30 September 2010

The beatings will continue until morale improves; The Jody Method

The guys and gals that work in the district station have a crappy job, specifically the desk crew. The phones ring constantly, people walk in looking for reports, prisoners just released need their property returned, the bond desk and desk sergeant have to approve arrest reports, monitor faxes from the Instant Update Unit and deal with other issues for their 9 hour shift. With the manpower shortage across the city, HQ decided to issue an order 2 years ago saying that only 2 officers and one sergeant can work the desk.

It can wear on your nerves, especially if the desk is your assigned position. If you're working the street and you encounter a person who is either drunk or belligerent, you have the discretion as to whether you will give them a report or not. The beauty of the squad car is that you can drive away. I personally do not like to reward bad behavior, and if the person is discourteous and rude, I'll tell them why I'm not going to issue a report - and they can call a sergeant if they don't like it. They can always go to a district station to get their precious, 'magic' piece of paper - the thing that will make their miserable little lives all better.

I didn't witness this incident but the 025 desk had some gang-bangers come in the other day asking "Damn, where my boy be at?" They wanted to know when their compatriot would be released from custody. Apparently when they didn't get the answer that they wanted, one of them told a male desk officer,"Man - fuck you!" The desk officer told the gang-banger to leave, and used some off-color language in order to get the offender to vacate the station.

All this was witnessed by the district commander, who then ordered the 3rd watch watch commander to issue a SPAR for the male desk officer.

Mind you, these gang-bangers came into the station, screaming, cursing and demanding - all the while witnessed by the D/C, and instead of backing up his desk personnel, he stood there and then decided to discipline his officer. The gang-bangers actually committed a misdemeanor crime: Criminal Trespass to State Property (they were ordered to leave the facility and remained in violation of the command). They should have been arrested, but instead a veteran officer was officially disciplined for trying to maintain a semblance of order inside the station.

The rank and file in 025 are none-too-happy about this turn of events. It shows a disregard and a callousness that is unbecoming from a district commander. To take the side of an obnoxious, police-hating gang-banger over your own desk officer is egregious; and is something, quite frankly, that I could see Jody P. Weis doing.

Morale is in the toilet precisely because of these types of knee-jerk responses from our leaders. Maybe if the desk officer had a LAPA card in his pocket, the SPAR wouldn't have been ordered.

I'm just saying.....


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? 025 is a problem-child district, full of crybabies and bustout cops. How many losers who have worked there at one time or another have gotten fired or thrown in prison? The Abbate caper? The Cozzi beating? Merday? Tow truck scandal? Off-duty drunken bar fights? The list can go on. You can always bid out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the desk crew would stay off "Facebook" or internet shopping work would get done.

John M. Wills said...

The inmates are running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

Expect more of the same as they keep putting people in command with little police experience.

Anonymous said...

The first two posts are another problem in the CPD. It is obvious the gang banger was wrong but here we have P/O's lashing out at the officers.

Look even if they are on Facebook, and yes they can bid out, and yes some officers from 24 have gotten in trouble but that is beside the point. We have to back up each other and shoe support. Even if it is a dog ass copper (in this particular case).

What happens if something happens yo YOU? We would eant the same support.


Rue St. Michel said...

You're exactly right Lefty - the D/C. should have stepped up and backed up his coppers.

The station is a sanctuary, things are crazy enough as it is, but when you've got folks rolling in and telling coppers to go fuck themselves just because they're not getting the answers they want, then they need to go.

It shows that leaders are sorely lacking on the department - and Commander Velez doesn't deserve to be guiding the 25th district officers.

Anonymous said...

More 025 nonsense. Those goofs deserve it. Look at that dumb billboard they put up right behind thier station. Like duh, any goof in 025 knows who Cozzi is. They should haqve put it by amall or highway, where many would see it.

Anonymous said...

Cozzi billboard? I thought it was someone running for mayor or something. Gee gosh.