07 December 2010

War vet charged with stalking?

A double amputee war hero was arrested and charged with 'stalking' the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church. CNN reports that he was found to be in possession of some weapons, and was charged with stalking and conspiracy to commit an aggravated battery.

From the article:

Retired Sgt. Ryan Newell of Marion, Kansas, a turret gunner who lost both legs to an improvised bomb in Afghanistan in 2008, is being held in Sedgwick County, Kansas, in lieu of $500,000 bail, and defense attorney Boyd McPherson was negotiating with prosecutors Monday to reduce the bail, he told CNN in an interview.

Newell, his wife, Carrie, and their four children were the subject of local media attention when the national nonprofit Homes for Our Troops constructed a new house for the family this year.

Since Newell's arrest last week, McPherson's office has been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from supporters of Newell or opponents of the Westboro Baptist Church, led by Pastor Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas.

These charges are serious, but forgive me for being a bit callous - those assholes at the Westboro Baptist church deserve every live round that comes singing through the air toward their collective heads. Do they have a right to free speech? Certainly. Does that right extend to them harassing and baiting the grieving family members of fallen soldiers? No.

Does it take any 'courage' to stand there and hold the most despiccable signs?

Well I don't have all the facts on the case, but Sgt. Newell deserves our support. If you can spare a few bucks please send a donation to Sgt. Ryan Newell's defense fund. These Westboro pukes need to be stood up to; and that's exactly what Sgt. Ryan Newell did.

From a concerned citizen:

I just spoke to his (Newell's) attorney's office. He was released this afternoon, but there is a defense fund being set up. They said a lot of people are calling and are outraged. If anyone wants to donate, please make the check out to Sgt. Ryan Newell. Send to the following address:

Law Office of Boyd R. McPherson

Sgt. Ryan Newell, Legal Defense Fund

500 N. Market Street

Wichita, KS 67214

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

How do you "stalk" a church??

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, perhaps they should check to see how many of the members of this churchare on pubic aid. Since they don't support this country, perhaps their benefits should be cut?

Anonymous said...

There's only about a dozen or less members of the church. They have no brick and mortar church and all the members are related. A whole crackpot family. One of the members is a lawyer. There is a case pending in the Florida Supreme Court now as to whether their actions are protected by free speech or not.