22 May 2010

Viva Arizona!

Border security has not been a priority for any administration over the last 10 years. Now, WSB News (Atlanta, GA) has found solid, credible evidence that jihadis are crossing the border and entering the United States.

Watch the piece here.

Of course it's a fact that many of the illegals are here, not to do the work that Americans won't do - which is a baldfaced slander of all Americans - but are here to do the CRIME that Americans don't want to do. Besides criminal activity, the wave of illegals costs money. This study shows that the opportunity costs in revenues lost for the US Treasury is $6 billion. Illegals also sap MORE of the social programs than they put in. We also don't know just who is coming across and setting up camp in our cities and towns: Are they convicted felons? Drug dealers? Gang-members? or Al-qaeda?

And most people know it, and overwhelmingly support Arizona's tough new law - especially the poor souls who populate the state of Arizona. Even Arizona's largest newspaper blames senators McCain and Kyl for their lackluster efforts at enforcing immigration laws. Arizona had no choice - it was either step up or give in.

Let's get a few thousand of these and tack them onto CPD cruisers. I love the message it would send:


rosco said...

Such racism! Why don't they go after those Euro-trash illegals? You know, the polocks! Or is it cause they white its OK? These polocks are far worse. Most are pissbums, spending time getting drunk wasting hospital's time and space.

Rue St. Michel said...

I'm not picking on Mexicans - ok, yes I am - but seriously ; any person here illegally should go. Go back to Germany, France or Guadalajara.

rosco said...

Do like some presidents of the past did with illegals. Look at Hoover, Truman, and Ike. They deported all illegals so our people could have jobs.