to 021, and into Cynthia White's backyard.
* Avila -> Whereabouts unknown, but Dumped
* Morado -> Dumped

...and others, who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty....


In this undated photo, Davey shows off his Gold plated, .50 cal Desert Eagle. Keep it up kid, you're one of kind: Teflon, platinum and kevlar all rolled into one.

17 April 2010

Immigration reform

Yes, the Zombied Specter of Illegal immigration is coming back, over and over and over - like a bad B movie.

You could kind of understand if some Libtard academic was fauning at how 'wonderful' it was to have unchecked hordes streaming over our borders, but to see a police chief endorse the idea? Outrageous.

Well, Pat O'connor, president of the Illinois Chiefs of Police IS endorsing the idea. I think he needs to hear from us - and right now. His email address is chiefoconnor@morainevalley.edu

Let him know that illegal immigration has a human cost, and that it is a wrong and unfair policy to support.