17 August 2010

The Austin Voice

The Austin Voice, a radical newspaper with no web presence that serves the West Side Austin area, ran a story with the following headline:


The story is deplorable; in effect blaming the lack of police presence for the demise of two businesses along North avenue. Those of you who've worked in a busy district already know what kind non-sense the denizens throw around out there. Many of the store-front churches along the boulevard preach Jeremiah Wright BLT from their pulpits. But Brad didn't stop there.

In order to disparage and sully the fine officers who patrol the Austin neighborhood, he interviewed one male and one female black police officer from 025. Allegedly the male officer said that the racial environment within 25 is "toxic" and the female is alleged to have said,"I only work in 25 because I live in the district and I have a teenage son. I want to be close by if the police come around and come after him." Brad also discussed how they've had a string of Spanish commanders - he called them frito banditos- and now the community is demanding a black commander.

Brad Cummings is the erstwhile associate editor and has a warped view of policing and community relations.

More than a few times he's called 25th district police as he cowered in his North avenue office because some "youths" came in with pistols and robbed him. He pays the local ruffians cash to deliver his Marxist / Black Liberation Theology tripe around Austin.

Of course, the fact that the city is down 2,500 officers isn't addressed in Brad Cummings article, nor is the fact that there are 58 store front (Make Believe) churches along this street, nor is the fact that opening and maintaining a legitimate business in this area is a Herculean task.

Shortly after The Children's Place opened last year at 4855 W. North, I spoke with the manager after he had just had to deal with a young man that had run into the store because he was being chased. Once the victim and offenders entered the store, pandemonium broke loose: They knocked down racks of clothes and one of the cretins grabbed a fire extinguisher and used it as a weapon. The manager was putting in 18 hour days and dealing with shoplifters, disturbances inside and outside the store, screening for prospective employees from a limited labor pool, and wondering every night if he was going to have a pistol put to his head as he walked to his car. Store management initially thought that they would have one security guard at the door and not spend money on a store security tower. They ended up having to spend thousands on the device, and now have 3 security guards working the front door and walking the floor.

Ahhh, Austin - that diamond in the rough. 300 people per month are paroled to an address somewhere within the 15th District. A drive down seedy North Avenue is a treat if you've never done it. Sure it's not PCH-1 but it's close. Where else can you see gang-members all wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans "serving" the community? According to Brad Cummings these gang-members are fledgling entrepreneurs! He even said so in a 2004 interview with the Field Museum. "Who's to say that the drug trade, though illegal, cannot teach substantive business skills?"

To make matters worse, Austin is knee-deep in "community organizers" aka. professional agitators. You may have just heard about what those are since that is the only thing of merit on Obama's thin resume. They divide the people in a community in an "us versus them" mentality because by polarizing the citizens from the police, they can alleviate the community from having to take responsibility for its problems. There's crime and drug sales? It is the police's fault. There are single mothers giving birth? It's the government's fault for not pumping enough money into the neighborhood. Young men are gang-banging and can't find jobs? (Good jobs, remember) It's the fault of white business owners because there is "white privelege" and we all know whitey only opens businesses in white neighborhoods. That's due to the 'fact' that every white person is a closeted racist.

The bottom line is that organizers are only concerned about power and polarization. They want money and power through organizing, but not through what it really takes: hard work, responsible actions and integrity.

Take Gale Cincotta ....

Gale Cincotta, the disreputable Chairman of National People's Action and an avowed disciple of Saul Alinsky, grew up in Austin and has the infamy of being the spear point of the "red-lining" craze that began with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. We now know that the CRA compelled banks to loan to unqualified individuals under force of law.

Cincotta, now deceased, was a classic agitator. She is famous for saying at an ACORN rally outside some bank they were in the process of fleecing,"We want it, They got it, Let's go get it!" She also nailed a rat to an alderman's door.

What a class act.

And when Austin agitators point to Oak Park as a shining example of a neighborhood that thrives, they forget that it thrives because people there have the core values that are essential to success: stable home lives, people who own their homes (legitimately, not via a CRA gov't program), people who are educated and aren't interested in doing drugs and drinking liquor every day. But Oak Park is also to a plethora of Liberals. Instead of being shining examples to the animals that live in Austin, too often the Liberals in Oak Park enable the worst elements because it's easier to tell people that they're victims, than to tell them they're wrong.

Remember the famous Susy Schultz? The editor of Oak Park Parent? SCC and I blogged on the violence committed upon her while she drove through the Austin neighborhood. Her entire piece, "The scars you don't see" is here.

What the radical Left, the "community organizers", the Marxists, the apologists for the criminally poor don't understand is that it is the PEOPLE in a community that make it live or die, suffer or thrive. It isn't the amount of government expenditures, the number of businesses or the inane ramblings of a closeted pederast.

Brad Cummings, Associate Editor of The Voice Newspapers, are simply PROJECTING their own racism and indolence on the Chicago police department. I'm sure Brad would LOVE to get an email from you. Please be respectful.

His contact information is:
5236 W. North ave
Chicago, IL 60639

email tvoicenews@sbcglobal.net
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Anonymous said...

Where do all these offenders who commit crime in Austin live? In Austin of course. The only white criminals you'll see are those dope buyers from the suburbs.

Iron Joe Curtain said...

Isn't that movie trailer for the Ernie Brown story coming out this fall?

Anonymous said...

Ever notice areas with high numbers of minorities seem to have high amounts of crime? I donno, is it them or what? Even in their homeland called Africa, they seem to be violence prone...

Rue St. Michel said...

It seems like a logical observation, and it gets short shrift in the news and amongst our 'inteligensia'

Obviously my posting is a bit rough, and I don't want to paint all blacks as having issues of assimilation and violence because they're not all like the denizens of Austin.

I was, and still am, pretty pissed off at the Austin Voice for their broad-side attack on the officers in 25. It goes beyond being unfair - it is yet another assault on the police in an attempt to assuage the accuser of any responsibility for what goes on in Austin. Instead of tackling the tough issues, Brad and his apologists just jump on our backs. Well I say GFY! Response times are down, because morale is down, because Weis is a jag off, the mayor doesn't care, the courts are trolling the waters and taking sides with the criminals while looking to stick it in the polices' collective neck, none of these are supportive of the police.

And we've got to hear bald-faced lies and aspersions from some know-nothing, 3rd string hack out of Austin.

I don't think so.

Sgt. Saunders said...

Brad Cummings has been an anti-police, liberal piece of shit for years. He is not a real journalist, editor or anything else he thinks he is. He is a little man who writes a paper that about fifty people read. Big fuckin deal. When I worked in 025,I would watch as this little maggot walked in and put a stack of his papers on the desk. I then immediately picked them up and threw them in the garbage can where they belong. Of course he beefed and of course I continued to throw them away. Don't inadvertently give this goof more power than he has or deserves. Do what I did when I was there and ran into him from time to time-ignore him. People like him thrive on recognition. Don't give it to him. Don't make him a martyr. Realize that on his best day, this little pissant could not do as much good for society as the worst Policeman in 025 or 015 does on his worse day. He is a nothing that desrves to be treated the way a nothing deserves. Ignore him and his rag.

Anonymous said...

happy Labor Day, Rue-y.

Workers of the World Unite!!