04 August 2010

Illegals are dragging us down

The Hill is reporting that Mitch McConnell wants congress to "take a look" at the 14th Amendment and its "chain migration" immigration addendum that Ted Kennedy added back in 1965.

Thank God! It is heartening to see that our GOP leadership is at least discussing the topic, because frankly, illegal immigration is a HUGE problem.

Even Lindey "Goober" Graham, who has worked with DummyCrats on the patheitc "immigration reform" in the past is now saying that “birthright citizenship is a mistake.”

Quote:“We should change our Constitution and say if you come illegally and you have a child, that child is automatically not a citizen."

Immigration is the linchpin which is pulling our economy down. No doubt the biggest culprit to date is the Fannie/Freddie fiasco in which DEMOCRATS used the CRA to pump money into the hands of minorities in order to buy their votes - all at taxpayer expense. Dodd, Frank and Gurelik all made millions on the scheme but no one has asked for a congressional hearing to investigate the crimes.

The homefront economic news is disheartening: 9.7% unemployment - 16% if you include those who have given up looking, record house foreclosures, tightening credit markets, commercial real estate is in the toilet, and we have The Tax Cheat Tim Geitner saying "Welcome to the Recovery"

Story and video here.

As taxes and government regulation continue to leak into our homes and bedrooms, the wealthy - who pay the lion-share of taxes - are curling up into a fetal position and husbanding their resources. Story here.

Obama and his Drones are in denial. Economic growth was only 2.4% in the second quarter but we're supposed to ignore the numbers and believe that the Recovery Fairy just dusted us with her magic powder.

When Reagan inherited an economy in recession - he moved government out of the way via Tax Cuts and slashes in government regulation. That spawned a 20 year boom in our markets and productivity. Obama is taking the opposite tact and is pushing us in the other direction with increased taxation, and a burgeoning leviathan of government bureaucrats. What effect will Obama's efforts have?

More unemployment, more inflation, more misery and more uncertainty.

In this current crisis, which Greenspan says will "double dip" thanks to Obama's incompetence; we will have to follow Arizona's lead and start enforcing our immigration laws for real. We have no choice - our economy, our citizens, our sovereignty, our culture and our People deserve it. We deserve better than to have ingrates rolling into our country, spitting out a baby or three and then saying "Donde esta mi cheque?"


Anonymous said...

Once again Rue-y, you must come to the realization the undocumented workers take the jobs which white folks do not wish. Remember the "unwashed masses" which built this country? The workers who toiled for mere pennies so the rich could live in the lap of luxury?

Today their skin is a tad darker but the rich still reap the most benefits.


Anonymous said...

The unwashed masses also applied for citzenship and worked hard and paid taxes(after 1913) and didnt flood the ER getting free health care that I have to pay for.

Rue St. Michel said...

I don't agree Lefty; equality doesn't mean everyone is the same - with equal outcomes for all. Equality is that everyone has an equal shot at opportunity and success.

Your blue print for a nation is marxist. And that just won't work. It enslaves the individual and binds him or her to the state.

As it was written in Animal Farm,"Here all Animals are equal; but some are more equal than others."

Anonymous said...

Leftisbest is just like any other delusional tyrant in sheeps clothing.His thirst for recognition and power are only thinly masked by a layer of falsehood.

Coldtype said...

Response at my place Rue...

Anonymous said...

Coldtype said...
Response at my place Rue...

8/8/10 11:12 PM

Ruey,dont go.The Manhole is a scary place.