31 July 2010


It never fails to surprise, and to be honest - upset me, when I run into people who are avowed socialists. I met a couple tonight who are both Obama supporters; but interestingly they are both 'concerned' for the country and have been stocking food, water, supplies, gold and silver for when the whole country melts down.

Neither of them thought that socialist policies and Big Government expenditures had anything to do with our current crises. They are both very nice, very kind Liberals with great intentions but ZERO understanding of politics, history or economics.

(Incidentally there was a Marxist from the NYC there as well - No; I wasn't hanging out at ColdType's house)

The reason that the socialist set upset me is because there is so much information around us that proves, unequivocally, that socialism expands government and shrinks the individual. We know that communism murdered approximately 100 million people. These socialists brought up the issue of Wealth Distribution, claiming that 1% of the population controls 80% of the wealth. The number is bullshit because the CIA factbook breaks down the Lorenz curve for the US at around 45. But the real issue comes down to "So What?" - So what if 5% of the population controls 60% of the wealth? Whose business is it of yours to say how much one can earn or not earn? Are you taking risks? Do you have the acumen, stamina and drive to work for that kind of money?

This is the problem with socialism, and its dysfunctional cousins, we are all here on this earth for a finite amount of time. During this short 70 years, you make choices. You choose to stay away from your family to work so that you can use your money any way you wish: buy a new car, buy a new suit, save for retirement, purchase a vacation home or a jet ski or a widget; whatever. Socialism fails because it has the audacity to tell you how much you can take home from your earnings; all in the name of for the "good of the people."

The beauty of America, and the brilliance of our Founders come through in this small statement in the Declaration: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Our rights derive from GOD, not from a human being. If the rights were granted by a man, that man could take them away. But our rights come from God.

The 18 enumerated powers of the federal government within the Constitution attempt to keep tyranny at bay, but will only work when the voting population understands what is at risk. Right now many do not. They think that giving the government more and more of their power is a good thing, but governments in the past have shown that the powers granted are turned back upon the citizenry and the citizens get abused.

This is why the Marxists and socialists have been fierce in fighting to remove religion from our society, while attempting to subvert the family. They have done a tremendous amount of damage to the Black family. Prior to 1960, 70% of black families were married; in stable homes. At that time, only 23% of babies came from unwed mothers. After the Great Society programs launched, it effectively rewarded families who split apart. It rewarded dysfunction, divorce and drug use. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.

And I can't post without getting around to our dear President, the historic one, remember? The one who was going to heal the planet, overcome racial divides, bring us together and mend our 'broken souls.' Yeah, that guy.

Well the American Thinker has an expose about the Post Racial President, and it turns out he's not Post Racial at all....

Remember the Cash for Clunkers boondoggle? The government program which subsidized $4,000 if you traded in your fuel-inefficient car for a new one? The same program which actually cost each taxpayer six-times more ($24,000)?

Obama closed dealerships that were minority or women owned. And, he also targeted SOUTHERN dealerships because they overwhelmingly voted for Obama's opponent in 2008. He's doesn't carry a grudge, does he?

Obama's little racist temper-tantrum via the dealership closings cost 100,000 Americans their jobs. This all comes from an Inspector Generals report and findings. I'm sure he's going to be fired any day now for blowing the whistle on the Anointed One.


Anonymous said...

Rue-y, Rue-y, Rue-y,

Like I told you at the house (okay just kidding, we wouldn't want your right-leaning brothers to think you would actually socialize with me) The Constitution was written by rich men to assure the rich could control American society.

You point out they wrote all men are created equal. Mmmmmmm, those founding dads surely did not believe that. It took almost 150 years AFTER The Constitution for that to even remotely happen.

Incidentally, the Socialist Party USA prior to the last presidential election passed an amendment at its convention welcoming those who believe in a Creator to join the party.

The local branch of the Communist Party frequently works with churches on projects. I've seen it.

No, you like the rest of the right wing elietists want the working man to be held down. And stop again, please, with the Obama is a Socialist crap.

We are in this "current crisis" as you refer because the rich do not contribute their tax share.

This country needs a FAIR market system, not a FREE market system. Yep I was just at a party where a couple of white males were complaining about Communism and liberals. They were, of course, flithy rich.


Rue St. Michel said...

Yeah I would have liked some more Mojitos but you and Coldy quaffed them down like they were water. So much for thinking of your comrades in the collective, you Bolshevik!

Did you know that the founders, in their own writings, were deeply troubled by slavery and knew - knew! - that if they could just get all the states to ratify the constitution that that would fundamentally end slavery in the US. Yes, that's a fact and is casually overlooked in books; especially Zinn's People's History.

The authoritarian-centralized-top-down governments (all marxist in nature) decry religion as the opiate of the masses because religion is a threat to the underpinnings of power within a centralized gov't. So the Socialist Party is snuggling up to the churches, huh? Well that shows they are media savvy - but we already knew that. The trouble with the Libs in the clergy is that their beliefs parallel some of the Statist teachings of Marx. That's why so many clergy signed up for instruction with Saul Alinsky - and then they went out to 'do their thing' and be priests with Marxism as their secret blueprint.

And don't give me the "right wing elites" non-sense. The Right Wing was standing up for black folks when the Democrats in congress were voting against the Civil rights act, and other Democrats were blocking black kids from attending white schools. Hell, Robert Byrd - may he rest in pieces - was a former klansman. And he gets glorified by the Left as some sort of doyen. It's a disgusting double standard that isn't even rooted in any sense of truth.

Conservatives have been demonized by the Old and New Left over the last 50 years because WE are the only faction that stands opposed to a burgeoning Federal Government, we stand on the side of Liberty and Freedom. That's why Conservatism is on the ascendancy because people are waking up to the horrors that await us with the Leviathan that Team Obama and this despicable congress has foisted upon the American people.

And finally, the top 1% of wage earners in the country contribute the lionshare of tax revenues. The poor and middle classes aren't paying their fair share. That's why we need a flat tax so everyone contributes. It's not fair that a person can get a LINK card and still have cable, a color tv, a car, a cellphone, cigarettes and booze aplenty - all the while claiming to be 'poor'

The poorest here live like kings compared to the poor in other countries. But not for long with Obama's Redistributive Justice schemes that, doggoneit, just aren't working.