25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, my cherished readers.

For those of you who need a refresher on the real story behind why we give Thanks today, here's Chapter 6 from Rush Limbaugh's book "See, I told you so."

It was the governor's decision to make each family responsible for growing food, instead of having it in a 'collective' that saved the pilgrims lives. Capitalistic tactics worked so well and produced so much food that they had enough to feed the local indians; and used the occasion to give thanks.

Have a great day - spread the Love!


Anonymous said...

That painting reminds me of 007.

Anonymous said...

Remember today is Thanksgiving. Another day to punish those folks who act up at their family homes. May you go forth with ticket books at hand, write numerous movers and parkers. Perhaps a 501 or two for the holiday blues. Let spread holiday joy to all.

Anonymous said...

May you go forth with ticket books at hand, write numerous movers and parkers. Perhaps a 501 or two for the holiday blues. Let spread holiday joy to all.

25/11/10 10:01 AM

You like your badge alot dont you.

Anonymous said...

Man, that holiday is racist. Created by the big Coon, Abe Lincoln. Perhaps that's why African-Americans are so fat?
Originally disigned to honor the oppression of native americans. Stealing their land and food, raping their women and spreading small pox to them. Such an honorable day.

Rue St. Michel said...

You must think the moon is made of cheese, too.


Anonymous said...

Rue-, Rue-y, Rue-y,

where did that picture comes from? The Aran Brotherhood site?

I think the white man did more evil to the native Americans than the other way around.

Nonetheless, I hope you and yours had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

I thank God for all I have and not the racist U.S. government.


Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Lefty -

The data on Indian atrocities is solid and it shows, conclusively, that American Indians were not Dances With Wolves Flower children who wanted to grow crops, hunt a few buffalo and settle down to puff on their calumets around a campfire.

You have to look no farther than the Fort Dearborn massacre to see how 'peaceful' the Indians were. Here's a nice account of what happened. And up until almost 1910 in Minnesota, the Government was intercepting mail from Swedish and Norwegian immigrants so that folks trying to come to the US from those countries didn't find out that the local Indians were hunting and killing whites.
So get over it Lefty. We pretty much had no choice, we did some things to them but there was alot of stuff done to our people too and it was savage stuff. I know you buy into the whole "America done bad" philosophy so I'm wasting my time here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The white man was trespassing, thus the natives were justified in killing them. It was their land.
27/11/10 7:54 AM

I dont think Native Amricans recognized the concept of land ownership at that time.

Anonymous said...

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