25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, my cherished readers.

For those of you who need a refresher on the real story behind why we give Thanks today, here's Chapter 6 from Rush Limbaugh's book "See, I told you so."

It was the governor's decision to make each family responsible for growing food, instead of having it in a 'collective' that saved the pilgrims lives. Capitalistic tactics worked so well and produced so much food that they had enough to feed the local indians; and used the occasion to give thanks.

Have a great day - spread the Love!

09 November 2010

Obama's War on AZ

Just when you thought some sanity was coming back into the United States political scene, I caught this on Fox News. The story broke back on 09-Oct-2010 but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

It's sickening and appalling that a sitting president would invite 11 foreign countries to come in and offer their legal opinion on a state's law - especially since each of those countries wouldn't even consider relaxing their own immigration laws.

The challenges to this law won't stand because the Federal government's position is unsupported by the constitution. Period. So this little charade by our "Radical In Chief" won't play - except to score him points with his Mercedes Marxists dictators and apparatchiks.

Just one more example of the incompetence that is Barack Hussein Obama. It is frankly stunning that someone with so little ability, and so little common sense is our current president. His recent trip to India, which is costing us $200 million dollars per day, is another example of how little he truly cares about his constituents. You've got almost 50% of the population not paying taxes anyway, so there's half of America that doesn't care how much the government spends, but you and I certainly do care.

I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night (don't ask) and Brandi is partnered up with some pro-dancer named Maks. I was thinking that there is little difference between Brandi's qualifications and Obama's. In fact, if Brandi ran for president she'd probably win. She's cute, she can dance, she has a great smile, she doesn't speak 'ghetto' and she's black. Apparently those are 'qualifications' to be president in 52.6% of American voters. Hell, she may even do better than BHO because I doubt she's had the Marxist indoctrination that Barry had.

God bless AZ and Gov. Jan Brewer. http://securetheborder.org/

01 November 2010

Vote your principles

Election Day is tomorrow. Are you better off now than you were two years ago? Remember all the promises of "hope and change?" I guess the 52% that voted Democrat should have asked for specifics.

The change we got was a shift from a moderate Liberal form of government to a RADICAL Socialist one. What that means in concrete terms is that the folks in power will do what they can to empower the centralized authoritarian federal government, and diminish the power of the individual.

It is stealth, and it is insidious. Here's an audio snippet of renowned communist agitator Frances "destroy the system from within" Fox Piven and her comments to an audience who think that Obama is not LEFT enough:

"PIVEN: Obama has done some good things as president. Most of us don't notice those things because he has done them under the radar."

That's right folks: this government is doing things you couldn't imagine, and we won't know about it until we either get them out, or we feel the results of their tyrannical plans. We are feeling the effects of Obama's disasterous, misguided policies already. He's racked up more debt in 24 months than other presidents in 214 years - COMBINED!

This nation wasn't founded on racism or slavery - it was founded on Liberty and Limited, responsible government. Federal power is supposed to derived from the People, and the States - that system is now inverted. We and the States are in the position of going to the Feds to get money and resources. It shouldn't be that way; and not because of an ideological difference. It shouldn't be that way because that kind of government breeds abuses and tyranny.

Are you better off now? Absolutely not. You must VOTE to protect your family, and your future. This government is out of control; it knows no limits on its thirst for power and resources.

Here is a list of Illinois candidates. Please consider voting for all Republican candidates. The reason? None of the Democrats are conservative. At least some of the Republicans are. I'm voting for Kirk, not because he's a conservative, but because the option is unthinkable. Giannoulias is a fraud and a disgrace, but we've been electing people like Giannoulias for decades now. Let's do something different this time - vote conservative.

If Obama was the answer - how stupid was the question?

If you're curious, I'm voting for the following:
Peter Silvestri - Commissioner
Joel Pollak - 9th district Congressman
Dan Rutherford - Treasurer
Bill Brady - Governor
Roger Keats - Cook County board president

* * Vote NO to ALL judges, because the VAST MAJORITY are activist, incompetent disgraces * * *

Politicians run typically run on a center-right platform because 20% of voters self-identify as 'very conservative', and 40% as 'conservative.' But when they get into office they install Leftist policies. If you're conservative, don't get discouraged. You are in good company. The Tea Party are made up of conservatives who are responsible, hard-working, tax-paying folks who don't want to eliminate government, but want one that is responsive, limited and restrained by the original intent of the Founders. In other words, Tea Party people are YOU.

Spread the word, and God bless this nation; the Greatest Country on the face of the earth, in spite of the Liberal, the Marxist and the socialist.