14 June 2010

Obama on the Oil Spill

Obama shows more than a little hubris in discussing how LITTLE he's done to help the Gulf Coast oil disaster. It took him 44 days to even respond.

And when he does it is something only a retarded incompetent would say:

Link here.

As I recall, they gave GW Bush 3 days before they were blaming him for not acting fast enough during the Katrina fall out. Kanye West even accused Bush of "hating black people."

I guess by Kanye's estimation, Obama hates black people even worse!


Anonymous said...

Listen Rue-y,
Coldie and I told you waaaaaay back before the elction Obama would be a tool of the rich. This proves it.

If he were a "true" Socialist, as you conservatives claim, he would have stepped in looooong ago and did something. As it is, he has done nothing.

You are correct. If this haoppened under Bush I or Bush II there would be an outcry from the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Ok,now George Bush jr and Barry are even.Bush fucked up under Katrina and now Barry has the gulf spill.