11 August 2010

Hate crime hypocrisy

Kevin Jackson has a great piece up at his blog on the black man that murdered his white co-workers after he was caught stealing, and was told to resign or be fired for the theft.

Just when you thought racism was just political, Omar Thornton goes on a killing spree at his former job, saying that he had been “racially harassed,” making racism a reality. Only in reality, it was Omar who was the proven racist.

Thornton’s harassment? He was fired for stealing from his union job!

In the real world, when a person steals from the job, they get fired, and potentially go to jail. But when you are in a union and part of the post-racial world of Obama, you get some Crackers with your whine.

Read the whole article, it strikes at the heart of the matter. It highlights exquisitely why hate crimes are inherently racist, unfair and do nothing but violate the rights of one group over another. Crime is crime, and we already have laws on the books to protect victims. Hate crime laws punish based on a set of assumed circumstances. They should be repealed - or applied to ALL parties.

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Anonymous said...

Only white folks can be racist. White folks must be punished for years of keeping all other races down.