09 November 2010

Obama's War on AZ

Just when you thought some sanity was coming back into the United States political scene, I caught this on Fox News. The story broke back on 09-Oct-2010 but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

It's sickening and appalling that a sitting president would invite 11 foreign countries to come in and offer their legal opinion on a state's law - especially since each of those countries wouldn't even consider relaxing their own immigration laws.

The challenges to this law won't stand because the Federal government's position is unsupported by the constitution. Period. So this little charade by our "Radical In Chief" won't play - except to score him points with his Mercedes Marxists dictators and apparatchiks.

Just one more example of the incompetence that is Barack Hussein Obama. It is frankly stunning that someone with so little ability, and so little common sense is our current president. His recent trip to India, which is costing us $200 million dollars per day, is another example of how little he truly cares about his constituents. You've got almost 50% of the population not paying taxes anyway, so there's half of America that doesn't care how much the government spends, but you and I certainly do care.

I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night (don't ask) and Brandi is partnered up with some pro-dancer named Maks. I was thinking that there is little difference between Brandi's qualifications and Obama's. In fact, if Brandi ran for president she'd probably win. She's cute, she can dance, she has a great smile, she doesn't speak 'ghetto' and she's black. Apparently those are 'qualifications' to be president in 52.6% of American voters. Hell, she may even do better than BHO because I doubt she's had the Marxist indoctrination that Barry had.

God bless AZ and Gov. Jan Brewer. http://securetheborder.org/


Anonymous said...

The magic negroe and company must shut down AZ before they can show their policies work.They are worried the other states will follow suit and derail the marxist agenda.

Rue St. Michel said...

It's Political Correctness, once again, clamping down on common sense and getting in the way of enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

You're probably right to this extent: If AZ gets a handle on curbing illegals incursions, and they see the inevitable drop in crime, entitlement program abuses and prison populations.

The rise in living standards in AZ and CA will cause them to rethink their ridiculous ideas on National Sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Just love how the U.S. keeps printing up more $$$money$$$ But at what cost? Soon this country will crumble like one of those countries in Africa always seem to do.

Anonymous said...

You wanna talk numbers?

Let's see in 2004 Bush got 50.7 per cent of the vote to 48.3 per cent for Kerry.

In 2000 Bush got 47.9 per cent of the vote to 48.4 per cent of the vote for Gore. We won't even argue the stolen Florida election. Thank you Electoral College.

Where's your outcry there?

Naw you will not have one because the GOP cares mostly for the white man and the rich white man at that.

The whole system is corrupt against the working man but you Rue-y are too blind to see. You follow the rantings of your conservative radio hosts as gospel.

You're a smart guy, Rue-y. Wake up and smell the bacon.

Workers of the U.S. unite!!!!


Anonymous said...

Working man? The only working man is the white man. The black man just kicks back, colects his aid check, bee bops to the corner liquor store for a 40, then shucks down to his baby's momma for a piece of tail.... The real leech on the system....

Anonymous said...

Palin 2012

Anonymous said...

Is Palin the best you can come up with? No wonder this country is now the laughing stock of the world. Going third world real fast..

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Rue-y.