01 October 2010

Alderman Beale is an idiot

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Beale wants to "level the playing field" which is racial-rabble-rousing Code for "we need to get more blacks on the police force."

He's not concerned in the least about qualified individuals becoming police officers, he wants his peeps getting a job, yo!

This ghetto mind-set is a large part of the problem as to why shit can't get done effectively in this Democrat bastion. Beale and his ilk want to put their people to work, but they ignore education, qualifications, character and background - it's enough for Beale to say,"Oh, you're black and a constituent? Then you need a job; whiether it's a police officer, fireman or subatomic particle engineer at Fermilab, we need to get you a job!"

And what are you going to get if you waive the college requirement? WAY more black and hispanic applicants, and - I go back to my first point: Are they qualified? I don't thin you need college to be an effective police officer, but college goes a long way in demonstrating that you have the ability to start something, follow through, and finish it.

What an asshat.


Character Education Programs said...

Alderman Beale? Can some one here tell me more details about Alderman Beale?

Anonymous said...

Gots to dummy up the police force. Ghetto folks are bred to be stupid. Just look at what and why they call the police. Disrespectable kids, Momma done locked me out of the house, and other various nonsense calls. Ya'lls need more white shirts, they don't listen to blue shirts anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rue-y,

please let ColdType out of the dungeon in which you have imprisoned him the past month. He has not posted and I think perhaps you have kidnapped him.

Either that or he is on furlough and leading our police brothers in their uprising down in Ecuador.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should replace the police with returning Iraqi war vets. City cops just hide from terror, armed forces defeat it.

Anonymous said...

Education is not an important thing in the black family. When a kid does get to college you can bet he will have to take remedial reading and english.