28 September 2010

Buffet to Taxpayers:"Get over your anger."

"Get over your anger." So says the billionaire president of Birkshire Hathaway to US taxpayers.

Well, do the taxpayers have a right to be angry?

Certainly, and here's why:

The Federal government is gaining hegemony over the states, and over the individual. Through outrageous spending schemes, and prevarications; such as TARP, Cap and Trade, Fannie/Freddie and two Stimulus packages - the Federal government has attained unheard of power and influence.

* Almost $300 billion stimulus signed by President Bush (and which Senator Obama voted for)

* Almost $800 billion stimulus signed by Barack Hussein Obama

TARP, Cap and Trade, Take over of GM, and the leviathon of Big Government Boondoggles - ObamaCare. That initiative will give 17% of the GDP in government hands. The government NOW controls 51% of the US economy.

Alan Greenspan recently said that the Stimulus packages haven't worked. And the CEO at Intel, Inc. says "Obama just doesn't get it."

All of this goes against the restraints buried in the Constitution. And what do the Democrats do? They circle the wagons and blame "Bush" and the "republicans." The majority of Americans self-identify as conservatives. The majority of Americans don't want ANY of this Big Government expansion - but do the Democrats listen? Do they care? No, they don't because all they want is Power. It's pure Machiavelli and the chief player in this pathetic drama is the Marxist-in-Chief BHO.

Here is a beautifully succinct synopsis by Michael Berry, it's entitled "Why the Democrats have to go"

and this ....

35 Days until Election Day -- please talk to your friends, family and co-workers and inform them that the only antidote to Tyranny is conservatism. With a government that will not accept any limitations on its scope and reach, where will it end? That is the question of the hour. With nothing holding it back, it will continue to grow, and grow and grow - while savaging our individual liberties, and gaining more dominion over its citizenry.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

Give me an f****** break. The Republicans are as much to balme as the Democrats. They all are politicans concerned only with their own welfare and that of the rich. Wake up!!


Anonymous said...

Are you ready for Obama's World Health Care program? Since AIDS was a bio-weapon made in U.S. military labs, the U.S. should insure of the the world's people.

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh. How long before the Police Pension fund is broke? Seems all these funds as running in the red. Just like Social Security, the end is near.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Lefty - You can swear on my blog, I won't censor you.

There is no 'class struggle' - it is a pantomime argument.

I don't think the poor are paying their fair share, what do you think of that? 51% don't pay ANY Federal taxes. That's why we're fucked.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mide some socialized programs at the federal level.Bring back the WPA and CCC,put these people to work,give them skills,try to build a work ethic.

if "they" do not wish to participate,then starve or leave.