13 October 2010

Donna Brazile, Cheerleader for Communism

Via Breitbart: Donna Brazile Cites Communist China As a Successful Economic System

This coming from a socialist with delusions of persecution from her days learning the important lessons of Black Liberation Theology. Communism is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people since the turn of the century. Communism is enforced socialism, and socialism is Statism - which means that the state controls the lives, private property and freedoms of its citizens. It is the state over the individual.

Another Liberal hack who thinks capitalism is the root of our problems. Uh no Donna -- unfettered, unrestrained, out-of-control GOVERNMENT is the root of our problems.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Communist, I think not.

She is now a shill for the Democratic Party. She was much more liberal when she ran Jesse's 1984 presidential campaign but jumped ship that year to support, I think, Mondale.

If you want a TRUE Communist-Socialist then let's talk Cynthia McKinney and not a leader of the corrupt two-party system.