14 June 2010

Saint Sarah?

Newsweek changes its tune and runs a piece entitled "Saint Sarah" - but the piece carries on about superficial aspects of Palin's life, and brings up the "breast implants" issue.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Palin: "No I Have Not Had Implants"

Strangely no one has asked Joe "plugs" Biden if he's had hair transplants.

The strange double-standard continues. Palin gets skewered because she's conservative. If she was a douche-bag LibTard, it wouldn't even be an issue.

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Anonymous said...

The progressives are afraid of Sarah Palin and demonize her any chance they get.When they resort to this sort of mud slinging and infantile behavior,they are worried.

I love how Palin was chastized for the RNC buying her some clothes during the election,then the wonder twins of Barry and Michelle throw THE MOST EXPENSIVE inaugural ball EVER!!

Shit,they just had a private concert and hired Sir Paul McCartney among others,at the tax payers expense.