13 October 2010

Rahm Emanual for Mayor

....of Detroit!

Hat Tip: Detective Shaved Longcock

1. How did Rahm Emanuel "earn" $16 million over a 3 year period working on the board at Freddie Mac? Story here.

2. Does he meet the residency requirement? Seems like a valid point.

3. A friend of mine works security at the temple that the Emanuel brothers attend, and I'm told Rahm is an arrogant, pompous, condescending troll who won't as much make eye contact with the "unwashed masses."

4. The creepy ballerina brought the auspices of the US Census under his bailiwick. Gee - I wonder why he did that? Do you think he wanted to give his Democratic colleagues a leg up in districting and representation? If a conservative president and Chief of Staff had pulled that then you would have seen the press loop story after story on how the White House was "imperialist."

[Oh yeah, he's a bottom for sure.]

Emanuel is corrupt, and connected deeper than the Mariana Trench. Another example of how corrupt and incestuous Washington is, Barney Frank (D-Fruitcake) received a free private jet flight to the Virgin Islands as a quid-pro-quo for sending $25 million in stimulus money to a hedge fund operated under AIG.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Detroit is doing better than Chicago.