04 May 2010

Superintendent Weis

From Rue's WTF Files:

On a recent trip to 3510 S. Michigan, I found myself on the 5th floor. I checked the wall map and found the section where the superintendent is housed. I couldn't help but notice that no one can access that part of the 5th floor without a special card. So there I was, in uniform, on a legitimate police errand - and I couldn't get into the southwest section of the 5th floor.

That begs the question: What is Jody afraid of? Why is he holed up and hiding in a secure area of HQ?


For the most part only police can access the upper floors, because you need a visitor's pass to get in. So why all the security? Why is that floor the only one secured like that?

The only rational reason I can come up with is that he's scared. He's afraid that some copper is going to go up there, and bitch-slap him. Not that I'm condoning or advocating violence. I'm just envisioning that retarded doofus getting the taste slapped out of his mouth. Ah, a boy can dream....


Anonymous said...

"Why is he holed up and hiding in a secure area of HQ?

Reviewing the gerbil census data.

Anonymous said...

Remember the female PO that went nutz in Hillards office?

Anonymous said...

Why do those morons in 025 keep stirring the pot? Yellow ribbons at the march???