01 August 2010

Marxist Revolutionaries

Alinsky quietly told his students that they needed to go out and 'do their thing' - "if you're a priest, be a priest! If you're a lawyer, be a lawyer! When the time comes you'll know what to do." What he meant was that his students should absorb their communist radicalism but not put it on public display. He forbade his students from using the 'c' word (communism) because it would 'put people off.'

Well Alinsky would be proud to see just how far his advise has taken Obama, Reid and Pelosi on their ascent to power. Democrats are now just an adjunct of the Federal government. They're not a party; the New Left has hijacked them and the MSM just plays along and hides the truth about the agendas. It's all subterfuge, all the time.

In this clip Beck is right. If JFK were running he'd be considered a conservative; he was pro-military and pro-business. It's bloody sad to see how low we've descended in 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Rue-y, Rue-y, Rue-y,

drinking again the LDS-flavored Kool Aid of Beck? He is so full of it that it is beyond belief.

The one with a head in the sand is Beck, but he is purposely there so the rich (like himself) can cry boo hoo hoo while THEY control this country.

Pelosi a Marxist? Get real. First thing she'd have to do is surrender a part of her (and hubbie's) fortune. Not to mention that private jet.

The politiicos are part of the corrupt one-party system that holds down the working class. You and the rest of America (GOP and Dems alike) fall for it hook line and sinker.

Mr. Alinsky would no more have Nancy or Harry as a follower than you, Rue-y. Sorry.



Anonymous said...

Beck is 100% spot on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I really like Glen Beck because he is the only guy on tv telling it like it is.
CNN is worthless and the other non-FOX networks should be the leftisbest kool-aide channel.

Rue St. Michel said...

So if you had your way and demolished the "corrupt one-party system" what would you install in its place? A Marxist utopia where we all stood shoulder to shoulder in the wheat fields singing praises to our New Leader? Marxism, Leninism, Trotsky-ism, monarchism, socialism ---- all Statism by various names - are rigid totalitarian systems and they have only one result: misery for the masses. Capitalism, with its faults, is the only system proven to provide fair and equitable treatment of its freeborn citizens. While you may decry it - not unlike a player who gets a bad call from the referee - you can't deny that Capitalism and our Judeo-christian values are the two underpinnings of our country's success. What else has created such wealth? Such technological advances in business, medicine, computers, and the space industry?

We are unique, blessed and exceptional.