13 October 2010

Jan Schakowsky must be defeated

Jan Schakowsky (D-Bag) must be defeated. She's been an entrenched congressman from the 9th district since 1999. She has voted with her Democrat apparatchiks 98% of the time. The only time she took to veer from Obama, Pelosi and Reid is in voting somewhat hawkish on Isreal. She is a close friend of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Schakowsky's husband was convicted of fraud when both of them sat on the board of an Illinois "public interest group" called the Illinois Public Action Fund. She claims to have no knowledge of the bank fraud committed by her husband while they served together.

She is on video crowing about how socialized medicine will destroy the private insurance sector, and she's an advocate of the single payer system.

Jan Schakowsky is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, and she undoubtedly is a closet communist. Her voting record to destroy private healthcare and compel us to purchase government-run insurance is an abomination.

Schakowsky is a big-spending, tax-increase, Liberal Democrat. She has no shame in standing before her constituents and bragging how much she's stolen from the private sector in order to empower the Government - punishing the winners, and protecting the losers.

Vote for Joel Pollak. He's a solid conservative and has a good chance at beating Jan, but only if we get the word out.

Please visit Pollak for Congress and support him. You can also go to his campaign HQ on Dempster (just across the street from Lutheran General hospital) and pick up a yard sign and campaign literature.

Conservatism is the only antidote to tyrants like Schakowsky. Let's get out there and take her down (politically, of course).

Sic semper tyrannis

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Anonymous said...

Why the hate? She one who's finally seen to the needs of minority folks. Why allow all these white people to own firearms? They probably want to be armed so as not to pay their fair share.