07 March 2010

Jody Bumbles Along in WBBM interview

Our fearless, beloved, Downs Syndrome survivor - and superintendent of the Chicago Police department - Jody P. Weis, was interviewed by WBBM News radio tonight (07Mar2010) and had some interesting things to say.

Actually no, he didn't say anything remotely interesting except to throw yet another police officer under the proverbial bus.

There is no link yet posted to the Weis interview at http://www.wbbm780.com but your intrepid reporter took copious notes during the interview.

1. Weis was asked about crime. He says that the only district that had a crime increase was the 25th district. He said that he spoke to Commander Bob Lopez about it at the MARs Meeting (Management Accountability Report) and says that he "gave Bob a chance" to recommit to fixing the problems in 25. First of all, it is so typical in this city that yet another incompetent bureaucrat is doing a fan dance and making district commanders "responsible" for the crime that occurs in their district. Lopez has no more control over the crime in his district than he has the weather. This is just more "look I'm doing something" pantomimes from J-Fraud. He wants, no MUST, stand before the microphone and have something, anything, to say that shows he's "doing something."

2. Weis then went on to say that he gave Lopez a chance to stay on as Commander, but that Lopez turned it down and will retire at the end of March. That is bullshit. Weis did no such thing. He told Lopez that he was going to the 3rd district and going as a Lieutenant. The rumor is that Lopez got into hot water due to more of John J. Garrido's antics within the district. Lopez was forced out.

3. Then Weis went on to show how much "diversity" is instilled (he used the word INJECTED) into the police department. He brought up that recruits are required to visit a holocaust museum, and watch videos of Islamic Lesbian jihadists. He says that this is a new era and hopes that they can do more by way of diversifying the upper ranks of the deparment. He brought up that of the 4 deputies - Zavala, Cuallo, and Escalante are spanish. The 4th is black.

Overall the interview was a joke. I couldn't believe that people would actually buy the BS that he was shilling during it. This is why Weis won't go on a real talk show and debate what's really at issue: the department is down 2,000 officers, that morale is at an all-time-low, that a new vehicle has not been purchased for the fleet in over 3 years, that half of the cars don't have a PDT, that liberal judges are the cause for the spike in crime (pro-criminal, anti-cop)....and on and on....

Weis is using gum to stem the tide at the dyke and it will only hold for so long. But his real purpose is to deflect heat away from the mayor ... and THAT he's doing very well.


Anonymous said...

I donno, it seems that anyone who commands in 025 is on the chopping block. Ever see how many bosses have come and gone in the last five years? That district is the dumping ground for the city's trash and bustouts.

Anonymous said...

If they not up to the rest of the city's standards maybe the whole district (025) can be tranfered out or replaced? The third district seems to be always open for cops? Perhaps they can all join Lopez there?

I just want to retire already said...

What do you expect? Weis to tell the truth? This entire last set of promotions were a pacifier for the Crying Hispanic community.
You got the "Black Reverends" and now we have the "Hispanic ministers"

I ask you...Are we a Police Department or tool of religion? What about separation of Church and state?
This madness of Religious zealots calling any of the shots must cease. The two entities have nothing to do with each other so why intermingle them.

I am calling my "white Priest" and find out just where actual Catholicism ranks in the religious food chain.
And the recent practice of turning Bob Lopez into some kind of Martyr, WAKE UP. He had a nice run, but it's over. It ended the minute he stopped giving a shit. As any of us would stop if we were treated like that, he stopped.
What did Weis expect? Loyalty? Love? you cut a guy off at the knees..you get 2 useless legs.
Bt now Zavala, Velez, and Flores owe him, just like every one of the bought and paid for exempts who have been promoted and/or saved from a bad beef.
This department is a national joke and we are playing into it.
We are better than that...I think

Anonymous said...

I love it, home rule still works in Chicago! Its modern times now, lets dump the guns. Become one with the future, not the past. Those cowboys of the old west are all dead....


Hey 7:55am, I resemble that remark!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps with all these budget shortfalls they should start cutting at the top? Less big government perhaps? Cut some congressmen, senators, aldermen, etc....Both on state and local levels.

about to go said...

I just don't understand how the race of an individual reflects his ability to lead.
Look at the history...we have had GREAT bosses of all races and absolutely pathetic bosses of all races as well.

REALLY good bosses are Gone forever. it doesn't matter who , what race, whatever.